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The Most Versatile Mohawk Hairstyles For Any Look

The mohawk is a top favorite hairstyle for men and women. Originally it suggests that you shave the sides of your head, leaving a stripe of hair, running from the center of your forehead to the back of your head. Today the original version of the mohawk isn’t used so broadly, especially by women, because we have the fauxhawk that actually has the same idea but, to my mind, looks much more appealing, because no shaving is required. You simply make your sides sleek, whether it’s short hair, braiding or hair, raised up in an updo. Anyway, if you are a fan of the traditional mohawk, I’m sure you know how to present it in the best light. In this article I want to show you how versatile mohawks and fauxhawks can be. You can create so many looks, each one of which will be absolutely exceptional.

The Most Versatile Mohawk Hairstyles For Any Look

black short mohawk

#1: Chaos

The mahawk is usually featuring locks sticking upwards in one direction. Here Rihanna presents an interesting trendy version of the fauxhawk with front top locks, fallen at random for a mussy stylish look.

braided mohawk

#2: A Braided Mohawk With A Bun

A bun, braids and natural curls, can they all fit into a mohawk? Yes, they can, and it’s not going to look overly pretentious. Here is an example.

mohawk long hair

#3: A Stunning Mohawk-Inspired Updo

If you like an idea of the mohawk but aren’t ready to shave your beautiful long hair on the sides, you can still enjoy elegant updos, inspired by the mohawk. Here’s how it’s going to be.

coil braids mohawk

#4: A Snail-Shell Braided Mohawk

This mohawk is braided from back to front with the end swirled into a fancy snail-shell: an eye-catching focal point of your braided mohawk. The color accents make this hairstyle even more unique than it actually is.

braided fauxhawk

#5: A Thrilling Fauxhawk

This is a truly thrilling fauxhawk, featuring intricate braiding with real chain plaited in. Looks showy, fantastic and worth of mimicking, definitely.

female mohawk original

#6: A Luxurious Mane

I’m sure you are eager to see some decent examples of real mohawks. This one is an adorable original mohawk with an undershave for girls with beautiful thick hair.

african american mohawk

#7: An Awesome Braided à la Mohawk Style

A mohawk theme doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Even if you are as far from an idea of the original mohawk as the south pole from the equator, you can still wear a beautiful braided à la Mohawk style.

mohawk fine hair

#8: Whipped Cream

This light and fluffy fauxhawk is meant for girls, who like the mohawk but would rather prefer to look tender, sexy and feminine than bold and aggressive.

female mohawk long hair

#9: Braids & Twists

A fauxhawk hairstyle provides freedom for self-expression: you may combine showy braids, cool twists, highlights, short and long hair in one amazing hairstyle!

long hair mohawk

#10: The Horn Of Plenty

Fauxhawk hairstyles for long hair are very spectacular. This example represents perfection and excites imagination: what does this horn of plenty has in store for us?

wavy mohawk

#11: A Classy Wavy Mohawk

Here is another soft version of the mohawk. Some days you’d rather feel like weaving your top tresses into supple waves than leaving them sticking out hawkishly.

mohawk updo

#12: A Divine Mohawk-Like Updo

Chic in every line, curve and and curl makes a perfect updo. The mohawk is a rewarding source of inspiration. You can come up with something truly exceptional like this.

mohawk color accents

#13: Sunset

A successful mixture of color accents can turn a simple haircut into a piece of hairdressing art. Nature is an amazing wellspring of ideas. It has already generated the most unique color combinations, tested by ages.

chic braided mohawk

#14: An Extraordinary Chic Braided Mohawk

Even short natural hair can be transformed into a braided miracle like this under the skilful hands of a professional stylist. Well, you won’t be able to sleep on your back with this hairstyles, but beauty does require sacrifice.

female red mohawk

#15: A Daring Red Mohawk

Girls, if you are rebels by nature, if you love throwing challenges to society, I believe you are going to like this look. It’s bold and uncompromising, as some of us are during certain periods of life.

rihanna mohawk

#16: The Queen Of Mohawk

Rihanna wins this title without questions. I like this look of hers with top tresses, covered with delicate white feathers.

short mohawk with highlights

#17: Black-And-Chocolate Zebra

This fauxhawk looks fun thanks to those chocolate highlights and the razor-sharp edge, thinned out at the ends deliberately. With this exceptional hairstyle you will be a sensation of any party!

simple braided mohawk

#18: Ingenious & Universal

This mohawk will embellish even the child’s head, and it’s very easy to make. Use this ingenious solution for hot summer days or when you simply need a neat look for your natural kinky hair.

medium black mohawk

#19: Kinky, Coily, Sexy

Natural hair is done so lovely in this sexy mohawk for natural hair that I believe you’ll consider this option as a change for your protective hairstyles.

short mohawk blond

#20: Innocent & Sweet

Could you believe you may look innocent with the mohawk? Yes, it can be very soft, relaxed and pleasing. Blonds with short hair should try this look for a change.

Lupita Nyong'o Mohawk for natural hair

#21: Natural Mohawk

Lupita Nyong’o wisely chooses Mohawk for her kinks. It, definitely, looks more interesting than a simple short afro. Besides, it requires too little maintenance in-between haircuts and always looks chic.

Jennifer Lopez Mohawk updo

#22: Cool Mohawk Updo

Jennifer Lopez has turned so many heads at her statement Mohawk updo, that I simply can’t leave her out of my list. The fabulous volume on top and ideally sleek sides build a sculptural look and present her lovely face shape in the best light.

Jodie Marsh braided Mohawk

#23: Braided Mohawk

Mohawks flatter many face shapes, but not everyone is ready to go for a real Mohawk with shaved sides. If you are blessed with long beautiful hair, try a braided Mohawk. Jodie Marsh gives us a fancy example to follow.

Jennifer Morrison Mohawk braid

#24: Textured Fauxhawk

Jennifer Morrison’s fauxhawk is created on the base of inverted braid that has been pulled at to create the messy loops, enhancing its volume and texture. The gradation of color from ashy on the sides to the golden blond in the centre also participates to the success of this gorgeous ‘do.

Jada Pinkett Smith Mohawk

#25: Accuracy & Softness

We all know how much Jada Pinkett Smith loves Mohawk hairstyles. This one is among her brightest Mohawks. It skillfully blends the accuracy and harsh texture of the undercuts with softness and sleekness of Jada’s long locks.

Willow Smith short hairstyle

#26: Mohawk Inspiration For Natural Kinks

Willow Smith is even more versatile in her hairstyles than Jada. In this photo Willow demonstrates a funky way to style short natural kinks in a Mohawk-inspired way. The fun texture, reminding thick grass, will be appreciated by young girls.

Selena Gomez braided Mohawk

#27: Messy Mohawk Braid

This beautiful Mohawk look from Selena Gomez has been actively copied lately. No wonder: messy braids keep being in the mainstream, while styling them in a Mohawk way always adds a stylish quirk to your look.

Li Ming braided Mohawk

#28: Rock-Chic Glamour

This rock-chic glamour hairstyle is straight from the Marissa Webb spring-summer 2015 catwalk, featured by Li Ming. The multiple messy braids secured at the nape into a sloppy ponytail fit ideally into the popular plait trend.

Gwen Stefani sleek updo with bangs

#29: Flawless Sleekness

Not actually a Mohawk, but a chic evening hairstyle with a reference to it was rocked by a bright blonde Gwen Stefani at the last year Met Gala event. The combination of classic colors in her look and refined glitter were the ideal base for this gorgeous hairstyle.

Julianne Moore bouffant updo

#30: Elegant Pompadour

Julianne Moore opts for the simplicity of lines and streamlined silhouettes (hair and gown) in her red-carpet look. Her red sleek pompadour speaks style and elegance I can’t help admiring, can you?

Emily Blunt Mohawk braid

#31: Mohawk Bun-Into-Braid Style

Emily Blunt presents her own sweet version of a Mohawk-inspired updo. It features a high bun that resolves into a textured braid towards the forehead – a lovely hairstyle for any occasion and setting.

Alicia Keys long Mohawk with undercuts

#32: Statement Long Mohawk With Undercuts

Alicia Keys is, unquestionably, the most experienced celebrity when it comes to Mohawk hairstyles. She has tried many versions of fauxhawks from the fancy braided ones to laconic Mohawks with undercuts like in this photo.

Alicia Keys short hairstyle

#33: Short Curly Mohawk

For the Grammy Awards Alicia Keys remained loyal to the deep blue and Mohawk. But this time she had her longer locks cropped and opted for a curly Mohawk with a fluffy top.

Miley Cyrus short Mohawk hairstyle

#34: Fierce Mohawk

If you want to get closer to the initial character of Mohawk, you may like the version from Miley Cyrus for LOVE magazine. The color, the texture, and the message are absolutely in Miley’s rebellious nature.

Sarah Jessica Parker Mohawk

#35: One Of A Kind

Same like Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker enjoys amazing us with her inimitable style, able to unite incompatible things. This bright Mohawk, though, doesn’t look like “too much”, and you can only go “wow”, turning your head at it.

Pink short Mohawk hairstyle

#36: Funky Pink

Pink has always had a weakness for rock-chic hairstyles. With fine hair like hers a spiky pixie or a Mohawk are the best options. This cool platinum Mohawk features the neat short sides and voluminous textured top fading towards the nape.

Emeli Sande short Mohawk hairstyle

#37: Whimsical Curves

Emeli Sande feels absolutely comfortable with short hairstyles featuring volume over the forehead. Mohawk is an ideal ‘do in this relation, especially for African American ladies. Emeli’s blonde curls set off her dark brown eyes miraculously.

Kelly Osbourne purple Mohawk

#38: Extravagant Purple Mohawk

Kelly Osbourne arrived to the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony rocking a purple dress with a real purple Mohawk to match. The accurate lines dividing the undershave and long locks, the impressive top styled with a sweep to one side, the perfect make up and refined accessory choice built Kelly’s chic red-carpet look.

Kelly Osbourne edgy Mohawk hairstyle

#39: Edgy Mohawk

For a less formal event it’s okay to add an edge to your Mohawk hairstyle. Get inspired by Kelly Osbourne’s Mohawk versions which are exceptionally good, each of them. This one has a bit longer undercut of a darker shade and textured Mohawk tresses with a rock-chic twist.

Kelly Osbourne Mohawk with safety pins

#40: Safety Pins As Hair Accessories

As for the most extravagant version of the three from Kelly Osbourbne, it suggests braiding your Mohawk into small braids and securing their ends with simple safety pins. The good news is never before have your hair accessories been that cheap!

Rihanna long Mohawk

#41: Brown & Blonde Mohawk

And, certainly, when speaking of statement Mohawks, we can’t ignore Rihanna’s gorgeous long and short, straight and curly Mohawks. This one is special because of its colored sections which are additionally enhanced by different textures.

Rihanna curly updo

#42: Divine Waves

We love Rihanna not only for her voice but her ability to surprise us with unexpected looks, new hairstyle ideas and unpredictable styling solutions. This gorgeous feminine look with thin delicate waves reminds Mohawk only distantly but looks absolutely divine.

Rita Ora Mohawk bun hair trend

#43: Row of Knots

Rita Ora’s new hairstyle is inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs “knotty” Mohawks from the spring-summer 2015 catwalk. Rita Ora pairs her funky Mohawk with cropped bangs across the forehead, and we really like her upgrade.

Rita Ora Mohawk hairstyle

#44: Fancy Mohawk With Twists & Undercuts

Sometimes it seems Rita Ora is competing with Rihanna in uniqueness and extravagance of hairstyles. This Mohawk from Rita Ora features low undercuts, fancy side twists and lush blonde locks in the centre.

Cara Delevingne Fendi Mohawk

#45: Real Fur, Faux Hawk

I believe everyone remembers that Fendi fashion show with fur pieces for the models’ Mohawks. Here’s Cara Delevingne’s photo from the show reminding us of creativity and versatility in Mohawks styling.

Cara Delevingne Mohawk from knots

#46: Loopy Mohawk

And a new fauxhawk from Cara Delevingne is no less creative. They associate it with the “Mohawk bun hair trend”, and, as seen from the picture, it’s a row of small messy knots with loops and intricate texture.

Cara Delevingne Mohawk braid

#47: Mohawk Braid With A Bouffant

Another interesting Mohawk-inspired hairstyle rocked by Cara Delevingne is achieved thanks to a French braid. A bouffant above the forehead is an easy way to move a simple hairstyle to the next level.

Nicole Richie purple updo

#48: A La Mohawk Updo

Nicole Richie’s purple hair from the Met Gala matches the hue of Kelly Osborne, but Nicole’s messy updo is much further from the real Mohawk. An eye-catching hair color and enhanced texture of her locks draw our attention nonetheless.

Nicole Kidman pony with a bouffant

#49: Mohawk Pony

For the last year Cannes film festival Nicole Kidman prepared the most elegant fauxhawk ever. Her side locks were sleeked tightly backwards, and their ends were covered with a chic bouffant secured at the nape as a pony.

Sheridan Smith purple Mohawk

#50: Pink & Purple

Sheridan Smith is one more representative of the purple hair fan club. Her textured hairstyle stands out with the small temple undercuts and a more sophisticated color blend: the transition of pinks and purples are rather unusual but, unquestionably, sweet.

#51: Paige Thomas rocks an edgy Mohawk with lines shaved into the sides


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