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50 Showiest Bob Haircuts For Black Women

Thick tresses are whimsical when it comes to styling, therefore, haircuts for thick hair may sometimes look unflattering. A haircut is a key component of our image, so it needs to be selected thoughtfully. Bob haircuts, performed on thick hair, look fantastic and suit all face shapes. You only need to opt for the right length and finish. There’s no surprise celebrities adore bob haircuts. That’s why most of the looks in my collection are of famous personalities. They use the services of the best stylists, so we learn from them and draw inspiration.

50 Best Bob Haircuts For Black Women

Garcelle Beauvais angled bob

#1: Smooth Shoulder-Skimming Bob

Garcelle Beauvais stays loyal to a medium bob haircut that she refreshes every 3-4 weeks. Let’s see into the evolution of her bob, starting from this classy asymmetric version with layering through the front pieces. It’s Garcelle’s style from the 21st Annual Race to Erase Gala Event.

Garcelle Beauvais blunt bob haircut

#2: Blunt One-Length Bob Without Bangs

In almost a month for the world premiere of Disney’s “Maleficent” Garcelle Beauvais had her locks cropped a bit to achieve this perfect geometric shape with blunt edges. The added highlights brought in the desired spice into the look.

Garcelle Beauvais long bob haircut

#3: Choppy Lob

By the beginning of September Garcelle’s tresses had grown out enough to graze her shoulders, and the actress upgraded her long bob with the choppy finish for the ends. The Instyle Hosts 20th Anniversary Party was graced by this lovely wavy lob from Garcelle Beauvais, who remained ravishing at her 47.

Garcelle Beauvais long angled bob

#4: Slightly Angled Symmetric Lob

As for the People Style Watch Denim Event that took place during the same month, Garcelle Beauvais was ready to show off this chic slightly angled bob that brought out the shine and strength of her gorgeous thick strands.

Zendaya black bob haircut

#5: Blunt Bob With Short Horizontal Bangs

Cutie Zendaya looked like a real princess at the Princess Grace Awards Gala. Zendaya’s graphic short bob accentuated her lovely facial features, drawing attention to her eyes, lips and the chin outline.

Angela Basette bob haircut for black women

#6: Layered A-Line Bob

Angela Bassett’s exceptional bob looks ideal in wavy and slightly messy hairstyles. Razor layering lets achieve the effect of occasional streaks broken loose from her mane, which enhances the charm of this gorgeous A-line bob.

Estelle Black bob haircut

#7: Cropped Bob With Graded Ends & Side Bangs

We know that Estelle has been recently experimenting with bob crops, and we have to admit they quite flatter her face and style in whole. This particular bob is interesting with its textured ends and the way Estelle’s short side bangs blend with the cut outlines.

Jourdan Dunn bob haircut for black women

#8: Chopped Shattered Bob

The choppy ends of Jourdan Dunn’s haircut provide the chic A-line silhouette and fabulous texture to play with in different hairstyles. Besides the offered style, Jourdan can rock this bob sleek and glossy or in a “scrunched” way with shaggy ends.

Sunetra Sarker black bob haircut

#9: Classic A-Line Collarbone Bob

Sunetra Sarker’s bob features the best of classics – the ideal collarbone length and harmoniously angled front pieces. This bob looks more impressive when styled off-centered. Classic haircuts like Sunetra’s are a good base for sombre or highlights.

Nazanin Mandi black bob haircut for curly hair

#10: Bob Cut For Adorable Curls

Nazanin Mandi’s perky curls have found their ideal length and haircut silhouette. Her curly black bob offers the beautiful rounded shape on one hand and fantastic bouncy texture on the other.

Rita Ora bob haircut

#11: Edgy Bob

Rita Ora’s passion for bob haircuts doesn’t let me exclude her out of my list, even though she’s not black. Each and every of Rita’s bobs is special and worth our attention. This one is layered and textured through the bangs and edges. Looks quite impressive in this color and texture, eh?

Mary J Blige bob haircut for black women

#12: Extra-Short Asymmetric Bob

Mary J. Blige sports the gorgeous short haircut that is actually a blend of pixie and bob. The asymmetry of Mary J’s haircut provides opportunities for the color and texture blocking, which makes the hairstyles on its base simply irresistible. This pretty ‘do is not an exception.

Kat Graham textured bob haircut

#13: Textured Bob With Razored Ends

Kat Graham loves long bobs, as they offer her an array of hairstyling options and the optimal length. This particular A-line bob features razored ends that, unquestionably, look the best in tousled and slightly wavy hairstyles like this one.

Zoe Kravitz bob haircut

#14: Edgy Chin-Length Bob

Zoe Kravitz enjoys her cropped messy locks in asymmetric hairstyles which prove to be unhackneyed despite their classic silhouettes. Zoe’s edgy locks impress with the outstanding texture and a special negligent feel, especially when such a hairstyle is paired with minimalistic outfits.

Regina Hall tapered bob haircut for black women

#15: The Benefits Of Tapered Silhouettes

Tapered silhouettes convey bobs the rounded shape that often works the best with thick and coarse black hair. If you want a neat feminine look, like Regina Hall’s, ask your stylist for a tapered layered bob.

Meagan Good bob haircut

#16: A-Line Bob With Long Side Bangs

Meagan Good’s romantic hairstyle with large defined curls is done on the basis of a medium-length A-line bob cut with long swoopy bangs. It looks just awesome when styled off-centered.

June Ambrose long bob haircut

#17: Shaggy Lob For Curly Hair

June Ambrose opts for the medium shoulder-skimming length and the silhouette that lets her reveal the volume and bounce of her lush chocolate curls. This shaggy lob looks pretty playful and nonchalant when styled in fluffy curls, but you can also create chic straight hairstyles on its base.

Cheryl Burke A-line bob haircut

#18: Textured A-Line Lob

Cheryl Burke’s tresses are not as coarse and thick as black hair commonly is, so she can afford some volume-adding texture for her locks. Cheryl ‘s bob features medium layers around her face and awesome side bangs which work the best with a deep side parting.

DJ Kiss long bob haircut for black women

#19: Symmetric Lob

This is the attendees photoshoot for the Tribeca Film Festival. DJ Kiss looks like a style icon. Her straight face-framing strands are absolutely in tune with the print of her skirt that is supported by the minimalistic black top and paired with leather bracelets.

Viola Davis black bob haircut

#20: Mid-Length Bob With Face Framing

Viola Davis can boast of the statement bob with its own character and special flair. I love its A-line silhouette, flattering length and layering for the face-framing locks. These can be flirtily styled in flicks like in the photo.

Jada Pinkett Smith bob haircut

#21: Classic Symmetric Bob

Despite her passion for ultra chic haircuts with asymmetry and undercuts, Jada Pinkett Smith can go once in a while for classic shapes and silhouettes. This beautiful symmetric bob delicately frames Jada’s face, accentuating its lovely features and ideal proportions.

Solange short bob haircut

#22: Shaggy Crop

Yes, we love Solange Knowels with her natural kinks, but this lovely bob crop is good for a change, as it demonstrates something completely different (in terms of texture) to what we are used to see on Solange.

Giuliana Rancic black bob haircut

#23: Asymmetric Bob With Uneven Length

Giuliana Rancic decides on the classy haircut with a special quirk – the uneven length that is achieved if her bob is styled with a side parting. No secret, asymmetric hairstyles often look more sophisticated than the symmetric ones, and Guiliana adopts this trick to her advantage.

Anika Noni Rose long bob haircut for black women

#24: Lob With Blunt Cut Edges

Anika Noni Rose goes for the simple one-length haircut that lets her demonstrate the beauty, health and thickness of her black locks. It looks fabulous even in simple free-flowing hairstyles like this one.

Uzo Aduba blacl bob haircut

#25: Shoulder-Grazing Lob With Long Bangs

Uzo Aduba enjoys the silk and sleekness of her relaxed black locks in the shape of this gorgeous shoulder-grazing lob. The long peek-a-boo bangs complete her look and add it a sexy flair.

Chanel Iman long bob haircut for black women

#26: Lob With Textured Ends

Chanel Iman’s universal lob length works great in a wide array of hairstyles, both updos and downdos. The textured ends are its only chic twist, but the cut itself is fairly self-sufficient.

Michelle Obama bob haircut

#27: Collarbone Bob With Layered Front Locks

We often peek at the first lady’s style in clothes and hairdos, deservedly considering her a style icon. The collarbone bob and its variations belong to Michelle Obama’s favorite hairstyles. This stylish ‘do is made on the basis of a bob cut with graded face-framing locks.

Sevyn Streeter asymmetric black bob haircut

#28: Asymmetric Bob Crop

Sevyn Streeter fun bob crop will instantly make you the centre of everyone’s attention thanks to its lovely wispy texture and asymmetry of the cut. The same haircut also looks great on relaxed locks in case you want to create a chic graphic hairstyle.

Julissa Bermudez black bob haircut

#29: Layered Bob For Adorable Curls

Julissa Bermudez fantastic shaggy curls are achieved thanks to the layering of her bob haircut. The bangs and layers allow showing off the lovely disconnected locks with edgy tips. Being teased with highlights, this hairstyle acquires even more charm and irresistible appeal.

Kat Graham long tousled bob

#30: Bob With Angled Layers

Kat Graham’s lob stands out from our list thanks to the stunning texture of thick tousled locks. The ends of Kate’s long bob are textured and paired with sharply angled layers that are incorporated throughout her jet black locks.

La La Anthony short bob haircut for black women

#31: Tapered Bob With Swoopy Bangs

La La Anthony’s stylish bob with the length at the nape features swoopy bangs and a tapered silhouette with volume on the crown. The interesting coloristic solution with deep dark roots fading into the caramel towards the tips brings this statement short style to the next level.

Sevyn Streeter long bob haircut

#32: Choppy Lob For Thick Locks

Sevyn Streeter’s long bob with a choppy finish effortlessly creates the nonchalant spontaneous look with light waves. They work perfectly in casual asymmetric hairstyles but can be rocked for a special occasion if styled with a shine enhancer.

Anthonique Smith bob haircut

#33: Chin-Length Bob With Long Side-Swept Bangs

Antonique Smith decides on the flaxen blonde bob, and we fully approve her choice. Look how miraculously this hue sets off Antonique’s eyes. As for the haircut, it’s a basic chin-length bob, framed with side bangs.

Miss Mykie bob haircut for black women

#34: Medium A-Line Both With Asymmetry

Miss Mykie looks so very charming, rocking this lovely bob with asymmetry. The elongated left side of her haircut blends with the side bangs to place an emphasis on the vertical lines, predominant in this cut and extremely flattering for round and square faces.

Keri Hilson black bob haircut

#35: Long Bob In Fluffy Curls

Keri Hilson’s tousled touchable curls have turned many heads at the “Think Like A Man Too” premiere. If you fancy duplicating the style, be sure to take care of the basic haircut. A long bob will do just fine.

Samantha Figgins bob haircut for black women

#36: Chin-Length A-Line Bob With Long Side Bangs

Samantha Figgins aptly sets off her skin tone with this dashing caramel bob. Its A-line silhouette maintained by the long side-swept bangs looks especially chic in asymmetric hairstyles, when one side is tucked behind the ear.

Viola Davis bob haircut for black women

#37: Mid-Length Bob With Textured Ends

We have already seen a chic bob haircut from Viola Davis, and now we can assess all its amenities in the way of styling. It takes a simple shoulder-skimming bob with textured ends as a base to get these luxurious bouncy curls.

Maad Moiselle black bob haircut

#38: Cropped Bob With Thick Blunt Cut Bangs

MAAD*MOISELLE’s cropped blunt cut bob features horizontal lines and accurate edges. When styled flicked-in, it acquires a charming vintage flair, especially when paired with red lips.

Naomi Campbell long bob haircut with bangs

#39: Layered Lob With Thick Bangs Across The Forehead

Naomi Campbell often sports flawlessly straight polished bobs, varying only the length and finishes for the edges. This time it’s all about the gorgeous long angled layers for the face-framing tresses and blunt bangs across the forehead.

Tyra Banks layered bob haircut

#40: Graduated Lob

Tyra Banks is rocking the ideally sleek lob that demonstrates the perfection of her long haircut. Tyra’s locks are centre-parted and graduated in long angled layers at front. Her freely-hanging tresses are long enough to reach the shoulders but not to lie on them.

black sleek bob

#41: Pure Silk

Here is a beautiful one-length bob haircut where hair is flowing down like pure silk fabric. Perfect regular lines, length and satin texture are the focal points of this style.

african american bob haircut

#42: It’s All About Bangs

Asymmetrical bobs are a favorite theme of many celebrities, because they are fun, cute and noticeable, like this simple haircut where side bangs are featuring the longest hair length.

long bob for black women

#43: Long Bob Adding The Sparkle To Your Eyes

Don’t ever forget that a haircut is a frame for your face, and it should be ideal for its shape. This long bob is not only superb in its shape, it brightens her complexion and especially the eyes.

black sew in bob

#44: Awesome Sew-In Bob

I believe it looks very natural and you can wear it temporarily if you do not want to cut, relax and dye your natural hair. Anyway, its fluent lines and edgy contours are excellent ideas to borrow for real cuts as well.

bob for african american women

#45: Glamorous Diva

Yes, this short bob looks fantastic, but it suits the most only oval faces.

best afro american bob haircuts

#46: Creamy Asymmetrical Bob

This is a very showy modern version of a bob haircut: one side reaches the chin point and the other touches your collarbone. Long bangs can be styled straight or curled and flipped impressively like here.

black layered bob

#47: Elongating Bob

Rihanna has tested all possible bob variations. This one is elongating her face, maybe a bit too much even for her beautiful features, drawing attention to her pointed chin.

short bobs for black women

#48: Polished Feathering

Here is another sleek bob that additionally incorporates a special fine-feathered texture and longer asymmetrical tresses.

short black curly bob

#49: Gorgeous Waves

An asymmetric bob doesn’t lose its charm even when it’s curly. On the contrary, it makes you look more romantic, tender and approachable.

short bob for black women

#50: Stunning Inverted Bob

An inverted bob, featuring grades at the back and accentuating your beautiful neckline, works awesome for slim ladies with thick hair. If it’s also complemented with a successfully chosen hair hue, the effect will be breathtaking.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/12/2015 15:04:00

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