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20 Voguish Layered Bob Hairstyles To Adopt For Your Fresh Stylish Looks

#1: Dark Chocolate Fringy Bob

With fine low layering a classic chic-length bob acquires a modern twist. The graceful A-line silhouette is additionally adorned with the fringy bottom line and delicious dark chocolate hue.

asymmetric layered bob hairstyle

#2: Golden Wheat Waves

Large refined curls in the most delicate tints of wheat and golden blonde set off the face and create a stylish feminine look, appropriate for special occasions as well as casual wear.

blonde layered curly bob hairstyle

#3: Black Windy Bob

Although this fantastic hairstyle has quite a distinct shape, its contours and texture are slightly blurred as if wind has penetrated within and filled it with fresh air: very breezy and on-trend!

angular layered bob

#4: Cropped Chocolate Bob With Caramel Feathers

Dark chocolate with caramel is a lovely couple. Besides, yummy colors, this hairstyle is prominent for its cropped choppy edges, styled slightly flipped out to enhance the feathery effect.

cropped layered bob

#5: Black-&-Chocolate Wavy Bob With Braiding

Black and chocolate loose waves interweave randomly to create a wonderful shattered texture of this layered bob. Two cute braids, heading off the parting and hiding under the slightly tousled locks make this sweet hairstyle even more appealing.

cropped layered bob with highlights

#6: Easy-Breezy

Do you happen to “suffer” from your unruly curly hair, especially on bad hair days? You can turn your little problem into a chic hairstyle with a little bit of your favorite styling product for a wet look. Let the curls be broken and irregular, they will still look cool: judge for yourself.

wavy layered bob

#7: Crispy&Downy

Here is a fabulous chic hairstyle on the basis of a layered bob that looks sweet, fluffy and fragile. The clean blonde hue on short hair in combination with darker roots makes these beautiful greenish brown eyes appear much brighter.

blonde layered bob hairstyle

#8: Sweetened Angularity

All the dramatic moments are softened in this beautiful hairstyle: a light weave for the sharp angles and honey highlights for the bright platinum blonde.

graded bob with highlights

#9: Sleek, Edgy, Flawless

Perfectly graded tresses, overlapping the lower layers, are sliding down strictly straight like the rain drops on the window. But a splash of a warm tone spilt throughout the roots hints on the gentle sun behind the rainy clouds.

blonde straight layered bob hairstyle

#10: Lovely “Bedhead” Style

A bob haircut remains true to itself even when it’s styled with a mess in mind. Subtle highlights, more distinct in the bangs, and rounded contours save this charismatic style from appearing a complete chaos.

layered bob bedhead style

#11: Elegance And Perfection Themselves

Here is a dignified style worth of a queen. Soft graceful curls, slightly flipped out at the ends and a noble chocolate hue illuminate the eyes and fair skin magnificently.

short wavy layered bob

#12: Bold Chestnut Waves

Soft curly styles of a chin-length bob suit Mila’s beautiful facial features like no others. This hairstyle features no sharp angles or rough edges, only the right amount of sassiness and intrigue.

curly layered bob hairstyle

#13: Vintage With A Glossy Finish

Rihanna is a hair chameleon. How do you like her passionate vintage curls? Their shine match the gloss of her satin emerald gown, and the similar resemblance is observed in the curvy lines of her curls and the décolleté draping.

curly vintage bob hairstyle

#14: Winter Sun

This extremely short shaggy cut demonstrates a fantastic rough texture throughout the edges and finely chopped asymmetric bangs for a young bright sporty look.

bright blonde layered hairstyle

#15: Tangled Ripple

Subtle waves are good to arrange an expressive texture. When they are slightly messed up additionally, you are getting a very appealing natural look, ideal for layered hair inclined to the curl.

layered curly bob hairstyle

#16: Ms. Charm

Women are often uncertain about short haircuts, because a doubt is whether they are going to look feminine with short hair. This cropped bob hairstyle with slightly weaved edges is an excellent example of a cute style that is short and absolutely lady-like.

short layered bob with a weave

#17: Clean Lines, Radiant Color

Simplicity of this short layered bob strikes with its brilliance. Nothing is in excess: fluent lines, framing the face and setting off the blue of the eyes, clean pale blonde hue and neat edging for the outlines are ideal.

short blonde graded bob

#18: Slim&Sleek

Any silky sleek bob attracts with its smooth finish and precise contours. This one is not an exception: the perfect A-line shape and clear-cut angles have created one more exquisite look For Victoria Beckham.

sleek layered bob

#19: Peace Of Style And Color

With bob being her favorite haircut, Victoria Beckham succeeds to look interesting and versatile each time, playing with available styling solutions. Here is a hint on a weave, steering her locks off the face to draw attention to her big brown eyes.

short curly bob hairstyle

#20: Stormy Bob

This curly hairstyle is resolute and straightforward in its character, same like a sudden storm on a summer day. The caramel highlights are called to accentuate its snazzy texture and rough edges.

layered bob for thick wavy hair

Well, as you see, there’s no type of hair or face shape that can’t find its ideal bob match. If you’ve spotted a picture here that inspires you, take it to a good stylist and make a little (or big) upgrade of your hairstyle. Good luck!

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/09/2015 12:22:00

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