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50 Best A-Line Bob Hairstyles Screaming With Class and Style

A-line bob haircut is, probably, the most popular cut nowadays, and it’s not going to be out of fashion. More and more often women opt for its stacked version that may also be referred to as an inverted bob. It really flatters most face shapes and hair textures. Besides, with A-line bob haircut you may achieve a fantastic voluminous effect, play with textures and layers, experiment with highlights and ombre finishes.

We see stacked haircuts and layered bobs all around every day, but when it comes to deciding on something for ourselves, there may be some sort of puzzlement. How to choose hairstyle what will be something truly classy that will enhance your natural appearance features? Bellow you will find a very versatile gallery of 50 eye-catching long and short A-line bob haircuts, stacked haircuts, inverted bobs and hairstyle ideas for them. You are welcome to look through it for inspiration.


sleek a-line bob

#1: Pastel Perfection

Here is a flawlessly sleek pastel-toned A-line bob, featuring glossy texture and soft precision of lines. Cool pinkish highlights, alternating with warm golden blond ones, are a rather non-standard coloristic solution, contributing to the ultimate success of this adorable style.

inverted bob for curly hair

#2: Wavy & Tousled Stacked Bob

And now there’s a complete antipode of the previous look, but a very eye-catching style with large tousled curls that is created on the basis of the same chin-length stacked bob. Now you see how different it may appear.

short curly a-line bob

#3: Dreamy Curls

Distinct and highlighted bouncy curls are another facet of A-line bob. With this style it, certainly, loses its exactness and edges, gaining something unique instead: enviable curls, framing the face, rounded shape and an amazingly charming feminine flair.

stacked highlighted bob

#4: Sharp & Stylish

This fantastic stacked hairstyle makes a stake on the expressive lines and color simultaneously. It’s not only angled extremely sharply, its edges are harmoniously teased with a darker hue, blending seamlessly with the highlighted chestnut-toned body.

a-line bob for thin hair

#5: Surfer’s Wave

Thin supple hair has its undeniable benefits: this breathtaking A-line bob demonstrates an excellent choice of color and styling effect. The soft flowing lines express motion and mimic the curve of the perfect surfing waves.

extra short a-line bob

#6: Torpedo

Going on with the marine theme, besides incredible blunt cut edges and front angles, this extraordinary A-line style can boast of an exceptional detail – a torpedo fish tail!

wavy inverted bob

#7: Turbulence

Just a bit of turbulence helps to create a very captivating texture for the tops of the generously staked layers. Delicate yet distinct gradation of color from blonde to black makes this A-line hairstyle extremely chic and attention-grabbing.

long disconnected bob with ombre

#8: Mussy Long A-line Bob

The zest of a stacked bob is, undoubtedly, associated with the precision of lines and form. But it can be sacrificed to a certain extent if you want to achieve a trendy “bedhead” effect. Ombre and highlights blend wonderfully into this stylish look.

long sleek a-line bob

#9: Smooth As Butter

This is a longer and smoother version of a stacked bob that, nevertheless, features a neatly edged bottom line, soft bangs and wonderful volume.

long bob with lose curls

#10: Disconnected, Wavy, Stacked

Who knew that a slight weave will make this stacked long A-line bob so on-trend? Besides, the chocolate highlights for dark brown hair boost its texture and add dimension.

long a-line hairstyle

#11: Heavily-Layered A-Line Bob

Loads of layers around the crown create wonderful feathery finish for this stacked bob, and the dark blue highlights for the ends draw attention to its jagged contours.

red curly stacked bob hairstyle

#12: Delightful Red Spirals

Unbelievable, but the tight bouncy spirals in the best shades of copper and cinnamon have succeeded to preserve the shape of a stacked bob. Eventually you get a full head of adorable curls and perfect outlines of the most stylish cut ever.

red a-line bob haircut

#13: Fire Alarm

Everyone will be excited to witness something as daring and hot as this sexy red hairstyle with rugged contours. Thorough layering and extremely vivid color are the secrets of its success.

edgy a-line bob haircut

#14: Clean & Flawless Cut

The sharply angled nape area, as well as locks, caressing the cheeks, is the main attraction of this full-looking stacked bob. To make the cut more dimensional it was completed with warm caramel highlights.

short blond inverted bob

#15: Victoria’s Stacked Bob

Victoria Beckham is a queen of stylish inverted bob. Here she is showing off its blond ethereal version with the extra short layered nape section and light asymmetric bangs.

stacked curly bob haircut

#16: Ease Of Tousled Loose Curls

A-line haircut isn’t exacting in maintenance at all. You can style it straight or give it a whimsical curl and rake through the waves with your fingers for a gorgeously inspiring blonde look like this.

stacked bob with highlights

#17: A Glamorous Stack

A fantastic choice of colors, moderately contrasting and complementing each other, make the skilful layering in the nape even more revealing. Fantastic volume, amazing shape and great coloristic solutions: Victoria’s stylists are the best!

red stacked bob

#18: Sunny Orange

Like a sliced orange, this showy red inverted bob demonstrates a smooth transition of the color hues and textures. The neat feathery “tails” on the sides attach a drop of extra sweetness to this fantastic sunny style.

stacked edgy bob hairstyle

#19: Bluntness & Edges

Accurate angles and roundness, blunt and edgy lines of the cut, black hair and purple highlights – there’s so much in this classy style to admire, and you see that every stroke is highly professional.

cute curly a-line bob

#20: Innocence

This heavenly A-line bob with a curly hint leaves an indelible impression of lightness and spring freshness. A very delicate hue of strawberry blonde couldn’t express the feel any better.

Emily Browning bob A-line hairstyle

#21: Golden Brown A-Line Bob Without Bangs

Emily Browning sports both a fantastic hair color and a very flattering haircut with a razored finish through the ends. Thus, styling it straight or with a light natural wave, she gets a versatile ‘do with wonderful texture and perfect shape.

Catherine Bell short A-line bob

#22: Soft Disconnected Waves & Edgy Tips

Catherine Bell’s short bob shrinks its length even more thanks to her soft shaggy waves which boost volume and demonstrate fun edgy tips. Catherine looks playful and sexy, and I bet it’s exactly what she aims to achieve with her style.

Taylor Schilling wavy A-line bob

#23: Messy Black&Blonde A-Line Bob

Taylor Schilling’s shoulder-skimming bob is special in so many ways. These light tousled waves create a very cute hairstyle for any occasion, while her hair color is bright and complex. The roots, darkened to the deepest brunette hue, enhance the contrast with her platinum blonde locks.

Tina Majorino short A-line bob

#24: Extra Short Bob With Edgy Bangs

Tina Majorino attended the pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood rocking her extra short brown blonde bob tucked behind one ear and paired with cute side bangs. Her flirty ‘do offers us an effortless idea of a short A-line hairstyle on the bob basis.

Rita Ora shaggy A-line bob

#25: Extraordinary Shaggy Bob

Rita Ora shies away from anything ordinary or boring. So, she opts for this gorgeous shaggy bob lifted at the roots and complimented with fun fringy ends and thick bangs styled slightly slantwise. We love Rita’s choice!

Jourdan Dunn sleek A-line bob

#26: Sleek Angled A-Line Bob

Jourdan Dunn presents an accurate stylish bob with ideal contours and elongated front locks. A-silhouette styling and polished effect allow achieving geometric lines and angles which always look classy in hairstyles.

Italia Ricci A-line bob hairstyle

#27: Glamorous Wavy Peek-A-Boo

Italia Ricci has her bob styled asymmetrically in glamorous waves to grace the pages of the June 2014 issue of Regard Magazine. I love this highlighted shapely peek-a-boo wave boosting Italia’s sex appeal.

Jennifer Aniston long A-line bob

#28: Straight Lob With Fringy Ends

Jennifer Aniston’s lob is flat-ironed with some lift at the roots to demonstrate her gorgeous layering and fringy tips. Her hairstyle is composed from hundreds of thin pieces, providing super cute framing for her lovely face.

Alyssa Milano short A-line bob

#29: Sexy Edgy Crop

Alyssa Milano’s sexy layered haircut is a mix of outgrown pixie and bob. She rocks it styled edgy with random pieces sticking out boldly in a sexy manner. Short side bangs create a sassy A-line silhouette of Alyssa’s ‘do, I’d love to duplicate some day.

Emma Roberts shaggy A-line bob

#30: Disconnected Shoulder-Grazing Bob

Emma Roberts sports a chic ginger blonde bob with dark roots for the Elkin fall/winter 2014-2015 photoshoot. It’s styled A-line with side bangs and edgy disconnected ends which we often observe these days on the red carpet.

Emma Stone wavy A-line bob

#31: Blunt Bob In Cool Coppers

And the Venice film festival has already appreciated a cool-toned copper bob from Emma Stone that makes an awesome color combination with her coniferous green dress. Emma’s bob features very light waves, blending with ideally straight tresses.

Emily Browning wavy A-line bob hairstyle

#32: Sharply Angled Wavy Bob

When traveling, Emily Browning prefers to style her caramel bob centre-parted in light natural waves, which are easily achieved with a scrunch-and-go method. Emily’s locks are additionally treated with a silky finish.

Rumer Willis long bob hairstyle

#33: Streamlined Honey-Blonde Lob

Rummer Willis enjoys the sleek texture and fabulous feel of movement from her streamlined honey blonde lob. Flat-ironing lets convey nice angles and light layering of the cut.

Julie Bowen wavy A-line bob

#34: Soft Flowing A-Line Bob

Julie Bowen’s choice for the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony is a romantic feminine look with a floral gown and soft wavy A-line hairstyle in a tender creamy blonde hue. Her delicate locks are side-parted and completed with light side bangs.

Sarah Paulson bob A-line hairstyle

#35: Straight Even Bob

Sarah Paulson has opted for a fancy dress that she wisely paired with a simple classy hairstyle. Her caramel brown bob is evenly cut and flat-ironed to accentuate her gracious neck and shoulder line.

Sarah Paulson A-line bob

#36: Honey Brown Bob With A Swoopy Face-Framing Line

Oscars 2014 is a grand event where every celebrity wants to shine and sparkle with beauty and style. Sarah Paulson easily succeeds, rocking her delicate nude look spiced with a bright stylish A-line hairstyle. So lovely, so sweet!

Kerry Washington long A-line bob

#37: Refined Chocolate Lob With Choppy Ends

Kerry Washington knows how flattering her dark hair looks with milky chocolate ombre or highlights. So, she rocks her luxurious locks cut in a medium length and centre-parted for a simple hairstyle that lets show off her beautiful ombre in its best light.

Gwen Stefani long platinum A-line bob

#38: Dazzling Platinum Lob

Gwen Stefani’s long glossy bob gains its dazzling effect from the successful combination of extra light blonde hue, medium hair length and polished styling finish. An awesome symmetric style that makes its impact!

Giuliana Rancic A-line bob

#39: Sleek Collarbone Bronde Bob

Giuliana Rancic arrived to the 66th Annual Emmy Awards sporting a bold red flaw-length gown and sleek statement bob that illuminates her skin with its divine creamy blonde hue. Hair-to-hair hairstyles like Giuliana’s are extremely stylish despite their laconic look.

Gemma Arterton wavy A-line bob

#40: Messy Bob With Whimsical Waves

Gemma Arterton’s bob is careless, messy and spontaneous. Her locks remain teased, textured and fairly straight at the roots, developing into messy waves towards the ends. The long side bangs shape a cute A-line silhouette.

Julie Bowen wavy A-line bob

#41: Weightless Wavy Messy Bob

Julie Bowen makes a stake at the charming lightness of her A-line hairstyle that she achieves with wispy messy waves. This is her beautiful look from the nominee reception at Emmy Awards 2014.

Taylor Schilling sleek A-line bob

#42: Straight Sleek A-Line Bob With Side Parting

As for Taylor Schilling, for the same event she opt for a classic unsophisticated look with sleek shoulder-skimming bob tucked behind the ears, red lips and black suit – a win-win option for any gala event.

Rita Ora pink A-line bob

#43: Pink A-Line Wispy Bob

Sure, we could have expected that from Rita Ora. A pink bob for Adidas ad campaign may be not all that versatile, meaning the color, but so cute, unquestionably! Besides, you can duplicate her A-line asymmetric hairstyle with wispy ends in any hair color you feel comfortable with.

Kiernan Shipka curly A-line bob

#44: Sweet Curled Out A-Line Bob

Little Hollywood cutie Kiernan Shipka needs a sweet romantic hairstyle that is girly-stylish but not so-very-adult. This beautiful curled out bob with medium brown base and subtle caramel highlights meets the requirements absolutely!

Michelle Dockery A-line bob

#45: Statement Brunette Bob

Michelle Dockery makes a statement with her rich brunette bob freely-flowing in light waves to skim her shoulders. A monochromatic color and simplicity of lines always add nobility and classic perfection to hairstyles.

Rita Ora short asymmetric A-line bob

#46: Sleek Side-Parted Bob In Pure Platinum

Rita Ora is an inimitable hair chameleon. Each of her new hairstyles is stylish and eye-catching, to say the least. This extra light platinum bob with a side parting and fringy edges paired with red lips and black dress is meant to draw plenty of admiring glances.

Julianne Hough A-line bob

#47: Classy Chin-Length Bob

Julianne Hough’s blonde chin-length bob is styled A-line with an off-centered parting for a flawless casual look. This is what Julianne looked like attending The Good Morning America studio in New York – sweet and chic!

Carmen Villalobos long A-line bob

#48: Mid-Length Silky Bob With Textured Ends

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobus doesn’t wish to pass by all the charms of A-line bobs either. Flawless sleekness, sexy silhouette, versatility and compatibility with practically any outfits make us choose them again and again.

Allison Janney long A-line bob

#49: Chic A-Line Lob For Any Age

And, yes, A-line bobs are not just for young women. 54-year old Allison Janney rocks her classy medium brown A-line lob with pleasure. It’s complemented with light layering and long swoopy bangs.

Perrey Reeves A-line bob

#50: Long Straight Bob With Side Bangs & Extra Shine

Perrey Reeves also goes for a shoulder-length long bob with side bangs and face-framing. Her locks are styled naturally with an extra shiny finish that helps to reveal the depth of her monochromatic dark brown hair.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/08/2015 16:55:00

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