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30 Overwhelming Ideas For Short Choppy Haircuts

Is short hair a problem or freedom? So many women think of cutting their hair short but are either unsure about the result, afraid to look ridiculous or uncertain about the choice of the right and most flattering cut. When considering a short hairstyle, we are usually afraid that once we cut our hair short, we will lose our femininity or end up with something outdated. No, worries, here are the latest trends of short haircuts with the brightest examples in pictures. You will be amazed at how incredibly jazzy you may look with short hair. Add the feeling of ease, so desirable through the warm seasons and you’ll see that going short, actually, has multiple benefits and choices.

#1: Elongated Bob With Choppy Ends For Thick Hair

Stylists of Felicity Jones have managed to upgrade her classic lob with the choppy haircut trend. The ends of Felicity’s locks are skillfully sliced. Here’s a wonderful example of a messy hairstyle that looks extremely chic and lively. The actress has naturally thick, healthy hair we admire!

choppy lob hairstyle

#2: Messy Bob With Awesome Texture

Evangeline Lilly also sports a choppy bob haircut. The crucial thing to remember when styling such cuts is the importance to reveal the texture. Mousse is applied for the added volume and texturizing effect. Next, you can define random curls with flat irons. The goal is to achieve a rich texture. Let some locks be straight, while others will feature light waves or even broken curls.

messy choppy bob hairstyle

#3: Classic Choppy Bob With Bangs

Emma Stone demonstrates the classic version of a choppy bob. The ends of her locks really seem to be carelessly chopped off. The choice of the hairstyle for the last Venice gala is suggested by the texture of her dark green Valentino Couture dress. The very light moderately voluminous waves mimic the tulle draping and look harmoniously together.

red choppy bob hairstyle

#4: Youthful Short Choppy Hairstyle

Many women want to know how to look younger. Let’s forget about plastic surgeries and think of simpler and more affordable ways to achieve the goal. With the right hairstyle, you can really look 5 to 10 years younger! Gayle King chooses a choppy haircut, styled with bold flicks. So, can you guess how old this woman is?

choppy bob for older women

#5: Romantic Layered Hairstyle With An Edge

Medium layered haircuts are very easy to style. After a regular blow-drying session, they settle in cute light waves with a romantic feel. Stephanie Szostak adds an edge to her layered hairstyle with the straight shortened locks sticking out naughtily to the sides.

medium layered hairstyle

#6: Messy Bob Hairstyle With Defined Fringy Ends

Julianne Hough showed a high class at the FOX’s “Cause for Paws: All-Star Dog Spectacular” event. A dress that matches the color of the dog and even the hairstyles are similar!:) Wow, this is something we didn’t expect. Well, Julianne’s hairstyle is messily cool. Apply a texturizing product and blow dry without combing.

Julianne Hough edgy bob hairstyle

#7: Messy Hairstyle For Elongated Short Haircut

All kinds of statement short haircuts flatter Victoria Beckham immensely. The edgier the look is, the stronger the impression is. One of Victoria’s old photos features a messy short hairstyle that is in tune with the modern hair trends.

short edgy hairstyle

#8: Asymmetric Bangs In Short Choppy Haircuts For Fine Hair

Elsa Pataky sports a careless haircut with a feathery finish and asymmetric bangs. The elongated pixie is a great idea for girls and women with a few extra pounds. The only condition to observe is you need to have a long neck.

short edgy hairstyle with asymmetric bangs

#9: Super Edgy Blonde Bob

Jennie Garth’s stylish bob is a fabulous combination of choppy locks at the nape and sharply angled face framing streaks. To look its best the cut suggests a lift at the roots and a light messy finish (both are achieved with backcombing), and, certainly, don’t forget about the definition for the ends.

edgy bob hairstyle for fine hair

#10: Short Tapered Choppy Haircut Styled Messily

Halle Berry is a ravishing woman who looks extremely feminine with short hairstyles. In fact, short hair flatters the actress much more than medium-length locks. With choppy haircuts like Halle’s, it’s important to preserve the piecey texture in hairstyles, and the actress copes with the task excellently.

Halle Berry short choppy haircut for thick hair

#11: Sleek Choppy Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Sky Ferreira is blessed with beautiful thick hair. The texture and good condition of her locks let her experiment with sleek hairstyles. The bold red dress and matching color of her lips become the dominant of this look. So, the hairstyle is supposed to be simple. The only frivolity Sky affords is edgy bangs.

sleek bob hairstyle with edgy bangs

#12: A Pixie For Pixie

Pixie Geldof has chosen a short edgy haircut with extravagant bangs which feature a mixture of extra short and long locks. Her bedhead ‘do is probably the most authentic style option for such a cool, bold pixie haircut.

choppy pixie hairstyle

#13: Asymmetric Edgy Hairstyle With Statement Bangs

Kristen Stewart can switch from long wavy locks to a short edgy haircut in no time. Only trying different styles, you can find something that is truly yours. We like this sharp hairstyle and the chic hair color solution. They suit Kristen’s nature and prevent her from looking too plain.

Kristen Stewart short choppy hairstyle

#14: Choppy Bob Styled In Light Waves

Marion Cotillard’s choppy bob looks maximally natural, sweet and French-like. If you have a bob haircut, try to style it A-line with a side parting and subtle waves at the ends. These are shaped with flat irons or a medium-barrel curling iron.

choppy bob hairstyle

#15: Choppy Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Tilda Swinton is an amazing woman. Being blessed with very unusual appearance, she has managed to find her bright personal style and express her individuality through the extravagant looks that often feature unisex outfits and edgy hairstyles. This particular hairstyle is flattering for fine hair thanks to its root volume, contrast of textures and overall edgy feel.

short choppy hairstyle for fine hair

#16: Icy & Fluffy

Thanks to a very fine finish for the ends and blondish hue this look seems so touchingly fluffy. At the same time, the sharp fringy edges and rough texture, intensified with highlights, lets us know that this girl does have a character.

choppy layered haircut

#17: Choppy Bob With Extra Short Bangs

The side tresses, framing the face, are deliberately elongated and paired with extra short asymmetric bangs for a contrast. The texture and contours are also chosen to show the unlikeness: sleek and tousled, distinct and shattered.

choppy bob haircut

#18: Ultra Sharp Bob With Downlights

This bob is remarkable for its fine layering, ending in razor-sharp edges and accentuated with light brown downlights. Well, in whole it’s something pretty eye-catching and extraordinary.

short bob with choppy ends

#19: Wine With Spice

The rich wine hue is, probably, the prevailing, but not the only attraction of this spectacular look. Some wines taste better with spice, and extra thin longer tresses with a flirtatious flair are the spice of this rare wine.

short choppy haircut for women

#20: Honey

This simple short haircut would be honey-sweet if not the asymmetry and on-trend choppy ends. As a result, we are getting a chic slightly negligent look, very appealing for the contemporary casual style.

short choppy boyish haircut

#21: Strawberry Rebel

Here is an awesome cropped strawberry blond bob with downlights and finely chopped edges for an ultra-chic rebellious look.

cropped choppy bob

#22: Rich Flashy Bob

Thick hair provides excellent opportunities for thorough layering in bob haircuts. Rich low layers in this style bring the accent on the fantastic body and blunt edges with a stylish choppy finish.

short choppy haircut for thick hair

#23: Fresh Texturized Bob

The fantastic feathery texture and bright refreshing hair hue are the success of this texturized bob. Additionally it’s featuring jagged ends for the back tresses and playful side-swept bangs.

cute choppy bob haircut

#24: Boyish Hair With A Rough Finish

Short boyish haircuts look interesting on women and girls with very feminine facial features. This short neat cut is also upgraded with swank finely chopped contours.

extra short bob haircut

#25: Cropped Bob With Blunt Slanting Bangs

The current spring is crazy over cropped everything: cropped jumpers, cropped tops, cropped pants, so, why not a cropped bob? This one has the cute fringy bottom line and neat blunt cut bangs on a slant.

short cropped choppy bob

#26: Springtime Upgrades For Your Pixie

That’s a fantastic choppy pixie to try on this spring. The highlighted rough-textured feathery bangs endow the look with a special sexy feel, so in tune with the awakening nature.

short choppy pixie

#27: Lightweight & Lucent

For the warm seasons we all strive to find our perfect cuts with a blend of ease, comfort and style. Here is a wonderful idea of a trendy short haircut for thin hair. With a successful choice of highlights, downlights and a choppy finish, it accommodates all the 3 requirements.

choppy haircut for thin hair

#28: Jazzy Pixie With Asymmetry

How to make your pixie up-to-the-minute? Add some texture all through the chunky ends and fine trimming for the asymmetric bangs. I love this look, do you?

choppy pixie with asymmetric bangs

#29: Mushroom Cut With A Modern Twist

Opposed to the traditional sleek mushroom style, this modern turbulent cut for thick hair features rough texture and choppy fringy edges.

choppy mushroom haircut

#30: Sleek, Silky, Cropped

Flawless silkiness of this eye-catching bob is aptly complemented with cropped blunt-cut bangs and the jagged bottom line. This is a truly head-turning style, indeed.

sleek choppy bob

Choppy haircuts flatter all women. You only need to choose the most suitable length and put the right accents. Girls and women with fine hair, for instance, should opt for short haircuts with a light layering. And thick locks will look great in short-to-medium, medium, and medium-to-long choppy haircuts.

I have been very excited to share with you these sensational ideas for trendy short haircuts. Personally I believe that a woman should always try to look different, interesting and, let’s say, eye-catching, in the best meaning of this word. And the easiest way to achieve that is with a new flattering cut or style. So, for the warm months I suggest you find a couple of fresh stylish looks to bring out the best of your looks and personality.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/09/2015 04:22:00

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