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30 Most Enviable Curly Hairstyles Stylish Girls Are Rocking In 2015

Curly or wavy hair is equally referred to as a blessing and a trouble. Curls do not always settle as you’d like them to, get extremely voluminous or simply stick out whimsically. Does it mean you should make good friends with a flat iron? Well, it’s quite tiresome to struggle with the curly structure of your hair on a daily basis, especially in wet weather. So wouldn’t it be better to look for more convenient, on-trend hairstyles, flattering for your face and suitable for your life style? Here are 30 stylish hairstyles for curly hair you can adopt for your chic looks in 2015.

#1: Spontaneity

This cute hairstyle for curly hair features no definite outlines. It looks light, effortless and very spontaneous as if it’s your natural curls and style.

short curly hairstyle

#2: Merylin’s Locks

These retro locks in Merylin Monroe’s style look awesome and non-trivial because they are timeless. Enhance them with highlights for a modern twist to let everyone know that you are not banally copying the gorgeous diva but demonstrating a stylized hairdo.

medium curly hairstyle for women

#3: Curly Inversion

An inverted bob doesn’t have to be styled strictly straight. Look how charming it can be when weaved. Shattered medium-sized spirals work perfectly for this amazing style.

curly inverted bob

#4: Edgy Waves

Here is a perfect curly version of a trendy “bedhead”. Loose curls and broken lines express some sort of carelessness, slackness and even negligence.

curly tousled hairstyle

#5: Beach-Inspired Bob

We can easily imagine her walking on the beach with refreshing ocean breeze blowing through her hair… That’s the main concept of modern hairstyles: to make them look as natural as possible.

beachy waves hairstyle

#6: Ethereal Bob

Maximum of lightness and serenity with minimal order and accuracy inspire gorgeous lightweight hairstyles like this modern curly bob.

short wavy hairstyle

#7: Flexible Curls

Wow, full head of fantastic springy curls! Some of them are blending into your mane, while others are quite defined. I can feel here the hand of a talented stylist, can you?

hairstyle for curly hair shoulder length

#8: Sunny Apricot

What’s your opinion about ultra loose and slightly messed up curls with an unusual choice of ombre dyes? I guess it strikes with its uncommonness. Besides, it’s a great idea to enhance your locks with a color as optimistic as “sunny apricot”, for instance.

curly hairstyle with ombre

#9: Luscious Mane

Those softly defined locks are flowing like caramel and appear same sweet. This hairstyle is always beneficial for long hair when the roots remain untouched or are just slightly teased.

long curly hairstyle

#10: Unity Of The Opposites

These ultra light waves work rather for texture than volume. Rough texture at the ends and the silky curves shaping the long bangs collaborate fantastically for this truly eye-catching hairstyle.

long hairstyle for wavy hair

#11: Whipped Up

Here, on the contrary, the accent is put on the volume. The foamy mass of blurry curls is concentrated along the sides of the face, which is perfect for oblong or triangular faces.

cute curly haircut

#12: Silk Appeal

This extraordinary polished finish is achieved with a curling iron. Although the idea is not new, the Hollywood-inspired look always remains one of the ultimate ever-classy styles.

long hair with polished locks

#13: Sophisticated Braiding & Curls

Braiding is a popular trend in modern hairstyles. The partial fanciful braiding allows showing gorgeous long curls and setting a glamorous whimsical mood to the entire style.

long hairstyle for blond curly hair

#14: Adorable Red Breezy Tresses

You believe the hands of a stylist have never touched these delightful locks. It’s rather a job of the sea breeze that shaped them into fantastic natural waves and the generous sun that charged them with exquisite brightness.

long red curly hairstyle

#15: Brilliant, Springy, Defined

Coarse puffy hair can be taken under control with asymmetric braiding streaming it to one side and a good moisturizer for the luscious ringlets.

long hairstyle for black curly hair

#16: Serenity

This look breathes with tranquility, appearing 100% natural. Soft loose curls and complete absence of accuracy are its zest and popular contemporary tendencies.

curly hairstyle for women

#17: Distinct Feminine Waves

There’s no more opportune way to create a feminine look than resorting to soft distinct waves. This wavy hairstyle appears both natural and classy and it’s an absolute success of this look in my humble opinion.

long wavy hairstyle

#18: Vintage Ringlets

The fanciful vintage waves, flourishing into springy polished ringlets, will engross everyone’s attention wherever you go. This hairstyle is a fantastic idea for wedding or a similar thrilling occasion.

vintage curly hairstyle

#19: Frilly Bob

Do you still believe that a bob can be only sleek? Come on, you can give it a fantastic weave like this and look awesome! Although curls commonly ruin accuracy, asymmetric precision is successfully preserved in the given example.

curly hairstyle medium length

#20: Light, Breathable, Natural

This trendy careless weave lightens up thick hair, letting it breathe and feel free even on the red carpet. You are welcome to adopt the idea for your fresh spring looks.

medium haircut with loose curls

#21: Tousled Bronde

It looks like wind was playing with her hair: swept bangs to one side, disheveled the curls and even blurred the parting line. And the effect is stunning, as you can judge yourself.

curly hairstyle for thick hair

#22: Fanciful Mix

Fancy forehead French braiding and whipped up curls are a great idea of a sophisticated hairstyle for curly gals or those of us who do not mind a nice weave once in a while.

messy curly hairstyle with braiding

#23: Your Hair Is Screaming With Delight

Thick black hair shaped into large indistinct curls looks fantastic, even if it’s short. It endows your style with a truly glamorous texture.

short curly hairstyle for prom

#24: Chic Side Fishtail

A swank fishtail with a sloppy twist is totally in the spirit of hair trends 2015. Consider this hairstyle for prom, a party or everyday wear.

fishtail hairstyle

#25: Girly Or Boyish?

A simple short boyish haircut is turned into a romantic girly style with soft tousled curls which is a way to look trendy this spring with a short haircut for curly hair.

short curly boyish hairstyle

#26: Fluttering Curls

These glorious curls are so special because of the chosen direction and voguish shuttered contours. As a result, you look feminine, modern but not sugary-sweet.

short curly hairstyles

#27: You Are One Of A Kind

Messy curly tresses styled off the face create a mind-blowing look, featuring asymmetry and a sort of bedhead style with complete fullness and fantastic body.

hairstyle for short curly hair

#28: Bob With Very Subtle Curls

One tricky feature about a bob haircut is that with extra volume it can acquire a dreaded triangular shape. This hairstyle is rocking very subtle curls, adding practically no undesired volume at all.

short wavy bob

#29: Lacy Mane

Modern curls are extremely light and natural-looking. These are also beneficially enhanced with random chocolate highlights, revitalizing this gorgeous airy hairstyle.

medium curly hair

#30: Chocolate Delight

Here the rich curls are forwarded on the face, framing it in a flirty manner. The rounded shape of this classy hairstyle in tandem with the broken curls and edgy contours look pretty harmonious and up-to-the-minute.

summer hairstyle for curly hair

Well, that’s how you can rock your curly styles in 2015. If you are willing to try something new, make sure you will go to a professional stylist. Hair will grow back anyway, but it’s extremely important that you are happy with your cut and style right away, because we know: it’s going to make your day/week/month brighter.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/11/2015 08:32:00

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