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15 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hairstyles For All Lengths

Untamed tousled hairstyles always seem so irresistibly charming and effortless that you simply can’t turn down their overwhelming appeal. There’s something extremely sexy and free of any constraint in tousled ‘dos, whether it’s an updo style, boyish pixie with sticking out feathers or fun loose curls. A messy style looks great on any length and type of hair – short or long, straight or curly, thick and flexible or fine and wispy. With the right approach you can create so many gorgeous and versatile looks with messy hair. Let some of them be stylish and extravagant, while others can remain on a more romantic side. Here are 15 ideas of envy-worthy hairstyles with messed up locks for short, medium-length and long hair.

#1: This Is A Formal Mess!

Angelina Jolie looks very elegant, fresh and non-trivial with this simple messy updo. Paying tribute to the formal style, sweep your tresses neatly back and then just let them go a little wild until you inconspicuously tuck in the ends.

formal messy updo hairstyle

#2: Where Can A Waterfall Lead To?

An awesome waterfall braid wrapped around your crown should have an interesting ending that will become its focal point, such as this superb messy knot with an entirely shattered structure.

braided updo with a messy knot

#3: Wind-Caressed

A touch of human hands to this gorgeous hairstyle is completely intangible. You believe the tresses, framing her face, were swept back by some stronger wind gusts and the back wispy ends were just caressed through with a gentle sea breeze.

messy windswept updo hairstyle

#4: Rough & Straightforward

A whirl of rough locks, piled on your crown and forwarded boldly ahead, is a fantastic idea of a dazzling hairstyle for a party or any other occasion where you need to sport a distinct look.

messy textured updo

#5: Shapely Maze

Although it looks pretty nonchalant, you perceive there’s a certain idea behind this mess. It’s a very feminine look, featuring flowing graceful lines and fantastic inconsistent texture.

messy low bun hairstyle

#6: Eccentric Bun

Prefer sticking to classic time-tested updos, such as buns? Give your favorite high bun a trendy modern twist with a fun messy note and thin accent headband: minor details often make a big difference.

messy high bun

#7: Delightful Messy Curls

Long messy curls with a distinct chaotic texture amaze with their ingenuousness and singularity. Make the center parting blurred to enhance the effect of the wind-tangled mane.

long messy curls

#8: Multi-Textured

This chic short hairstyle is neat and sleek beneath but curly and messy on top. Who knew that a union of spikes and curls could create such an awesome combo?

short messy hairstyle

#9: French Twist With A Beadhead Touch

The French twist updo with randomly pulled out strands seems so sexy and unhackneyed. It looks like you were too lazy to undo your hair last night and, well, this is exactly the impression you should pursue with modern messy updos.

messy french bun with a twist

#10: Sexy Chick

Fun, cheeky, moving, sexy – this hairstyle embraces so many associations that you can’t forget it so easily. But it can be effortlessly recreated on straight short hair cut in layers.

short messy hairstyle

#11: Edgy Bob

This challenging bob is going to speak about you more capaciously than any words. The fantastic shattered texture can be easily achieved with backcombing and a volumizing hair spray.

messy bob hairstyle

#12: Superb Beach Look

Cropped bombshell waves work excellent for curly bobs. If you additionally tousle them, enhance their structure and add some sun-kissed highlights, you’ll get this absolutely stunning messy beach look to rock anywhere from office to the red carpet.

messy wavy hairstyle

#13: Snazzy Messy Waves

We are used to Sarah Jessica Parker’s waves, but these are definitely adorable! Messed up, fuzzed and highlighted strategically on the sides, they literally dazzle with their extraordinary beauty and super flattering power.

curly messy hairstyle with highlights

#14: Loopy Bun

Phew! Finally you can step aside from elaborately sleeked high buns and knots. This one looks much livelier and present-day. Make it messy: the more loops the better.

cute messy bun hairstyle

#15: Dramatic Retro Curls

These awesome centre-parted retro locks are exceptional due to their seamless transitions of textures: straight at the roots, distinct zigzagged for the middle section and blurred into a soft fuzz at the ends.

messy curls retro hairstyle

Getting every hair in its place can be pretty boring especially when you strive to avoid morning rush. Thanks God, nonchalant chic is not going to be out of fashion in the near future, so why not to incorporate a few of these great messy styles into your chic spring and summer looks?

Jennifer Short
By Jennifer Short 05/12/2015 07:07:00

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