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50 Savory Looks With Caramel Highlights You’ll Love To Treat Yourself With

Delicious hues, such as caramel, are incredibly enticing, which makes them an excellent choice for highlights, downlights and dip dyes. Luckily, this sweet palette embraces a wide array of hues from neutral/cool beiges and soft creamy tones to rich tangerine and dark brown sugars.

Literally any basic hair color may adopt a pop of caramel. Besides, you can vary the saturation of your highlights, going very tender and subtle or, vice versa, vivid and distinct. Even if for now it’s hard to imagine what kind of gourmet treatment you’d like for your locks, you are going to have a better idea about caramel hair inspiration after you look through the following engaging examples. Here is a gallery of 20 best “caramelized” looks: welcome!

#1: Sunny Glints

One of Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio looks gorgeous with her long layered locks teased by caramel highlights. Could it be that they naturally faded under the brightest Brazilian sun, when Alessandra was basking on the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro?:)

medium brown hair with caramel highlights

#2: Sophisticated Caramel Highlights For Blonde Hair

The secret of Madonna’s sophisticated hair color is in the exquisite blend of warm and cool shades. The tones of sand, white linen, caramel and cinnamon mingle harmoniously into the refined blonde hair color.

Madonna caramel highlights for blonde hair

#3: Caramel Highlights For Brunettes

Bright brunettes like Mila Kunis are often challenged with a dilemma. On one hand, they are quite happy with their rich dark hair hue, and, on the other hand, they often wish to add a new fresh note to their looks. In this case, caramel highlights which do not change your hair color drastically, but enrich it with new hues, can become an excellent solution. Check Mila’s dynamic hair color with the inclusion of nutmeg tones, harmonizing with her beautiful hazel eyes.

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

#4: Caramel Highlights For Golden Blonde Locks

Blake Lively, same as her character from the Gossip Girl series, are often referred to as gilded youth. Blake’s highlights, by the way, also feature 3 main tones of gold – white, yellow and red.

blonde hair with caramel highlights

#5: Caramel Highlights & Spiral Perm

Mariah Carey’s highlighted spirals are, undeniably, a lovely sight. You should keep in mind, however, that combining perm with highlights, you let your hair undergo double stress. Usage of hair care products for deep moisturizing is a must in this case.

medium brown hair with caramel highlights

#6: Caramel Highlights With Admixture Of Rosewood Tones

Monochromatic brown hair color may sometimes look monotonic and a bit boring. Diversify it with caramel and rosewood highlights which include rosy brown, light cognac and chocolate notes. The caramel highlights with rosewood tones work awesome for Angelina Jolie’s medium brown locks.

Angelina Jolie caramel highlights

#7: Caramel Highlights For Blonde Hair

Caramel highlights on the blonde base let us achieve the irresistible bronde hair color which has become a passion of so many Hollywood divas. If you want to warm up your blonde with some light brownish tones, Nancy O’Dell’s locks are a worthy example to follow.

long blonde hair with caramel highlights

#8: Dark Cinnamon Streaks For Brunettes

Nina Dobrev could easily win “The Best Hollywood’s Locks” award. Her hair looks groomed and healthy under any circumstances. However, even if your locks are naturally beautiful, they also can benefit from added color accents. The cinnamon streaks a few tones lighter than Nina’s dark brown base enliven her hair color fabulously.

brunnette with caramel highlights

#9: Beauty Transformation For The Star Of “Transformers”

Nicola Peltz, the young actress who starred as Tessa in “Transformers: Age Of Extinction”, also picks up the caramel highlights trend. Being brown-haired from nature, Nicola opts to transform into a blonde with deep dark roots. The blend of wheat, honey and rich brown tones creates this lovely unhackneyed blonde hair color, extremely flattering for Nicola’s appearance.

blonde hair with subtle caramel highlights

#10: Caramel Highlights With A Radiance Effect

Sienna Miller’s locks do not just shine, they overflow with breathtaking radiance. This effect can be achieved with a mix of cream, honey and ginger hues which accentuates Sienna’s golden tan. The roots should be darkened to match the tone of your eye-brows.

blonde layered hair with caramel highlights

#11: Colorful Highlights

Leslie Mann’s highlights involve at least 4 warm shades, which in spite of being distributed evenly through Leslie’s mane, do not blend completely, offering the effect of color blocking.

caramel highlights of light brown base

#12: Caramel & Nougat Streams

The slinky sweet spurts of caramel, Irish cream and dark nougat are streaming down sweepingly to shape this fantastic long hairstyle, remarkable for its envious length and zestful colorist solution.

caramel highlights for medium brown hair

#13: Chocolate Waves With Tangerine Highlights

These fabulous ombre highlights are fused smoothly into the gorgeous chocolate waves. The tangerine accentual streaks bind chocolate and caramel tresses into a harmonious whole.

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

#14: Rattling Mix

Black and dark caramel appear to be highly contrasting, and that’s the pepper of this expressive braided hairstyle. The hues do not melt in each other, but intertwine quite agreeably.

black hair with dark caramel highlights

#15: Confident Caramel Strokes

Less strategy and precision, but more whim and mood may lead to an admirable natural-looking style like this. Very soft yet quite distinct highlights light up Penelope’s beautiful skin miraculously.

caramel highlights in brown hair

#16: Tangy Mix Of Hues

Shying away from boring hair? No problem, opt for a mix of blonde, caramel and cinnamon to get the mane that turns heads, whether you are wearing a stylish hat or not.

blonde hair with caramel highlights

#17: Straw Tresses With Caramel Strands

Wheat and straw locks are originally charming, but they will win a hundred points more if honeyed or caramelized. Ah…who doesn’t have a sweet tooth these days?

straight brown hair with caramel highlights

#18: Soft Glowing Tawny

Modern coloristic solutions are more on the natural, refined and polished side. Here is a vivid example of the localized tawny highlights, gracing the outlines of this exquisite hairstyle.

caramel highlights with chocolate wavy hairstyle

#19: Copper-Grazed

And now welcome a very fun and spontaneous style. It looks as if it was incidentally touched with a copper dye here and there in the last minute – an excellent idea of an effortless chic look!

dark brown hair with random caramel highlights

#20: Superb Caramel Teasing

This ravishing peek-a-boo is teased with a rich cantaloupe tone through the front tresses that casts a fantastic warm sheen on the face and makes her skin literally glow with health from within.

caramel ombre highlights

#21: Titian Babe

The tanned skin is blossoming with this flush titian hue for the ends. Besides, it’s highly complimentary for all the brown and some blonde tones.

cute caramel highlights for chocolate hair

#22: Aureate Brown With A Caramel Touch

Treat your long aureate brown locks with a subtle caramel touch, accentuating their shine, added movement and your even exquisite tan.

warm toned brown hair with caramel highlights

#23: Cool Dainty Caramel Ribbons

Although caramel is commonly associated with warm rich hues, there are also its cooler tones, reminding peach blossom. These are especially flattering for the girls with cool skin undertones.

cool caramel highlights in brown hair

#24: Vague Strawberry Allusions

Adding some icy notes to your caramel strands ends up with this fantastic light clean shade, slightly reminiscent of strawberry blonde that blends marvelously with the light brown base.

caramel highlights for light brown wavy hair

#25: Caramel Ricochet

Having hit her in the bangs, the dye bullet ricocheted all the way through the gorgeous layers, framing her face. These blurred highlights are exceptionally charming!

caramel highlights for front locks

#26: Brown & Caramel Zebra

The defined stripes with distinct borders and a fabulous combo of tones are the major appeal of this brilliant look, while its silky finish adds up to the general staggering impression.

distinct caramel highlights for dark brown hair

#27: Yummy Ends

Black-into-caramel ombre perfectly softens the dramatic image of raven-heads and renders a pop of warmth to highly contrasting and often cool-toned looks.

caramel ombre for black hair

#28: Tongues Of Fire

These tangerine ombre highlights are, on the contrary, more reminiscent of the spreading up flame tongues. So, they will append a dramatic twist even to the simplest long hairstyles for straight hair.

dark brown hair with caramel ends

#29: Caramelized Orange

Clean and pure orange ribbons for the ends will look more elegant if dipped into melted sugars, figuratively speaking, of course. Brownish orange is an awesome ombre solution for medium brown hair.

long brown hair with cute caramel highlights

#30: Milk Caramel Feathers

Lighter caramel tones, as if diluted with milk, communicate your look an extra soft dove-like touch that makes any girl appear irresistible. And let them develop some contrast with the base for a stronger effect.

soft caramel highlights on dark hair base

#31: Chocolate&Caramel Swirls

Here are heavenly chocolate swirls with caramel filling in the best traditions of the most popular chocolate bars for an elegant and savory look of ever-gorgeous Rihanna.

rihanna caramel highlights

Caramel Highlights For Medium Hair

#32: Caramel Highlights As A Volume Boost For Fine Hair

The perfect beauty of Diane Kruger has only one little drawback – fine weak hair. Alas, the professional need of frequent dyeing procedures doesn’t add Diane’s locks the desired health and volume. If you have to deal with similar problems, a good solution can be to have your hair cut for the shoulder-skimming length. Plus, add caramel highlights to your natural base, which is going to boost the volume of your locks and intensify your natural hair color.

Diane Kruger caramel highlights

#33: Play Of Colors In Caramel Highlights

The awesome honey bronde of Ashley Greene looks gorgeous on her ideally straight medium length tresses. Thanks to the introduced highlights, Ashley’s rich hair color is getting even more sophisticated. The smooth transition of tones is a sign of a high quality dyeing job.

medium brown hair with caramel highlights

#34: Caramel Highlights In Heavenly Waves

Caramel highlights look divine not only in hairstyles for straight hair where you flat iron your locks, but also in somewhat romantic wavy and curly ‘dos. The light glints will make your waves more prominent. Check this beautiful look from Jessica Biel for inspiration.

wavy hairstyle with caramel highlights

#35: Brown Into Blonde Through Caramel Highlights

This photo captures Jennifer Aniston’s attempt to switch from long blonde hair to the medium length and refresh her look in whole. The actress has opted for a long bob with layered face-framing locks. The lovely highlights have turned Jennifer into a gorgeous blonde.

Jennifer  Anniston caramel highlights

#36: From Casual Looks To Hairstyles For Special Occasions

Jenna Elfman’s hairstyle seems quite casual at first sight. However, the right accessories can do miracles, i.e. turn a casual styling into a hairdo for a special occasion. Check how harmoniously the shape of Jenna’s hairstyle and her bronze-gold highlights match her chic necklace.

short hair with caramel highlights

#37: Caramel Highlights With Platinum Pink Accents

January Jones, the star of the “Mad Men” series is a natural blonde, and she looks awesome within the palette, involving her natural color and the adjacent hues. This time her colorist has enriched January’s blonde with a deeper and darker tone at the roots and added a couple of platinum pink strands to introduce an exotic touch into the actress’s look.

caramel and light pink highlights for blonde hair

#38: Subtle Caramel Highlights: Back To Nature

British it-girl Alexa Chung is famous for her pursuit of naturalness. She often wears “bedhead” hairstyle varieties with bangs which work wonderful for her medium long thick brown hair. Alexa’s highlights solution appears maximally natural likewise.

Alexa Chung caramel highlights

#39: Caramel Highlights Inspired By Hollywood’s Golden Age

Jennie Garth, the gorgeous platinum blonde with alabaster skin, scarlet lips and hair, styled in cold waves, looks irresistible. Here Jennie’s stylist, certainly, quotes the classics of Hollywood’s golden age. And caramel highlights are a modern quirk to associate Jennie’s image with the present day.

blonde hair with caramel highlights

#40: Perfect Caramel Highlights For Brown Hair

This charming hairstyle from Keri Russell was actively recited by numerous fashion blogs. So, what’s special about it? A chin-length haircut, a light lift at the roots, soft curls, enlivened by highlights… I believe the secret of its success is in the smooth transitions from one hue to another.

brown hair with highlights

#41: A La Britney Caramel Highlights

Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn often mimics her older sister’s looks, as it often happens in families. Jamie Lynn’s success in show business is so far rather modest, but she has managed to copy Britney’s favorite hairstyle, the blonde mane with the darkened “reverse side”, quite successfully.

balayage caramel highlights

Caramel Highlights For Short Hair

#42: Ash & Platinum Highlights As An Alternative Of Caramel Streaks For Blondes

Cameron Diaz appearance belongs to the cool color type, therefore, any warm hues around her face reveal all possible skin imperfections on Cameron’s face. But as soon as the actress resorts to a cool palette, she looks irresistible. So, we have singled out an excellent alternative for caramel highlights in blondes with cool skin tones. Highlights with the alternating ash and platinum hues are a worthy choice.

Cameron Diaz ash and platinum highlights

#43: Caramel Highlights For Added Dynamics In Short Haircuts

Here is Evan Rachel Wood’s original pixie hairstyle for fine hair, vaguely reminiscent of Mohawk. The actress’s top and side locks are teased with light caramel highlights and slightly backcombed to boost the volume and dimension of her chic short hairstyle.

short hair with caramel highlights

#44: Caramel Highlights in Reddish Brown Tones

The locks of Oprah Winfrey’s closest friend, actress Gayle King are dyed into the sweet caramel and brown sugar hues, complimenting each other. If you choose a hair color like this, you should remember that copper and red tones wash out and loose the depth of color much faster than other hair hues. Luckily, hair care products for color retention help to slow down this process.

chestnut hair with caramel highlights

#45: Caramel Highlights For Older Women

Elegant age is not an excuse to ignore fashion trends. As we see, 76-year old Jane Fonda is also a fan of light caramel highlights. Her short layered haircut, styled into flicks, looks particularly charming thanks to the intense light glints. The concentration of highlights around Jane’s face makes her look younger and fresher.

Jane Fonda highlights

#46: Contrasting Caramel Highlights

Robin Wright (Kelly Capwell from Santa Barbara) doesn’t rock her long blonde locks anymore. Now it’s a simple short haircut. Besides, the actress doesn’t recognize any sophisticated hairstyles, but welcomes unusual varieties of highlights. The ends of Robin’s short tresses are dyed into the light blondes, while her roots are darkened almost to black to enhance the contrast of hues.

blonde hair with dark roots

#47: Extravagant Caramel Highlights

Commonly, caramel highlights suggest the usage of natural hues. But Katy Perry often shies away from everything natural and ordinary, considering that boring. Her edgy bob is dyed into variable pinkish hues from the warm light coral throughout the length to the cool magenta near the roots.

Katy Perry light pink and caramel highlights

#48: Caramel Feathers

Today a monochromatic hair color is often considered to be too flat, lacking depth and volume. Caramel highlights solve this problem. Lisa Rinna’s style is a good example. The deep chestnut tones are refreshed with copper and amber notes.

Lisa Rinna caramel highlights

#49: Caramel Highlights From The Style Icon

Anna Wintour has been wearing her legendary chin-length bob for a few decades. The shape of Anna’s hairstyle remains invariable through years, but she lets herself experiment with hair color solutions. Subtle caramel highlights are one of them. You can try them too, even if you are pretty conservative about everything that relates to new hair colors and hair styles.

Anna Wintour caramel highlights

#50: Caramel Highlights From The Former First Lady

Same as celebrities and fashion trendsetters, politicians have to keep up with the times. Fully realizing this fact, Hillary Clinton opts for caramel highlights to refresh her classic short haircut. Did you also notice that Hillary tends to look better and better with every new year?

short brown blonde hair with highlights

Warmth, brilliance, nice dimension, sensuality and spice for your base hair color are those promising benefits you may count on with delicious caramel shades. Hurry up to breathe in some passion into your lovely locks!

Amelia Walker
By Amelia Walker 05/17/2015 08:33:00

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