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35 Most Magnetizing Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

Women with thick curly hair often complain that their curls are difficult to style and resort to flat ironing as the only salvation from disobedient curls. But why not to use the special qualities of your hair structure to your own benefit? You only need to choose the right haircut, and your curls are going to look superb!

short curly hairstyle for thick hair

#1: Bold Waves For Short Hair

Curly hair looks excellent in short prom hairstyles. You need just to texture your locks so that they don’t stick out randomly. Charlize Theron’s short haircut flatters her unbelievably. You may follow Charlize’s example and scrunch your wet hair with a curl enhancer. As soon as the product is applied, blow dry your curls away from your face. You may want to apply a bit of hair spray to keep those cute top curls, swept back.

long hairstyle for thick curly hair

#2: Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Thick Curly Hair

Actually, thick curly hair makes your life a lot easier when it reaches a medium-to-long length. And you begin to understand that when it comes to styling of an evening hairstyle. While girls with poker-straight tresses are working with curling irons or (oh, my God!) sleep on hair rollers, Kerry Washington just effortlessly pins her front locks at the back of her head. Easy-breezy!

messy updo hairstyle for thick curly hair

#3: Messy Milkmaid Braid

Long curly hair is a windfall for messy braided hairstyles. Vanessa Hudgens left shorter locks hanging loose around her face and made a sloppy braid from the remaining tresses. Thanks to the trendy ombre solution the braid is additionally set off by the darker hair tone. By the way, latest hair trends encourage you to play with new hair color solutions.

long curly hairstyle for thick hair

#4: Thick Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

Beyonce’s hairstyle in this picture is reminiscent of the lush looks from the 60’s. It’s obvious that the generous bouffant, that starts right after the long bangs, gives this retro feel. If you want to achieve the effect cascading curls, use styling products that preserve the shattered texture of movable locks. Isn’t this image inspiring?

updo for medium thick curly hair

#5: Knotted Updo Hairstyle For Curly Thick Hair

Gorgeous Nina Dobrev appeared at the People’s Choice Awards gala with an intricate updo. The lovely braiding that passes through the middle part of her hairstyle consists of twists and looks fairly fancy to arouse our interest. The hairstyle suggests medium-length curly hair.

short hairstyle for natural hair

#6: Rounded Thick Curly Haircut For Natural Hair

Solange Knowles mentioned not once that she was proud to wear her hair natural. The haircut brings out the lovely kinky texture and communicates the most flattering shape to Solange’s thick curls. Many celebrities with natural hair get it relaxed, but Solange has made it a part of her signature style. Bravo!

long bob haircut for long curly hair

#7: A-Line Medium Haircut For Thick Curly Hair

Salma Hayek looks fabulous in this fitted leopard dress of an alternative coloring. But her hairstyle doesn’t yield to her outfit at all. Smoothing serum is a real salvation for dry porous hair with a tendency to a curl. This product can turn a simple shoulder-length haircut for thick curly hair into a gorgeous hairstyle in no time.

layered haircut for long thick curly hair

#8: Long Layered Haircut For Thick Curly Hair

Girls with thick curly hair never deal with the lack of volume, but if you want to turn your hair into a real mane of a lioness, follow Anna Lynne McCord’s example. Her layered long haircut looks breathtaking! Get in touch with a trusted stylist, and he or she will turn you into a baby-doll!

pixie haircut for thick curly hair

#9: Short Haircut For Thick Curly Hair – Trendy Pixie

The 2015 short hair trend is, certainly, affordable for girls and women with thick curly hair. But will you dare chop your gorgeous locks short? Some women really look better with short haircuts than with medium or long hair, and Halle Berry is one of them. Do not leave the bangs too long, or you’ll have to straighten them all the time. The most stylish variant to wear your pixie is the defined spikes like in this picture.

bob haircut for curly hair

#10: Cool Bob For Wavy Hair

If your hair is rather wavy than curly, a bob haircut is a nice solution. The main secret is a deep side parting and angled edges. You may style your bob with a retro twist, like Taylor Swift often does, flat iron it or try a curly loose updo for medium-length hair.

blonde wavy bob hairstyle

#11: Shaggy Wavy Bob

Medium-length bob haircut for wavy hair doesn’t suggest long and exhausting styling. You will be able to air dry your locks after washing, texturizing them with mousse, while they are still damp. Think of updating your haircut with highlights which accentuate texture and add dimension to your thick locks.

curly bob hairstyle for thick hair

#12: Bouncy Curls

This hairstyle has become classics and won hearts of both teen-age girls and adult ladies. The bouncy curls are universally flattering for practically all face shapes, except for very broad faces which should avoid excessive volume on the sides. You can finally forget about flat ironing! The bouncy curls are extremely appealing and feminine.

shaggy bob hairstyle for wavy hair

#13: Short Shaggy Parting-Free Bob With Elongated Bangs

This trendy hairstyle is a real gift for girls with sharp cheek-bones and high prominent forehead. It will beneficially round your facial features. The absence of parting let you reveal your fantasy in styling and save precious time.

wavy vintage bob hairstyle

#14: Cold Waves For Your Bob Haircut

This flawless ‘do with a retro flair is a popular hairstyle idea for a special occasion, such as wedding, prom or a theme party. An evening floor-length gown is an ideal match for this look. Without special styling skills, it would be hard to achieve the perfection of the cold waves you see in the photo. So, you’d better pin this photo and take it with you to a salon to entrust the implementation of the idea to a professional.

A-line curly bob

#15: Short Curly Bob With A Messy Touch

This hairstyle lets you effortlessly create a look of a sassy girl. I can easily picture her riding a motorcycle or at least a scooter. This hairstyle, nevertheless, remains fairly feminine and will look awesome if paired with a short dress and ankle boots.

wavy voluminous bob hairstyle

#16: Short Asymmetric Bob For Wavy Hair

Here’s a sensational hairstyle that features a blend of tenderness, sex appeal and rebellious spirit. The long flowing bangs demand from you some proficiency, but the result will exceed all expectations!

curly hairstyle for stacked bob

#17: Natural Curls

A stacked bob will accentuate all the advantages of your thick wavy hair – its naturalness, energy and crisp texture. You are going to feel comfortable and at ease while attracting admiring men’s glances. The styling of this look suggests usage of mousse or other styling product for curly hair.

short curly hairstyle for thick hair

#18: Short Pixie With Elongated Bangs

This haircut saves your time and opens space for your fantasy, because it features no parting. The long bangs can be styled traditionally or combed back. The choice of outfit to compliment this ‘do won’t restrict you: it’s going to look fabulous with a cocktail dress and a strict pantsuit.

short hairstyle for thick wavy hair

#19: Ultra-Short Messy Hairstyle Without Any Parting

Here is an appropriate hairstyle choice for every day. The short sassy ‘do flatters girls with long faces. It reveals your ears delicately and helps to accentuate your beautiful cheek-bones. Feel free to pair it with earrings or other eye-catching accessories.

pixie hairstyle with log curly bangs

#20: Pixie With Curly Bangs

This hairstyle is a gift for girls with thick disobedient curly hair. You are going to look bright and extravagant, and you won’t have to waste time on fruitless attempts to straighten your curls. Simply blow dry your long bangs away from the face and let them settle naturally. Adding a bit of styling product provides extra fixation.

curly bob for thick hair

#21: Lightweight Waves

This tender and a bit naïve hairstyle suits young and romantic girls. The ease of styling and the excellent look are its main advantages. With the adorable lightweight waves you will feel like a character of French movies, regardless of where you live!

curly bob hairstyle with bangs

#22: Curly Lob With Straight Horizontal Bangs

This hairstyle flatters the faces with prominent forehead and high cheekbones. Light mousse will help you to texturize the beautiful waves on the sides. And the straight bangs are styled with a round brush and a blow dryer or a flat iron. Sounds a bit complicated? But this lovely hairstyle is definitely worth all your efforts.

shoulder-grazing bob for curly hair

#23: Gorgeous Bob With Off-Centered Parting For Thick Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is special for its natural spontaneous look, enhanced by the off-centered parting. Rocking the cropped mane of thick waves, styled in soft feminine lines, you will feel comfortable and appropriate in any setting from office to a concert of your favorite band.

red pixie hairstyle

#24: Messy Pixie

We are already used to medium-length messy hairstyles for thick hair, but what if you want to embrace the trend and try a messy ‘do for your short locks? It’s going to look great. This chic hairstyle suits active girls. The soft copper hue will enhance the color of blue or grey eyes. Use color-retaining shampoo, apply some texturizing product and let your hair air dry.

retro hairstyle for thick hair

#25: 20’s-Inspired Finger Waves

The popularity of “The Great Gatsby” drama film and the aesthetics of the 20’s in whole determined the comeback of sleek glamorous hairstyles, inspired by the glorious decade in the beginning of the previous century. Girls, finger waves are on again!

short bob for thick curly hair

#26: Wavy Bob With Voluminous Textured Waves

This gorgeous feminine hairstyle will be equally flattering for seductive blondes and mysterious brunettes. You will need to style your waves with a strong hold styling product to support the volume and shape during your day.

short layered haircut for thick wavy hair

#27: Layered Wavy Hairstyle With Cropped Bangs

Layered haircuts are often the optimal solution for thick wavy hair. You can style your waves with mousse, applied to damp hair, and wear them in shaggy downdos or make a simple pony when you are short on time. The lovely cropped bangs, veiling your forehead, can become a cute accent to complete the look.

shaggy hairstyle for short wavy hair

#28: Shaggy & Edgy

The sharply angled layers of this haircut, styled shaggy, create a fabulous texture. This hairstyle remains popular among the beautiful representatives of creative professions. Luckily, it doesn’t suggest any complicated styling procedures and can be styled without a blow dryer.

wavy bob without bangs

#29: A-Line Shaggy Bob

A-line silhouette of this hairstyle and its texture are universally flattering, as they suit all face shapes, despite the fact that the centre parting is not recommended for broad faces. Besides, you can pair this ‘do with any type of outfit and wear it, looking invariably stylish.

bob for thick curly hair with highlights

#30: Cropped Waves With Off-Centered Parting

Thick wavy hair texture looks interesting in short lengths. A hairstyle like this is going to accentuate your chin and neckline. You’ll need to apply mousse to maintain the volume and enhance the lovely pattern of your curls.

long messy wavy bob for thick hair

#31: Long Choppy Bob

Long A-line bob on wavy hair is a beautiful sight. Choppy ends and cute irregular waves create 100% natural spontaneous look, you’ll love. The blurred side parting contributes to the overall messy finish that makes this style irresistibly magnetizing, thanks to its effortless on-trend style.

medium wavy bob for thick hair

#32: Medium-Length Soft Wavy Bob

Neat platinum waves all through the length cover twisted bangs with their soft curves. No roughness, no choppiness, but a fantastic feminine texture and heavenly lightness reflected in every lock. Natural volume of thick hair is enhanced with darker roots… a perfect hairstyle with a romantic tint.

stacked wavy bob thick hair

#33: Stacked Bob With Light Wave

Although it has a very distinct texture and jagged outlines, this bob leaves an impression of a very soft feminine style thanks to very light natural waves, accentuated with bold pale blonde highlights for a superb dimensional effect. Pair it with side-swept asymmetric bangs.

vintage updo for thick wavy hair

#34: Awesome Vintage Updo

Thick wavy hair is ideal for voluminous vintage updos with a modern messy touch. You can always add an occasional curl to your wavy mane to enhance a vintage feel. Other than that this updo is very simple to implement, lifting your locks up and fixing them together with bobby pins. Only make sure that it’s loose and a little bit messy.

wedding curly hairstyle for thick hair

#35: Gorgeous Bridal Bouffant Style

Wow, so simple and so unbelievably perfect! Well, you’ll need to pay special attention to the flawless curls and shape an ideal bouffant, leaving a few locks out to frame the face. No hassle or mess here, only femininity and softness of lines with a silky finish for divine blond locks.

Ok, there are a couple of worthy go-to options with thick wavy hairstyles, depending on its length. Remember that messed up and carefree styles are on trend, so don’t be in a hurry to sleek your luxurious tresses to make them lay flatter.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/11/2015 16:58:00

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