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25 Updos For Thin Hair That Score Maximum Style Point

Can you style some nice updos if your hair is fine? Why not. The following super sharp looks do not require exceptional hair thickness or extraordinary density. Adding some volume at the roots and practicing a little, you will be able to recreate some of them effortlessly, while others may require more advanced skills. Anyway, preparing for a special occasion, you can always show a picture of your dream updo to a good stylist. Hope you’ll find it here.


sleek bun hairstyle

#1: Elegant Bun For Every Day

The silky shine of this bun is achieved thanks to styling oil, such as Moroccan Infusion styling oil. It doesn’t only make your locks silky and obedient, but also strengthens them. Apply some oil to your damp hair from mid-shaft towards the tips, using a comb. But be careful not to overdo, as you do not need your hair to look too greasy. Next, make a pony at the nape and wrap a bun around its base. Fix the bun with bobby pins and hair spray to prevent random streaks falling out of your elegant updo. This hairstyle is a perfect option for your working day.

loose low updo for thin hair

#2: Romantic Date-Night Updo

This a bit messy, but, at the same time, refined updo is a good idea for a romantic date. To duplicate the look, you need to shape large curls with a curling iron or a flat iron and fix them at the nape with a shift to one side. Leave a couple of playful locks hanging freely along the side of your face. They are going to add a note of innocent charm to your look.

low asymmetric upso

#3: Formal Knot

Natalie Portman demonstrates us a nice example of a classy formal knot for a special occasion. Its major attraction is the ingenious asymmetric solution: the low knot is shifted to one side, and the forehead-framing lock, that performs the function of bangs, balances the hairstyle, putting an accent on the other side.

updo hairstyle with a headband

#4: Low Bun With A Chic Headband

A romantic bun in a duet with a stylish headband is the best hairstyle idea for a visit to the theatre or a night out with friends. An unusual headband with feathers or strasses will compliment your updo, accentuating the bouffant, that is welcomed in evening looks. This type of hairstyle is also an ideal match for tender feminine looks.

bun hairstyle for thin hair

#5: Voluminous Red-Carpet Bun

Paris Hilton, who has rather fine hair structure, manages to create (not without help of renowned celebrity stylists) some really posh looks in the best traditions of the Hollywood’s Golden Age. This hairstyle will ideally fit into your evening looks. Paris Hilton’s voluminous bun is styled effortlessly with the help of a sophist-o-twist bun maker. To make your hairstyle look more voluminous and natural, like Paris Hilton’s bun, pull 5-6 thin strands out of your bun with a rat tail comb and wrap them around the base of your ponytail.

low knot hairstyle for fine hair

#6: Low Knot For A Round Face

Leighton Meester, the star of the “Gossip Girl” series has a round face and the hair structure that shapes light waves naturally. Taking advantage of what was given to her by nature, Leighton has decided on this lovely low updo. If you have the same hair type, you can use curl-enhancing mousse to shape those cute loose waves. Make a loose knot at the nape and leave some front locks along the sides of your face, creating the A-line silhouette of your hairstyle, so flattering for round faces.

Cameron Diaz updo

#7: Bird’s Nest Bun

A high messy bun, reminding a bird’s nest, is an awesome hairstyle option for fine blonde locks. It’s going to complete your Boho looks and support your a bit sassy mood whenever you have it. Don’t forget of accessories. A large eye-catching necklace, like Cameron Diaz’s will be right to the point. And the random thin streaks at the temples are also there for a reason. They enhance the charm of Cameron’s messy bun.

high knot updo

#8: Playful Knot

Katie Holmes likes to try on sweet girly looks once in a while. To shape a playful messy updo like this, you won’t need even to use a comb! Simply lift your locks up with your hands into an imperfect pony on the crown and wrap a bun around it base. Tug the hair out here and there to mess your bun up. Since this hairstyle reveals your face shape, it’s going to flatter oval faces. But girls with cute round faces may experiment with this look as well.

milkmaid braid updo

#9: Messy Milkmaid Braid

An Australian actress Emilie de Ravin knows how to accentuate her refined beauty, even when it comes to “bedhead” hairstyles. In this look an accent is made on the messy braid and the effect of spontaneously disheveled locks. Maximally natural make up and fair skin complete this look harmoniously.

curly updo for thin hair

#10: Low Curly Knot

Johnny Depp’s current fiancée Amber Heard looks extremely cute with her low curly knot. Amber’s locks are textured into loose waves and backcombed to make her updo appear more voluminous. A loose knot at the nape, like Amber’s, is a good occasion to walk your favorite chandelier earrings.

updo with bangs

#11: Tight Knot With Straight Bangs

You do not always have to make your updo for thin hair look voluminous. This simple compact knot on the crown, paired with bangs, turns out to be extremely sweet and universally-applicable. You can wear it to school, work or a party with friends. The enhanced shine, like in the photo, is a big plus.

Chloe Moretz top knot

#12: Girly Knot

A young actress Chloe Moretz has fine hair structure, and knots are among her favorite casual updos. No wonder, they convey her look both childish ingeniousness and feminine charm. If you want to copy Chloe’s look, make a high loose pony, and let it go through the elastic again, shaping the loop that has to be spread like in the photo. To hide the elastic, wrap it with the end of your pony.

updo hairstyle for thin hair

#13: Cosy Knot

The effortless knot from Sienna Miller is an ideal hairstyle for the days when you are running your errands and need a quick effortless ‘do you feel comfortable with. To me the natural look of Sienna’s knot is twice cute because it’s reminiscent of home coziness.

Kirsten Dunst messy updo

#14: Greek Style Updo

Kirsten Dunst’s fine fair locks look fabulous in Greek style curly updos. The floral headband participates to the delicacy of Kirsten’s look, and the long diagonal streak that seems to be fallen out of the updo incidentally, is placed there strategically to slim her round face visually.

funky top knot

courtesy /WENN.com

#15: Bright Sassy Knot

If you don’t mind hair color challenges such as these bright pink locks, think of how you would style your tresses to represent the new hue in the best light. A top messy knot with sticking out ends is an excellent solution. Besides, if you want to rock an extravagant hair color locally and only for a short time, consider such modern solutions as hair chalking or hair mascara.

voluminous bun hairstyle

#16: 60’s Inspired Bun

60’s are again in the mainstream this season, and Heidi Klum is ready to present her lovely bun, inspired by this legendary decade. You’ll need a voluminous bun, so a sophist-o-twist bun maker will help you to achieve it fast and easily. This chic updo is going to look awesome both with a short A-line dress or an evening gown.

knot with a braid wrap

#17: Sleek Updo With The Intricate Knot At The Nape

Carrie Bradshaw is probably the brightest character, Sarah Jessica Parker has portrayed so far. We remember how authentic and inimitable Carrie was in her stylish looks on the screen. Sarah Jessica Parker keeps up with her heroine and often tries on new chic hairstyles and stylish outfits. Her intricate knot is an awesome updo variation, appropriate in any setting, from office to a night club.

Taylor Swift curly updo

#18: Innocent Curls

When you have just done a beautiful ombre, you‘d like to show it off in simple downdos. But loose curly updos like Taylor Swift’s serve the same goal and look no less gorgeous. A low knot and some innocent face framing-waves is a winning combo.

loose curly updo hairstyle

#19: Bohemian Chic

Keira Knightley is rocking a tousled curly updo with sticking out ends as a chic evening hairstyle. You’ll need to backcomb your locks slightly for a lift at the roots and shape random loose curls with a curling iron. Pinning your textured locks up won’t be a difficult task either.

Olivia Palermo updo

#20: It-Bun

It-girl Olivia Palermo often rocks casual hairstyles which appear stylish despite their evident simplicity. This neat bun looks rather informal and remains a universal hairstyle you can wear in any setting and practically with any casual outfit.

braid into bun updo for thin hair

#21: Chic Braid Into Bun Updo

It may seem at first sight that having fine hair, you won’t come up with some fancy hairstyles, combining features of a few styles in one. In reality, you can and you will. Look at this cute upside down braid, swirled into a compact knot on the crown. It’s so ingeniously easy and creative that you simply can’t leave it out!

high knot updo for fine hair

#22: High Messy Bun For Fine Hair

A little high bun looks very pretty. Disheveling it slightly, you’ll get a cool on-trend hairdo for a special event or every day styles. Pair it with arched bangs and a bold hue of your favorite lipstick like in the photo for one-of-a-kind ravishing look.

low bun and a braid for thin hair

#23: Low Messy Bun & A Braid

A low bun is also very flattering for fine hair. Make it more voluminous at the expense of a messy finish. A light bouffant won’t be superfluous either. And a simple ear-to-ear braid, passing right above the bun instantly turns an ordinary ‘do into a chic extraordinary hairstyle. There are, actually 2 side braids, blended into one.

messy bun updo for fine hair

#24: Simply Adorable Messy Bun

This effortless nonchalant updo is done like a very messy French knot. The messier the better. It looks like you’ve done it in the last minute without giving a thought to comb your hair previously. Pay also attention to the position of your bun. This one has carelessly slid down to the back of your head.

elegant updo for fine hair

#25: Twisty Updo For Fine Hair

With a light bouffant and all the ends tucked inside your updo, you can create a perfect illusion of thick hair styled in the most sophisticated way. This hairdo features a twist and fabulous curvy lines for an enhanced femininity of a really statement updo.

If you are running of ways as to how to do your fine hair, try some of these hairstyles. They are elegant, comfortable and easy to duplicate. The variety of updos for fine hair is rather impressive. Luckily, we can peep at celebrity hairstyles and draw inspiration from them, creating something unique and exclusive. Do not forget to see wedding hairstyles for long hair

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/13/2015 17:30:00

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