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5 Exquisite Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls & Women

Mohawks are cool hairstyles of really tough guys, although that doesn’t scare women. There are, indeed, very few things from the male wardrobe or male hairstyles which women haven’t adopted for themselves. We know how to introduce our special changes, giving a feminine touch to originally fierce male hairstyles. Curls and Mohawks are a great stylish combination. You may cut your sides closely, sleek them up or braid them. Even if someone tells you, it’s not a real Mohawk, who cares? It looks awesome and that’s all that counts. Judge for yourself.

#1: Mohawk With Soft Fluffy Curls

This Mohawk features a rather wide stripe of long curly tresses, styled upwards with backcombing and cascading down towards the forehead. The sides are closely cut, not shaven, in the best traditions of female Mohawks – a stylish and truly feminine interpretation of the ever popular Mohawk.

curly mohawk for women

#2: Lush Messy Mohawk

And this Mohawk is fun and sexy with a bunch of springy curls piled on the top of head and very short cut sides. The rich mixture of black and brown spirals that are sticking out to all sides in a flirty manner makes the zest of this extraordinary style for cool girls who love to hang out with friends.

female mohawk with lush curls

#3: Gorgeous Curly Mohawk With A Silky Finish

Cropping these luscious curls would be a crime. But what about adding a stylish quick to your gorgeous look? Easily! Opt for a Mohawk with shortened temples. This way you’ll draw attention to the contrasting textures, open the sides of your face and preserve your ravishing locks.

mohawk with springy curls

#4: Short Mohawk With Distinct Parting

Here we have more from a simple boyish cut, but all the other characteristics of Mohawks are respected: the roots are backcombed and stiffened with a stronghold styling product to shape the crest that is defined by color through its edges. And, on top, we have a distinct parting seperating the longer and shorter sections.

curly mohawk with closely cut sides

#5: Exquisite Mohawk-Inspired Updo

Well, it’s not a real Mohawk but how just unbelievably stunning it is! Not everyone is ready to commit to authentic Mohawks with regular trimming of the temples, while this gorgeous hairstyle with sleeked up sides is a great way of trying a legendary style without any extreme measures.

mohawk updo



By Chloe Meyers 05/10/2015 12:00:00

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