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Short Ombre Hair Inspiration

Many examples of ombre, implemented on short hair, look ok but not as impressive as on longer tresses. Nevertheless, there are very cute examples, where shorter lengths are not an issue. How long should you grow your tresses out to try ombre? Well, surprisingly, you can do fine even with a pixie. And as for medium-length bobs, they are ideal for ombre. Better see with your own eyes.

#1: Soft Medium-Brown Bob With Ombre

This ritzy ombre is the most exquisite compliment to the shaggy curly bob. Warm brown basic color, melting into the lighter almond-hued ends, accentuates the texture and turns an ordinary short-to-medium haircut into a very special hairstyle, worthy to be rocked even on your wedding day.

brown messy bob with ombre

#2: Gilding For The Bangs

Even very short haircuts like pixie can embrace ombre ideas. Long asymmetric bangs dyed with the most beautiful golden blonde tones and pale blonde at the very ends are going to make your brown pixie much sharper and more eye-catching.

pixie with ombre for bangs

#3: Brown-To-Blonde For Short Hair

Brown blonde coloristic solutions are extremely popular these days. Although ombre suggests a certain length, you can try it also on shorter locks. In particular it’s going to look fabulous in short messy hairstyles. The photo below is the best proof. More ombre solutions are stored here.

messy pixie with ombre

#4: Sophisticated Ombre For Women Over 50

With age women often become more cautious in the choice of new styles, trying to look rather discreet and attract less attention. No need: follow the examples of gorgeous celebrities who remain stylish women in spite of the over… age. This ombre flatters Brenda Strong immensely, and she sports her elegant fashionable look with pride and grace… wow!

short ombre for women over 50

#5: Distinct Ombre For A Shaggy Bob

Actually it’s quite complicated to implement the blend of 3 colors on relatively short hair. But this bob proves it’s possible and worthwhile: dark burgundy (almost black) melts into medium brown, which, in its turn, resolves in very light hues of blonde. This look is quite dramatic but you can, certainly, try the subtler versions as well. By the way, if you look for a great shag haircut, welcome here.

dark brown to blonde short ombre hair


Oh, well, these gorgeous hairstyles are so exciting that I can’t wait to try something similar on my hair.  

Jennifer Short
By Jennifer Short 05/18/2015 09:32:00

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