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5 Different Versions Of Curly Bob Hairstyle

It may seem at first sight that curly bobs are all alike. In reality you can experiment with finishes and textures, the size of the curl and highlights to make your bob unique and special. Messy curly bob styles with a bedhead effect are appropriate for every day, while neater elegant curls are expected to be seen at an office or any other setting where you want to look more sophisticated. Below I’m listing bob hairstyles for any taste.

#1: Elegant Bob With Silky Curls

Keira Knightley is sporting a very classy curly bob with defined glossy curls, super flattering for her square face. If you want to duplicate her stately look, note that her roots are left untouched, while the ends are rounded for a very soft feminine finish on the edges of her signature bob. You may also play with subtle highlights to refresh your skin tone.

curly bob hairstyle

#2: Highlighted Curls With Extra Definition

This curly bob full of messy ringlets instantly catches the eye thanks to its luxurious texture, accentuated with highlights and downlights. Being chicly messy, it has defined outlines and looks very modern and neat. With a cute hair flower resting among the fluffy curls or without any, you are going to turn heads and collect compliments.

curly bob with a hair flower

#3: Curly Disconnected Bob

And on this pretty head every single curl lives its own life and don’t seem to be very friendly with its neighbors. The rough and messy texture is even more enhanced with choppy ends. It’s a very appealing solution for every day when you need a simple and effortless style that looks chic and trendy but not overly groomed.


#4: Messy Curly Bob With Sun-Kissed Highlights

This hairstyle is great for thin hair that is going to appear thicker with the textured mass of light irregular curls. The bangs may be flat ironed for a contrast in textures or styled in the same curly manner. And here are more ideas on the most delightful short wavy hairstyles.

messy curly bob for thin hair

#5: Elongated Curly Bob

Longer versions of bob haircuts also look fantastic with a curl. This warm brown bob, for instance, features imperfect soft waves which appear a little bit shaggy but incredibly shiny and well-cared for. By the way, shag haircuts are currently in trend. If you are considering incorporating some changes into your regular cut, here are very worthy solutions.

elongated curly bob hairstyle

Your favorite bob hairstyles are being constantly upgraded. Don’t miss a chance to make yours all the rage.  

By Sonia Ellison 05/19/2015 09:55:00

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