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15 Deeply Emotional “Classic” & Creative Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Traditionally an Emo image is associated with loneliness, melancholy and emotional distress. However, many contemporary Emo teenagers and adolescents are not that deeply into the pessimistic feelings. They rather claim being overly sensitive and emotional, somewhat “hidden” from the harsh surrounding world, which is expressed in their looks. Emo hairstyle is one of a key signs allowing us to recognize an Emo. Hairstyles for Emo girls are not just about black layered looks. They can be very bright and creative. Below you’ll find both classic and completely unexpected solutions.

#1: Two-Toned Blonde Style

Although most Emo hairstyles are black, the platinum blonde, this purple haze peek-a-boo looks fresh and extraordinary. Sharp wispy ends, tickling your neck and blunt cut long bangs, meanwhile, are no less cool than the original coloristic solutions.

platinum blonde short emo hairstyle

#2: Super Volume With Extra Length

This eye-catching hairstyle features fabulous lift on the crown, achieved with generous backcombing and lean flat streaks on the sides. For an extra finish it was treated with random blonde streaks and cherry cola highlights.

long emo hairstyle with highlights

#3: Sharply-Streaked

With extra long layers, heavy side-swept bangs and backcombing for the ends to enhance disconnection you will be able to create a look with a harsh feel to emphasize your inner sensitivity through a pointedly edged hairstyle.

long edgy emo hairstyle for girls

#4: Fishtail For An Emo

Let everyone know that your increased sensitivity and troubled soul do not discourage you to take interest in the current hair trends. Create a side swept mess on top and fishtail the ends for this fancy Emo look.

braided girl emo hairstyle

#5: Medium Angular Emo Style

With a heavily layered basic haircut, featuring angular side pieces and thick choppy ends you will easily style this look, applying teasing at the roots for some lift around your face and flat ironing for the ends if needed.

medium emo hairstyle for girls

#6: Black & Mauve

Throw in some color and experiment with finishes for the edges. This cute hairstyle rocks an incredible mauve that goes together with black fabulously. Fine feathery edges and a braided headband complete the perfect Emo look.

black and purple long emo hairstyle

#7: Black & Blonde Peek-A-Boo

A layer of blonde streaks on top of the black base looks pretty dramatic and in the right spirit. Comb the face framing pieces towards the face, style the bangs to one side and backcomb the blond strands on the crown to enhance the contrast of the textures and the dramatic mood in whole.

half black half blonde emo hairstyle

#8: Side Blonde Pony With Brown Streaks

A side pony tail with pointy ends defined by color is one more way to diversify your Emo looks. If you keep your tresses straight and ends edgy throughout, you’ll easily preserve the specific mood and tendencies of Emo hairstyles.

pony emo hairstyle for girls

#9: Shaggy Hairstyle With A Headband

Emo short hairstyles for girls can be very inventive. Here the headband separates two textures and two hair hues: messy and wispy backcombed black feathers and sleek flat light-brown streaks, covering one eye and the sides of the face.

short emo hairstyle with a headband

#10: Classy Black Hairstyle With Wispy Ends

Here’s a truly beautiful Emo style that doesn’t require any promotion. Its fantastic long razor-cut layers, A-line silhouette and jet black hue are flawless without any additional adornments.

jet black emo hairstyle for girls

#11: Emo Queen

Spice your classic Emo hairstyles with pretty accessories. A cute tiara is right to the point to crown your tousled pieces on top, while a little hair clip can be peeked through the mane of layered Emo streaks.

emo queen hairstyle

#12 Fiery Red Style With Coontails

Permanent or temporary coontails (achieved with permanent dyes, Mascara or sharpie marker) are an easy way to upgrade your casual Emo hairstyle. Well, with a fiery red as a basic color, it can hardly be referred to as casual… Anyway, the look is pretty impressive!

emo hairstyle for girls with coontails

#13: Colors Go Pop

The “wow” eye-popping colors are, unquestionably, a sensation. Even if these are not a common Emo black and platinum blonde combination, the bright hues used together in this look are gorgeous, extremely dramatic and very emotional.

blonde and red emo hairstyle

#14: Curly Emo Style

Wavy hair is not very common for Emo hairstyles but possible, besides it looks so cute, that I wouldn’t reject an idea of a long curly hairstyle with heavy side swept bangs. Let it be Emo shaggy, and I bet you won’t regret giving it a chance.

curly emo hairstyle for girls

#15: Emo Hairstyle With Golden Highlights

A bunch of complimenting hues for highlights and downlights is going to add a note of optimism to your Emo hairstyle: streaks of honey, golden blonde and bitter chocolate on medium brown base is an awesome coloristic solution, especially if it’s paired with a creative makeup.

emo hairstyles for girls with highlights

Those who only think of trying an Emo look or want a change from their casual style should consider a good basic haircut. Pick among short sweeps, medium edgy bobs or long shags and furnish them with whatever quirks you’ve liked.

Vanessa North
By Vanessa North 05/29/2015 11:35:00

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