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20 Short Haircuts For Girls With Added Oomph

Girls, there’s so much interesting going on in the world right now, that you simply can’t waste your precious time on painstaking hairstyling routines… A way out is a chic short haircut that looks pretty cool even after the trivial «scrunch and go” styling. Whether you’ve dropped in to upgrade your usual cut or want a more drastic change like going from medium/long to very short, you’ll find a bunch of cute ideas below: fun edgy bobs, bold pixies and the loveliest boyish cuts are all here. Fancy taking a look?

#1: Voguish Pixie

It’s equally awesome on thick hair and tresses that simply need to appear thicker. Those chunky graded pieces build the right amount of volume on the crown, while the face-framing ends are edged very neatly.

asymmetric pixie haircut for girls

#2: Tapered & Textured Short Bob

Thick hair cropped this way will cause you no inconvenience or maintenance problems. The unnecessary bulk is removed thanks to a tapered silhouette and grading towards the edges. That’s a cool fringy finish I love!

short textured bob for girls

#3: Smooth Buttery Bob

Want to convey your look more tenderness and softness? You easily will with this genuine bob, featuring buttery texture and clean lines. And it doesn’t even use any tricks to appear gorgeous! One side is elongated and angled sharply, while the other hits at her artistically ideal chin…

short angled bob for girls

#4: Neat Bob With Textured Edges

This bob is layered with little graduation towards the ends and complemented with the alluring side-swept bangs textured smartly to dress up the look. Try this attractive jaw-skimming cut for summer.

short bob haircut for girls

#5: Sporty Ruffled Cut

Closely cut sides and slightly longer ruffled top draws attention to the face and creates a fun sporty look. Minimal styling time and minimum of styling products are always appreciated by girls on the go. Sporty theme is on-trend this season, so if the style looks right, embrace the idea and reap the benefits!

extra short boyish haircut

#6: Creased Pixie

This low cut pixie features fabulous density, moderate volume and cool creasy texture, enhanced with highlights. If you want to look effortless and natural but with zest, this style is yours, definitely.

pixie haircut for girls with highlights

#7: Wispy Wavy Bob

If not the red lips, soft waves and a classy tuxedo, this ‘do would be referred to as “mousy”. And with a basic chin-grazing bob performed even on fine hair and styled messy, you can create one of the most stylish looks ever!

wispy wavy bob for fine hair

#8: Sweet Asymmetric Pixie

A light asymmetry and feathery finish are not something extraordinary, but thanks to the gorgeous honey base with golden blonde highlights this haircut turns into a fabulous dimensional style, you’d take a second glance at for sure.

cute pixie for girls

#9: Silky & Edgy

This awesome black cut tinged with blue opts to play with contrasts: plain smooth texture and small jagged fringes look like occasional strokes left nonchalantly with an artist paint brush – a gorgeous haircut to set off the no-less-gorgeous blue eyes.

neat short haircut for girls

#10: Sharp Cropped Bob

Have it made heavily layered, cropped and sharpened through the contours. Leave the bangs smooth and gently caressing the forehead to balance the style and place the accents strategically. Tousle the tresses on the crown, and you are hair-dressed to kill!

cropped edgy bob haircut

#11: Adorable Cut For Curly Gals

Short curly haircut is a rarer thing than medium or long cuts for curly hair. Contrary to a common belief it’s not so hard to keep your cropped curls neat and pretty. A dab of curl enhancer to add, and you’ll come up with a gorgeous style like this.

short haircut for curly hair

#12: Rounded Bob For Sweet Full Faces

The full model’s face looks thinner thanks to the beautiful side bangs, veiling her forehead diagonally and side pieces sitting close to the sides and covering them partially. The thinned out edges lift the volume up to the level of her eyes.

short bob for round faces

#13: Steep Bob

Oh, something new in the gallery of asymmetric angular bobs… This one is side parted, elongated on one side and angled steep on the other to reveal your earlobe (just in case you are wearing some cute earrings today:))

short edgy bob for girls

#14: Soft Golden Pixie

This light golden pixie with asymmetric bangs and gracefully trimmed temples remains sweet, soft and kind of fluffy in spite of the light styling shagginess. The choice of hair hue and matching earrings couldn’t have been any better, indeed.

golden blonde pixie

#15: Edgy Pixie With Elongated Bangs

The shortened temple and nape areas let shift an emphasis to the messy textured crown with extra-long bangs as the main attraction of this bold sporty look. If you see something special in there, note an idea to upgrade your present pixie.

pixie with long asymmetric bangs

#16: Playing With Length & Angles

More similar solutions on the same subject: these luxurious long bangs are left smooth and silky, while the remaining sections are chopped pretty short and styled roughly. I love it!

pixie with elongated bangs

#17: Punk Inspiration

If you want to make your short cut a bit more daring, have the sides shortened in the spirit of challenging punk hairstyles. The two measuring contrasting textures look very showy, especially after you place  coloristic accents.

short mohawk-inspired haircut

#18: Cropped Curls

The best way to tame unruly curly hair in short styles is cutting it short at the nape, thus lifting the weight to the crown, so that it cascades up front. Luckily, styling it messy for a sexy wet look like this is a matter of minutes.

short curly haircut for girls

#19: Extra Short Boyish Cut

When you have a beautiful oval face, feminine facial features and nothing to hide behind the longer tresses, an extra-short haircut with no particular quirks could be your windfall, especially if you are sporty and active.

extra short haircut for girls

#20: Cute Cut For Fine Hair

To be in trend and look sexy with fine hair cut short, make an emphasis on the texture and style your pixie or short bob messy. Give it a little teasing at the roots, play with highlights and be confident. That’s all it takes to look irresistible:)

pixie haircut for fine hair

So, how to look your best this season? Good genes matter, but it’s not all about them, luckily. A haircut can boost your natural beauty, draw attention to the deep eyes, bring out the contours of your face and neck outlines or ruin a favorable impression totally. Therefore, choose thoughtfully and trust your beauty only into professional hands.

Amelia Walker
By Amelia Walker 05/24/2015 15:54:00

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