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Got The Length? Then Have Some Fun With Braids, Buns, Ponys & Knots

Updos can be awesome, but when they're not styled with care, they can damage precious strands. Dr Robert Dorin, Celebrity Hair Care Expert and Restoration Specialist in NYC, tells you how to updo it right!

#1: Slicked-back High Ponytails

If done too tightly , can put a lot of stress on delicate strands and if you always wear your pony in the same general area, it will show breakage over time. Instead of slicking hair back, try to use a loose fitting hair tie and secure fly-aways by misting hairspray on your fingertips and running them over the section.

#2: Top Knots & Buns

Can create a lot of stress on roots and delicate hair in front, and if you leave them in too long, they can give you a tension headache or pull hair from the follicles so locks thin out and break. The solution? Secure your bun with bobby pins instead of an elastic band

#3: Side Braids & Fishtails

Are not a problem, provided your hair is not tied back too tightly. Your hair is less likely to break when you're not putting too much stress on your scalp.

By Jamie R 07/08/2015 15:43:00

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