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7 boho hairstyles inspired by the Coachella Festival

Hippie style, alternative and bohemian have become part of the world of beauty for years now. We see 7 boho hairstyles that are inspired by Coachella Festival, and can be sported on an occasion like this, if you are lucky enough to take part in it, or even in simple summer evenings, theme parties, and, why not, if you have the right style even in everyday life.

Braided Crown on the forehead

A crown braid with average thickness falling lightly on the on the forehead like a headband is a perfect hairstyle in boho style . Instead of using a hair accessory, the hair is used to create an accessory as seen in the picture with a soft and slightly disheveled, or even tighter and placed higher up, at the base of the forehead.

Natual Hair With Fringe and Wreath of flowers

A perfect solution for those who do not want to overdo it with a ' boho style hairdo , may be to let the natural hair , smooth or move it, maybe adding the super trendy touch of a beautiful full fringe. 

Braided Crown With Side Chignon

Another perfect hairstyle for the boho style is the crown braid

Rainbow Hair With Braid

To get ready for the Coachella Festival, super trendy rainbow-haired hairstyle is the perfect idea. The hair is dyed in different shades, mostly pastel and adding, as a finishing touch, small decorative flowers (in fabric or real, it's your choice!).

Mini torchon on the head with colored threads

Among the most elaborate hairstyles in boho style we find one made from many small ribbons that develop into several sections starting from the top of the head.

Maxi messy side braid

The braids are always one of the "symbols" of hairstyles in boho style.

Hair movement with double headband

The easiest and most affordable among the hairstyles in boho style is one that plans to leave the natural movement of the hair and add a headband on the head. They come in many types: the most suitable one is dual band and slightly down over the forehead to create a hippy style! The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is suitable for various types of hair .



By Jennifer-Short 05/30/2016 11:19:00

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