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Hair tattoos, the new summer trend for your hair

Hair tattoos are the latest hair trend we should all be trying. They are temporary metallic designs for your hair, and they’re totally gorgeous.

They work in the same way as your regular temporary tattoos. You apply your chosen design face down on your hair (straight hair works best).

Then dab it with a wet cotton ball, and peel off the backing paper.

Kylie Jenner’s a fan, so you know this trend’s legit.

The tattoos will stay put until you brush them out or wash your hair.




It has become one of the trends of the season. Coachella was confirmation to us but who was released Kylie Jenner, girl everything he touches turns to gold, even tattoos. The networks have already been filled with the most varied designs, will you discover how to make hair with tattoos?

Something as simple as a sticker can make be the most trendy party . If a couple of seasons ago the tattoos ephemeral wandered through all festivals and beaches in the world they have now passed from skin to hair. Here are some of the most original outfits and successful.

The most common way to wear this type of hair tattoos is on a smooth mane. Parted in the middle or side, you can apply it along a lock to make the design look in a simpler way . If you comb or pick up your hair and you place the decal as a headband, you will give your look a touch more romantic and everyone will wonder if you wear a tiara or not. But if you really want to give your hairstyle a much more elegant and elaborate touch , try to get your hair like a ponytail, a braid root or any type of collected and see peppering your hair with small golden calacamonías, the result dazzle. In the gateway also have seen a version of hair tattoo , but this time on the root , which Rita Ora not want to miss.

How to get a hair tattoo
If you liked as are, forget about slow processing, the hair tattoo applied just like a decal. There are hundreds of designs so have to buy an envelope of temporary tattoos, have for several days. You can try first with braided designs and apply them in your hair longitudinally , and once you're an expert, try more designs grades as mandalas , you managed to leave all agape world.

To further enhance the tattoos hair you can apply them on straight hair, so that it easier to paste them. Help yourself to a fork to fix either the lock on which you want to place. As I have already said, work exactly like a traditional decal so you have to place it on the lock that you have chosen (back and help the forks) and a damp cotton, sees giving pat until the paper is completely wet. Carefully remove it and presto! But just in case, here explains the youtuber Chic Tips step by step.

Hair tattoos

Hair tattoos

Hair tattoos

Hair tattoos


By Lily-Oliver 05/30/2016 14:11:00

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