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Chic Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Getting older doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great hair and there are plenty of beautiful, youthful hairstyles for women over 50. Gone are the days of matronly hairdo's that made people automatically think "grandma" instead of "wow!" Grandma or not, age with grace, beauty and class. Here are some great ideas for short hairstyles for women over 50 that will get you thinking!

Woman over 50 with a full bodied bob hair

Polished But Full Bodied Bob

This is a smooth, full asymmetrical bob that frames the face with subtle bangs and other fringe pieces can lighten up the facial area.

How To Style:
Use styling product in the hair before blow drying with round brush for maximum volume and heat protection. If you need more smoothness, use a flat iron or large curling iron on a LOW setting to pull through stubborn hairs without taking out the body. Complete the look with a finishing hairspray that protects from humidity, too!

Tip: Keep hair color fresh by scheduling color treatments a little closer together, especially if you’re mostly gray or are going significantly lighter. “Dirty roots” make hairstyles look cheap.

woman over 50 with a Hearty hair do

Young at Heart Flirty Hair

Super short in back for easy maintenance with a little more length on top and in front for lots of styling options.

How To Style:
Blow dry using volumizing mousse and root boost spray along with a round brush. Use a flat iron to smooth out the ends. The shorter length helps hair keep its lift without a ton of backcombing. The side part and swept bangs keep it looking soft and touchable. Finish off with hairspray.

Tip: Only use a light to medium hold hairspray so it doesn't come off looking like a helmet instead of hair.

Woman over 50 with ashort pixie haircut

Sexy Pixie

Super short pieces all over minimizes style time and worry about what hair is going to look like.

How To Style:
Wash, dry, apply product through hair, style with fingers. What could be easier than that!? Easy styling is what having short hairstyles for women over 50 is all about!

Tip: Your stylist will more than likely use a razor to get the best texture in your cut. Make sure they’re using a fresh blade so you get the texture instead of a lot of fuzz!

Woman over 50 with ashort chic hair'do for older women

Super Fab and Chic Hair

Short and sweet. Easy. Low maintenance. Tailored to suit your face shape/features. Perfect!

How To Style:
After hair is dry, if you need to smooth hair, use a flat iron (or mini flat iron!) to shape pieces in desired direction. Use a small amount of pomade to pull through ends, then spray with finishing spray.

Tip: Always use a heat protection product for hairstyles requiring a blow dryer or flat iron, especially if you have chemically treated hair! Being over 50, you need to be especially careful as the hair may not be as well conditioned as in previous years.

Woman over 50 with a flipped out bob hairstyle

Flipped Out Bob

Lots of texture and volume make this hairstyle fun, but the flipped out ends make it over-the-top outrageous!

How To Style:
Blow dry hair and style with your fingers. Use a flat iron to flip out the ends. A light wax paste or other similar styling product will help keep the definition in the different pieces.

Tip: For permanent looking texture like this, tell your stylist to undercut your hair. There is a technique they can use where they cut hair from underneath when layering that helps add volume, but also breaks up the chunks to give your hair a more pieced-out look.

flipped out bob hairstyle worn by a woman over 50

Textured Out

Lots of texture going on in this layered hairstyle! Smoothness in the bangs keeps it from looking too "out there."

How To Style:
When hair is dry, pull a texturizing product like hair wax or hair glue or even a firm hold pomade through ends to piece them out. Use a flat iron for the bangs and a few pieces on top for that little bit of smoothness.

Tip: Less is more when it comes to heavy duty products. Start with a small amount, then if you need more you can add it. If you start with too much, you may have to wash it out and start all over again!

That's all of our short hairstyles for women over 50 for now! Check back every once in awhile for more hairstyles that we may have added.

By Audrey-Hunter 08/31/2016 06:11:00

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