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The Most Adorable Long Mohawk Hairstyles

If short Mohawks create awesome funky styles, their long counterparts are a completely another story. These are super chic and adorably impressive, feminine, sexy and sophisticated. Shave, cut or braid your sides to make a background for lengthy Mohawk tresses that can be worn loose, backcombed and stiffened, curled, twisted or braided. As always, I have prepared the most creative ideas for you.

The Most Adorable Long Mohawk Hairstyles

#1: Statement Mohawk With Braided Sides

Here is a stylish Mohawk with perfectly parallel rows of tight braids and silky Mohawk tresses streaming out of them. This hairstyle is ideal for medium to long thick hair that screams for smart and eye-catching hairstyling solutions. And if you are looking for a flattering haircut, make sure you’ll also check sensational haircuts for thick hair.

braided mohawk for long hair

#2: Elegant Curly Mohawk Updo

A cloud of weightless curls piled on top in a la Mohawk style is an excellent idea of an elegant updo for long hair. Real Mohawk is too extreme for many girls, and dos like this one is a great opportunity to try on a faux version of a very popular provocative style, loved by millions.

curly mohawk updo for long hair

#3: Delightful Long Mohawk Beyond Compare

This breathtaking hairstyle speaks perfection in every detail. The fancy rolls above the forehead and the luxurious mane of heavenly cascading curls stand out against the flawlessly polished sides.  I bet there are more similar options to your taste here.

long mohawk hairstyle

#4: Adorable Color-Treated Mohawk

This one is a real long Mohawk with undercut and gorgeous color accents. It features a few independent braids, twisted and blended together into a creative whole. Whenever you go cut and braided like this, you’ll instantly win 100 style points!

mohawk with undercut and color accents

#5: Long Mohawk With Undershave

Wow! This one has a real undershave and gorgeous layered tresses below the waist. It’s breathtaking, unquestionably, but, alas, it suggests a face shape close to the ideal oval. What about all the rest, including myself? Ok, let’s settle on something alternative yet stylish nevertheless, like shag haircuts, for instance.

long mohawk with undershave

Knowing that tastes differ, I also assume that you may still haven’t discovered your ideal Mohawk. No problem, I’m sure you will. Here is more “food” for your eyes and thought)


By Vanessa-North 09/03/2016 04:50:00

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