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Cool Ideas On Girl Mohawk Hairstyles

Now when you are young, you can and should experiment with your styles without a fear to look ridiculous. Even if you reach the extremes, everyone around understands: it’s youth and your attempts to find your personal unique style. I do not offer you anything extreme here, only the classiest examples of Mohawks and fauxhawks for girls. Ready to check on them? Follow me!

Girl Mohawk Hairstyles

#1: Messy Braided Fauxhawk

Girls with long tresses who are not ready for a big chop on the sides, necessary for real Mohawks, can experiment with their braided versions. This one turns out to be especially distinguished thanks to a messy touch and varied braided patterns. Backcombing for the main braid makes it more prominent and super flattering for this cute girly style.

braided mohawk hairstyle

#2: Black Curly Mohawk With Twisted Sides

Extremely thick black hair simply needs a wise styling solution to shape the disobedient coily mane and take it under control. A kind of braided Mohawk with thin and delicate twisted rows is an excellent idea, while the Mohawk curls may be either natural or relaxed and curled fancily like here. 

braided girl mohawk for thick hair

#3: Patterned Girly Mohawk

If you really want a jaw-dropping Mohawk style, think of something extraordinary like a braided in figured framing for an exquisite pattern on the sides, paired with lengthy Mohawk tresses, fallen into two parts – improvised bangs and a sort of a ponytail. 

cute girl mohawk hairstyle

#4: Pixie Into Mohawk Style For Girls

Everyone likes a pixie for its sharp sassy look but we want more and take risks in trying blended styles. This one is the ultimate success: short sides, funky spikes and cute highlights are enough to draw everyone’s attention to your looks and personality.

pixie into mohawk hairstyle

#5: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie

Here we are witnessing the basic idea of all Mohawks: shorter sides and a stripe of longer tresses, styled into spikes, but the transition between these two sections is blurred. It’s a great edgy style for everyone who is not ready yet to decide on a more distinct version of Mohawk.

mohawk inspired hairstyle

Hope you like these. You are also very welcome to check a few dozens more of very versatile Mohawks, where you’ll certainly find something alluring for yourself.

By Kerri-Logan 09/03/2016 05:39:00

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