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20 Best Hairstyles For Square Faces Rounding The Angles

The standards of beauty are often incomprehensible. Luckily, currently we do not associate them with absolute perfection of shape and flawless symmetry. Many celebrities, the most beautiful women of our time, are blessed with square faces. Actually, in men an angular face reflects their strong character, determination and boldness. To enhance femininity in women the same attributes should be softened with a right hairstyle. Flattering haircuts and styling solutions, featuring rounded angles, longer lengths and soft lines are called to communicate the right proportions to your face. Here you will learn the tricks of how to present yourself in the best light and find 20 most successful solutions in pictures.

Flattering Hairstyles For Square Faces

The width of a square face practically doesn’t dominate over its length, the jawline is strong and angular. The solutions here are associated with elongation and veiling for the corners. You don’t have to duplicate what you see in the pictures below. You, certainly, can if you wish, but I believe you will win more, understanding how lines, lengths and textures work specifically for your face. So, here are some ideas to help you to sort out all the particulars on the subject.

  • Avoid straight bangs and hairstyles, mimicking the shape of your face. Distinct graded layers are something that is going to flatter you. Opt for side bangs, distracting from the broad forehead and relieving sharpness of your facial features. Shy away from thick blunt cut bangs. They make the bottom of your face appear even heavier than it is.
  • A side parting, same as any asymmetry is a plus. Give your preference to an off-centered parting, slightly shifted from the central line.
  • A square face can be easily narrowed and elongated with straight shoulder-length or longer tresses along the cheeks. These will strategically cover the jaw corners.
  • You will effortlessly win from a soft feminine hairstyle, framing your face with waves and curls. Beach waves, tousled locks or shiny bouncy curls? Chose any style, or better alternate them for a variety.
  • Updos with some volume on top will lengthen your face, but do not sleek all hair back. Leave long side bangs or a few curls on one side.
  • Avoid excessive volume along the sides at the level of cheekbones and jaw, as it will broaden your face.
  • Short haircuts are commonly unflattering for square faces, since they literally bare your boxiness. At the same time, every face is individual and some faces are squarer than others. Here we can talk only about general recommendations. So, let’s better view the gallery.

#1: Whimsical Curves

The gorgeous impulsive curves, same like confident brush strokes, completely smooth over the angularity of a square face. Enhance them with highlights and tousle slightly to shatter the edges.

curly bob hairstyle for square faces

#2: Impeccable Chocolate Bob

The roundness of this classy bob mitigates the corners of the jawline. Actually, they are skillfully hidden thanks to the right choice of length.

sleek bob hairstyle for square face

#3: Platinum Fantasy

Long bangs and soft elongated layers make a broad square face appear longer, framing its contours gracefully and drawing attention to the bright eyes and lips.

long blonde hairstyle for a square face

#4: Long Springy Mane

Long bouncy curls do not create any excessive volume on the sides, so you do not risk adding to the width. Side bangs also work for elongation, while the curls mask the prominent jawline.

long curly hairstyle for a square face

#5: Wispy Asymmetry

Although short hairstyles in general are not the best solution for a square face, this wispy asymmetric style with flowing lines does everything to present your face shape in the best light.

short wispy hairstyle for square faces

#6: Frail & Sensible

Fine hair and a square face is not a losing combination either. Strong lines, typical for a square shape, can be abated with a wispy tousled hairstyle and a soft blonde tone.

hairstyle for fine hair and square face

#7: Chocolate Surge

These temperamental chocolate waves do not seem to be in unison but they do their best to disrupt symmetry and accurate lines, which are highly undesirable for a square face.

long wavy hairstyles for square faces

#8: Angelic Angelina

Angelina Jolie looks fantastic with this cute and simple downdo. It features light volume on the crown and accentuated feminine curls, eliminating any sharpness of her facial contours.

celebrities hairstyles for square face

#9: Ripply Bob

The A-line silhouette of this gorgeous short bob visually cuts back the width of Kiera’s square face and masks her jaw corners. All in all, her face appears a beautiful oval.

wavy bob hairstyle for square face

#10: Shaggy & Shattered

Layering, shattered edges and auburn highlights distract attention from the heavy chin and leave a very light impression of an effortless feminine look, you can easily adopt for a square face.

straight medium-length hairstyle for square face

#11: Golden Brilliance

This polished blonde collar-bone bob features asymmetry, vertical lines and fantastic brilliant shine, i.e. everything what’s needed to round off a square face and draw attention to the beautiful facial features rather than face shape.

blonde A-line hairstyle for a square face

#12: Wild Beauty

Olivia Wilde’s side-swept bangs and long tresses are meant to make her face appear narrower, while the curls at the ends are perfectly highlighted to add a pinch of softness at the level of her jawline.

hairstyle with highlights for square faces

#13: Texturized Waves & Ultra-Long Layers

Women with square faces look gorgeous with long-layered hairstyles, curled at the ends. Highlights add them texture, movement and amazing shine, you can’t avert your eyes from.

long curly hairstyle for a square face

#14: Placid Waves

A basic long hairstyle with subtle layering can be also styled into placid waves, grazing the sides of a square face and smoothing its squareness. The delicate highlights for a sun-kissed effect are right to the point for a fresh take on the style.

beachy waves hairstyle for square faces

#15: Tawny Bob With Rounded Edges

Rounding off the edges and choosing an appealing warm hue, consonant with the color of your eyes, you will be able to cover up the boxiness of your face. But the crucial point here is the correct length –much below the chin.

A-line bob hairstyle for square faces

#16: Platinum Dream

The edges curled neatly inwards around the face reveal only what you want to reveal, concealing all the angles and diminishing the facial width. This platinum blond with a silky finish is breathtaking, to say the least!

elegant blonde hairstyle for a square face

#17: Cute Confusion

These cute blonde locks are tousled and messed up for a trendy bedhead style with shaggy ends. The asymmetry, curtain effect of the bangs and a fantastic texture succeed to distract us from the face shape.

tousled hairstyle for a square face

#18: Charming Updo For Squares

Normally any stylist would recommend you to keep locks along your face if you are a “square”. However, thanks to the asymmetry and long tresses, caressing one cheek, Demi Moore’s classic square face looks gorgeous with this elegant updo.

chic updo for a square face

#19: Emo Touch

Emo hairstyles work great for square faces because they can offer layering, vertical lines and tresses combed on the sides of your face. As a result, everything that needs to be hidden is hidden: so simple, so cute, so efficient.

emo hairstyle for a square face

#20: Shaggy Babe

A shaggy medium-length hairstyle is also a gift for squares. And this one, rocking breathtaking highlights and downlights will make the squareness practically invisible.

bob with highlights and downlights for square faces

Well, as you see, when it comes to a square face, your goal is to soften strong lines with right hairstyles and accessories. If you succeed to lengthen your face visually and round the chin line, I believe you’ll look pretty awesome.



By Jennifer-Short 09/04/2016 05:38:00

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