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20 Messy Bun Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try

You’ve probably never realized how many messy bun hairstyles there are today. Luckily, this look can be done in dozens of creative ways! From a low bun to a topknot and everything inbetween, you are sure to find one that fits your style and flatters your face shape. If you’re tired of doing the same messy bun hairstyle every day, then look no further! We’ve gathered a variety of messy bun styles, worn by your favorite celebrities. Browse through this list to get some great styling ideas!

Top Picks for Messy Bun Hairstyles

#1: A Tousled Side Bun Accents Facial Features

Zoe Saldana demonstrates that all noticeable curves can be found not only in your body, but also in your face. A tousled side bun with gentle waves brings out the best in your cheekbones and eyes. This style looks especially great when you have a long face.

loose messy bun hairstyle

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#2: Symmetrical Loose Style

Leighton Meester steps out with a low bun and a distinct part strictly in the middle. While a middle part can appear rather harsh, a slightly tousled hairstyle softens the look, so, eventually it’s easy to pull off. Part your hair down the middle and then add some texture before pulling it into a low bun. This is a great style that’s a pleasure to wear everyday!

low messy bun hairstyle

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#3: Slicked Back Hair Displays Features

When going for a minimalist appearancewith an elegant updo hairstyle in mind, get inspired with Kirsten Dunst’s signature bun style and slick your hair back into a simple knot. The messy yet compact bun in the back softens her look and accentuates her facial features. You can achieve the same look with a little extra attention and styling products to tameflyaways.

sleek bun hairstyle


#4: Braided Segments Enhance Texture

If your hair is fine, you may want to braid small sections before styling your locks into a messy bun. Kristen Bell introduces another accent to her personal style by including small braids in her low bun. Try doing the same for an easy spin on the traditional bun style.

curly messy bun hairstyle

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#5: Go Punk With Straight Ends

Nicole Richie certainly took a style risk with her bun. By pulling your hair into a bun and then straightening the ends, you turn a delicate bun into a fierce hairstyle. This is a great idea when you’re interested in showing off your tough side.

messy punk bun hairstyle

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#6: Softening Flyaways

If the angles in your face are sharp, then you may want to soften them at the expense of your hairstyle. Like Diane Kruger, you can tease and pull your hair to create tender flyaways and then gather it back into a messy bun. This is a great style for a summer day when keeping perfect hair would be difficult anyways!

messy bun hairstyle with a centre part

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#7: Large Curls Create Volume

When you want to be more on the dramatic side with your messy bun, put your locks into large curlers like Taylor Swift. When you take them out, loosely pull your hair back and you’ll still have all the fabulous volume left at your cheekbones. This style takes a little more time than other messy buns, but it’s well worth the final result!

wavy messy bun hairstyle

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#8: Disheveled Styles for Straight Hair

If you have poker straight hair like Sandra Bullock, you may try styling your strands disheveled for an extra edge. Pull back the longer strands into a bun, backcomb the front strands slightly and let them fall out naturally. The final look is a tousled appearance that’s perfect for a busy day.

disheveled messy bun hairstyle

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#9: Create Drama With Extreme Sidesweep

Create a part on one side of your head and then pull your hair back for a dramatic sidesweep. Be sure that the front is secure and won’t fall apart. Gather it back in a messy ponytail for a polished, yet comfortable look. Elizabeth Banks pulls this look off perfectly!

messy bun hairstyle with side bangs

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#10: Accentuate With Fine Braids

Jessica Alba takes the soft, messy bun to a new level by adding in small braids running down towards the nape. This is an easy addition to your bun hairstyle, and it brings in a note of sophistication to your look.

messy bun hairstyle with a braided element

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#11: Topknot Messy Style

A messy bun doesn’t just have to be low. Zandaya demonstrates a cool top knot sitting high on her crown. Try to achieve sleek sides, pulling your hair up to the top and securing it into a tight ponytail before creating this cute messy bun hairstyle. It’s both daring and fun!

sleek and messy crown bun hairstyle

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#12: Poof Up the Front

Scarlet has anoval face, so she looks fabulous with any hairstyle silhouette. If your face is round or square, an easy way to correct it visually is to create a more vertical appearance. Tease up the very top before pulling your hair back into a bun.

cute messy bun hairstyle

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#13: Knotted Bun

Carey Mulligan’s knotted bun style probably looks a little too polished for a messy bun. However, you can create the same knotted style for textured locks and achieve a natural-looking intricate bun. Tie your hair into loose knots and then secure in a bun to recreate this idea for a more casual look.

knotted messy bun hairstyle

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#14:Cool Volumized Bun

Before you pull back your hair into a bun, take some time to tease the locks at the roots to create a natural “crowning” effect. This is a great style for womenwith thin faces. Simply add some natural volume around your face.

textured messy bun hairstyle

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#15: Highlights On Display

A messy bun is a great way to show off your dimensional highlights. So, create some texture and then pull your locks into a middle bun. This look is perfect for a night out and it can be high-fashion with a little extra attention.

messy bun hairstyle with highlights

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#16: Accentuate Your Eyes

Keiralooks fabulous with these vintage waves. Her hair is pulled back softly with an off-centered part. The hairstyle complements her dramatic eye makeup and enhances the gorgeous terrain of her face.

beautiful messy bun hairstyle

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#17: Knotted Bun With Straight Bangs

Beth Behrs has a tall forehead and actually creates more volume with a topknot. However, with the straight eyebrow-skimming bangs, she achieves a classy look that doesn’t elongate her face to excess. On the contrary, it softens Beth’s features.

messy bun hairstyle with bangs

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#18: Sleek Polished Bun

The ideally slicked sides and top turn this simple bun into a high-fashion hairstyle. Kim Kardashian accentuates her big eyes and wears nude lips to attract attention to her face, while her elegant bun is just a background.

sleek bun hairstyle

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#19: High Buns Accent Chin

Amanda Seyfried’s high bun is a perfect compliment for her finely pointed chin. Tease your locks at the roots before you begin to style your bun to achieve a more relaxed and natural-looking bun variety.

pretty bun hairstyle

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#20: Accents and Additions

Alicia Keys creates a cute girly bun hairstyle, adding delicate flowers to her hair. You can do the same! Consider putting in small flowers, chopsticks, or other accents to make your hairstyle a focal point of your look.

bun hairstyle with hair flowers

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These styles demonstrate the impressively wide range a messy bun can take. Feel free to use these ideas to create your own exquisite style!




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