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5 bang hairstyles to breathe new life into your locks

Bangs have lots of benefits—they can enhance your features, hide forehead wrinkles and breathe new life into your locks.

Here are five awsome bangs that will have you falling for a fringe cut.


A veil of fringe tickles the eyelashes and cheeks for a sultry vibe that's enhanced by your best evening makeup, from luminous skin to a soft peach lipcolor. The rest of the cut is layered for fullness and tapered close in back


When you tire of straight-across fringe, consider snipping bangs into full, flirty points. Since bangs should go with the rest of your cut, they echo pointy, temple hugging sideburns. The color is cool platinum with ash tones at the roots.


Heavy blunt bangs are a classic but when cut by a pro and paired with the right cut, they don't look at all dated. Here, they add flair to a bob with cheek-hugging front sections and a v-shaped, tapered back. To play up the cut's movement, lift sections over a round brush as you blow-dry


Similar to blunt bangs' characteristic fullness, this fringe type is cut in a curve, not straight across, before segueing into short, angled pieces that hug the face. For a step-cut effect, sides fall past the jaw and further back, collar-length locks are beveled for built-in bend to contrast a bulky interior


For a super-sexy effect, heavy bangs are angled so they drop way down low; on the opposite side, you can see how hair was snipped blunt at brow-level in a line that continues all the way across. When you want to show of your face, you can direct hair to one side and shorter fringe will be on full display


Extra-short, uneven bangs bring eyes into sharp focus and pair perfectly with a retro-inspired bob. In front, point-cut pieces are coaxed forward to hug the face while further back, ends go up and under at random.

By Kerri-Logan 10/12/2015 11:54:00

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