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When it comes to fringe cut, the options are endless


Asymmetry is a great way to divert attention from an angular facial shape. Here, one long, overhanging side is met by diagonal fringe that tumbles over the eye. Lots of blonde and caramel highlights that radiate from darker hair on top are designed to enhace the cut's striking lines


Lash-tickling fringe pairs perfect with this short shag—we especially love the way it's defined into points. Bangs like these offer so much versatility—wear them straight forward one day, then sweep them to the side for an entirely different look tomorrow! The rest of the cut has slight bend at the ends and light crown layers for fullness


Elements of the bob and pixie combine here. Lots of itty-bitty layers through the crown segue into point-cut fringe that's shorter than expected and deliberately uneven. Ends fall to jaw-level and are also cut to create a pointy effect. To style, just blow-dry with your fingers, then touch up with pomade

Bang Type: Easy & Breezy

Bang Type: Easy & Breezy

If you're a low-maintenance kind of girl, this shaggy bob with full, angled fringe could be your dream 'do! Hair is disconnected in front so everything comes forward to frame the face. Blow-dry from the back of the crown using a paddle brush, or add texturizer and let your fingers do the styling for an extra tousled effect

Bang Type: Pretty Piece-y

If you're ready for some fun, have a few shorter pieces cut within your bangs, then style them slightly to one side. To finish, use pormade to define ends into points. Styling is a cinch—just blow-dry using your fingers like a brush.

Bang Type: Geometry Lesson

Bang Type: Geometry Lesson

This bold geometric cut puts long, deep bangs front and center—they actually fall right over the eyes (Sometimes, stylists cut hair like this for dramatic effect). Chevron-shaped sides, a perfectly smooth surface and shiny chestnut color make the mane even more dramatic.



By Audrey-Hunter 11/21/2015 08:59:00

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