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30 Most popular long hair styles with bangs

Zooey Deschanel Long voluminous curls and wispy bangs Alexandra Richards messy, wavy 'do with side-swept bangs  Christina Hendricks face-framing curls with center-parted bangs Hailee Steinfeld Long Straight Cut ... Full story

Your New BFF: Bangs—Give your crop a boost with these 6 Fringe Cut

Bang Type: CLEAN SWEEP Asymmetry is a great way to divert attention from an angular facial shape. Here, one long, overhanging side is met by diagonal ... Full story

5 bang hairstyles that will breathe new life into your locks

Bangs have lots of benefits—they can enhance your features, hide forehead wrinkles and breathe new life into your locks. Here are five awsome bangs that will ... Full story

Getting Bangs? 4 things you need to know before falling for fringe

Bangs have lots of benefits—they can enhance your features, hide forehead wrinkles and add instant excitement to any cut—but there are things you need to ... Full story

Fringe Fever: Trending now? Wispy, Bowed, Blunt, and side-swept we like-y them all

Bangs add that instant wow factor, no matter what else is going on with your hair (we've all had those days). You can pull the ... Full story

Keep fringe looking fresh and fab with these bangin' ideas

The first rule of thumb with bangs is that frequent trims are an absolute must! While lash-skimming, sweeping fringe is flirty, bangs that completely cover ... Full story

Big Bang Theory: 8 Hairstyles That Will Make You Want Short Hair With Bangs

BANG TYPE: ASYMMETRICAL A long, side-swept fringe makes a short, rounded bob look amazing! Layered ends can be flicked up and when paired with a cut ... Full story

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