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12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

Since it became a hit in the Roaring Twenties – yup, it’s almost a century old! – the bob has been a fave of women who want an easy cut that’s short but not overly so. Thanks to up-to-the-minute cutting techniques and your stylist’s creative input, modern versions offer a huge variety of shapes and lengths, with eye-catching details like texture, fullness, new takes on fringe and end movement.

So how do you pick one that’s right for you? Your face shape is always key, says stylist and owner Mark Garrison of Mark Garrison Salon in NYC. Known for his ability to craft beautiful cuts that suit a woman’s bone structure, hair texture and lifestyle, Garrison notes that your stylist should take your own unique features into account to make sure your finished look is flattering.

Also crucial in the selection process is your tress type-some bobs will give it a boost while others will make your hair fall flat.

Bob Basics according to Mark Garrison

  • Carefully crafted angles and layers make the cut work and give it a unique look
  • Bob always have a weight line
  • The boxy bbob doesn’t flatter anyone. The sharp, one-length cut is very conservative-Garrison likens it to Margaret Thatcher’s style, though hers was very bouffant
  • Angled bangs on a bob are good, whatever your hair type.
  • Avoid hair that’s longer in back and short in front because it has a saggy look, like “pants that are too big.”
  • The all-one-length bob is the hardest cut to master because its straight lines need to be controlled and cut at the right place, and there’s little room for error

#1: Soft & Sultry
This longer bob for thick hair focuses on fullness in front and at the ends, where hair is taken under with a jumbo round brush. A hint of flip at the fringe and the side opposite the part plus shiny dimensional blonde color inject the look with lots of sex appeal

Soft and Sultry - 12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#2: Sexy Separation
If your straight hair is ultra-layered, style it for separation to play up its edginess. First, blow-dry with a vented brush, directing hair from a pivot point at the far back, then mist with thermal protectant and flat-iron all over


#3: Low-key Cool
Undone texture, short bangs and a singular shade of platinum give this jaw-length bob a cool, carefree feel, while random razored bits add pieciness to the mix. To style, ruffle through hair with the fingers after adding a little pomade

Low-key cool - 12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#4: Coy Curves
An asymmetrical bob with a heavy front fringe takes on a super-sexy feel when hair is angled forward right over the face. Bend ends up on one side and under on the opposite, shorter side to add even more excitement

Coy Curves - 12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#5: Sheer Brilliance
Styled smooth, a subtly angled bob features shades of apricot and gold radiates amazing shine. Light surface layers contribute to the style’s volume – just blow-dry with a large round brush, and you’re good to go!

Sheer Brilliance - 12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#6: Bring It On
When it’s tie to party, rock your super-curly, thick locks in a heavy graduated cut with tons of layers, pup it up with a mix of volumizer and curl-enhancer to create a bold silhouette and a mass of fabulously frothy coils.

Bring it on - 12 New Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#7: Pastel Pretty
Swing into spring in a cut boasting light layers for movement and separation, plus blunt bangs that dramatize the eyes. To give platinum a feminine attitude, the color is awash in subtle pink and lavender

Pastel Pretty - 12 New Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#8: Be a Flirt
A graduated bob with long , blunt bangs and interior layers is easy to tress up. The key is adding volume through the crown and injecting the ends with flare, which enhances lighter tones placed all around the perimeter

Be a flirt - 12 New Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#9: Fresh Start
Give that boring bob a fresh update by having your stylist bevel the ends and create a dramatic angled fringe treatment. The hip snip is perfect for pairing with black leather when bangs are lifted up and over and ends are flicked up with a flat iron

Fresh Start - 12 New Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#10: Simple Stunner
Hair that’s super-straight is cut with utmost precision so it falls into place with ease. Blown-out from a deep side part, volume is positioned at the bottom on the heavier side, which is held off the face with a simple bobby pin. Beautiful!

Simple Stunner - 12 New Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#11: Smooth Operator
Get your straight hair ready for the season with a bob that’s big on bangs side fullness and movement. Cut to jaw-level with face-flattering details in front, blow hair out with a round brush, directing the crown back from a horizontal part.

Smooth Operator - 12 Best Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Go Crazy Over

#12: Amazing Grace
Blended layers add controlled fullness and curve to hair that’s fine yet abundant. To further plump up the hair shaft, try beige blonde with panels of bronze, provided you have a cool skin tone. To style, apply a light volumizer and blow-dry with a round brush

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