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Classy Bob Hairstyles For Thick Hair That Speak Style

Everyone is interested in bob hairstyles, because sooner or later we try sporting bob in everyday life for a certain period or stick to it forever. With thick hair it’s often recommended to try longer bob haircuts, reaching the collar-bone length, for instance. Wavy, curly or straight, they are all so special that commonly you can decide on the hairstyle you like the most. And it’s a good thing. Styling your bob differently, you have fewer chances to get bored with it.  

Eye-Catching Bob Hairstyles For Thick Hair

#1: Wild Orchid Inspiration

Asymmetric bob with distinct A-line contours is a good solution for thick hair. Being sleek and polished, it gives the real feel of fantastic natural hair density that doesn’t need any tricks for added volume, while the wild orchid local highlights make this bob a signature hairstyle, nobody will ever pass unnoticed.

asymmetric bob hairstyle for thick hair

#2: Stacked Bob With Backswept Finish

This dark-brown airy hairstyle with elongated front tresses is paired with awesomely flattering walnut highlights, swept back for an added textured touch. The shiny finish and fantastic volume that, however, preserves the shape makes this hairstyle one of the classiest bobs ever.

stacked bob for thick hair with highlights

#3: Disconnected Wavy Bob

Slightly wavy bob hairstyles never yield to their sleek and straight counterparts. They bring in an incomparable romantic fleur, associated with carefree summer days by the sea shore, where the breeze is your only stylist. This fabulous bob features a shattered wavy texture nonchalantly swept back and a great hue of wheat blonde with darker roots.

wavy medium bob for thick hair

#4: Flawless Bob As We Imagine It

When we think of a perfect bob, our imagination draws a picture like this: a shoulder-grazing length, straight, slightly flipped in tresses, framing the face with light layering and side bangs. Pale blond highlights and honey downlights are an extra bonus that you’ll love to add to the perfect picture.

blonde shoulder length bob

#5: Blonde Texturized Bob

In this stylish bob hairstyle the ashy tones of blondes and browns are used to enhance the rich texture with some tresses pulled forward, while others are swept back. Thick straight hair is ideal for such styles, good for any occasion where you need to look elegant and modern yet not overly fancy.

textured bob for thick hair

As time goes by, we are trying to make bobs brighter and more interesting. With the current trends it’s easy to achieve with highlights and added texture. 

By Jennifer-Short 09/03/2016 07:40:00

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