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Tiffany Childs offers the steps for recreating this striking style

Tiffany Childs offers the steps for recreating this striking style

1: Comb hair until smooth using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush

2: Curl your hair using Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Spray and a 1.5-inch curling iron. (This is just to give some volume to your hair, so if your hair is naturally wavy, go ahead and skip this step. However, if your is super curly, be sure to relax your curls a bit using a large curling iron.)

3: Split your hair into two sections diagonally from the top right of your head (just above your right eye) toward the middle of the back of your head

4: Begin your braid at the back bottom of the right side of your head by taking two medium-sized sections side-by-side.

5: Start to braid the hair upward, take a piece from the left side of your section, cross it over and add it to the right section you started with.

6: Take a section from the right side of your hair and cross it over, adding it to the left section you started with.

7: Continue this process until you reach the top right of your head

8: Begin to curve the braid, continuing to take pieces from the left, crossing and adding to the right, and pieces from the right, crossing and adding the to the left.

9: Continue the braid now on the left side of your head all the way toward the back of that section.

10: Once you hace reached the bottom of your head, you will be left with two separate sections of hair

11: Once the braid is finished, secure with a clear plastic band, leaving out a small piece of your hair to wrap around the band

12: Spray your entire head with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play. At the beginning of your braid, begin to gently pull on the pieces of your hair to loosen the braid

13: Conitnue step 12 all the way to the end of the braid until you achieve the desired look

14: Take the small strand of your hair that you left out and wrap around the elastic band a few times and be sure to spray it generously with Big Sexy Spray & Stay hairspray

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By Lisa-Rivera 06/12/2015 14:26:00

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