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Double Braided Buns

From romantic fishtails to messy bed-head crowns, there is hardly a style more versatile and on trend than the braid.

"We get a lot of request for the crown braid," said Jessica Jekkel, owner of Assembly Salon, a braid and ponytail bar in Beverly Hills, CA. It's a style made popular by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, who have showcased its versatility by wearing the braid on red carpets and out running errands. The crown braid is just one of many braid styles Jekkel's technicians are well versed in.

"We keep up with the times, and we take the time to practice so that we are ready for the customer," she said. "We can do an undone version of the crown braid, loosen it up and you can wear it kind of boho with a maxi dress, or we can do it very polished, perfect to wear with a black cocktail dress."

Another trending and versatile style is the bun. From the sock bun made famous by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to the sophisticated chignons on the likes of Beyonce and Eva Longoria, the bun can work with as many looks as the braid. When you incorporate a braid or two into your bun, your hair can really get an edge on style.

Think a braid or bun might be a style you'd like to try yourself? Don't get it twisted.

"It's really not easy to braid on yourself, especially the more-complicated ones," Jekkel said. "Like the crown braid, keeping the hair that is already braided tight can be challenging. Holding on tightly to those strands that you are continuing to braid can be easier said than done."

If you can stand a bit of dead arm and use the right products, braids and buns are worth the effort. To help you get started, we've broken down 11 looks - six braids and five buns - with the help of Jekkel and hairstylist Tiffany Childs


  1. Part your hair on either side of your head (whichever you prefer) and comb hair until smooth using a wide-toothd comb or paddle brush. Be sure the part is a little further over than you would normally do.
  2. Begin your twist braid on the larger section of your hair, close to your hairline.
  3. Take a 1-inch section of hair and divide it into two equal parts
  4. Taking the pieces, twist both pieces toward your face then cross the front piece over the top of the other piece
  5. Adding a piece of hair from your hair line, twist it forward your face then cross it over the top and add it to the piece furthest from your hairline.
  6. Continue Steps 4 and 5 along your hairline
  7. Once you are at the end of your hairline, start a regular twist (twisting the pieces and crossing them over one another) by gathering all of your hair to that side of your head, then secure with a clear elastic band once you reach the end
  8. Spray with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play, then gently start pulling pieces to loosen the twist.
  9. Once you achieve the desired look, take your braid, form it into a bun shape and secure to your head with bobby pins


  1. Comb hair until smooth, using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush.
  2. Using Hair Spray, pull hair into a medium/high ponytail and secure with a rubber band
  3. Split ponytail into two equal parts, securing one of the sections out of the way for now.
  4. Start a fishtail braid on the section you have out by taking a small 1/2-inch piece from the outermost part of the left side and bringing it over to the right side. Holding the two sections apart, now take a small 1/2-inch piece from the outermost part of the right side and bring it over to the left section of hair.
  5. Continue this process until you reach the end and secure with a small elastic band. Spray with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play.
  6. Starting at the top of the braid closest to the base of the ponytail, gently begin to pull on pieces of the braid to loosen it.
  7. Continue all the way down to the end of the braid until you are happy with the results.
  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 on the second section of hair
  9. Once you have your braids, take one and tuck the end under/behind the braid, roll it a bit and secure to your head with a bobby pin. Then form it a bit and secure with more bobby pins.
  10. Take the second braid, wrap it around the first braid. Form it into a bun and secure with bobby pins
  11. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play and TIGI S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray


  1. Comb hair until smooth using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush.
  2. Curl your hair using Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Spray and a 1.5-inch curling iron. (This is just to give some volume to your hair, so if your hair is naturally wavy, go ahead and skip this step. However, if your hair is super curly, be sure to relax your curls a bit using a large curling iron)
  3. Split your hair into two sections diagonally from the top right of your head (just above your right eye) toward the middle of the back of your head.
  4. Begin your braid at the back bottom of the right side of your head by taking two medium-sized sections side-by-side.
  5. Start to braid the hair upward, take a piece from the left side of your section, cross it over and add it to the right section you started with.
  6. Take a section from the right side of your hair and cross it over, adding it to the left section you started with.
  7. Continue this process until you reach the top right of your head.
  8. Begin to curve the braid, continuing to take pieces from the left, crossing and adding to the right, and pieces from the right, crossing and adding them to the left.
  9. Continue the braid now on the left side of your head all the way toward the back of that section.
  10. Once you have reached the bottom of your head, you will be left with two separate sections of hair. Start a regular fishtail braid, taking pieces from each side and crossing and adding them to the other.
  11. Once the braid is finished, secure with a clear plastic band, leaving out a small piece of hair to wrap around the band.
  12. Spray your entire head with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play. Ast the beginning of your braid, begin to gently pull on the pieces of your hair to loosen the braid.
  13. Continue Step 12 all the way to the end of the braid until you achieve the desired look.
  14. Take the small strand of hair that you left out and wrap around the elastic band a few times and be sure to spray it generously with Big Sexy Spray & Stay Hairspray.


  1. This style should be done on smooth hair texture, so start with a blowout.
  2. On smooth hair, deep-side part the hair, using the high point of the brow as the marker.
  3. From that point, diagonally french braid down along the back of the head, taking large vertical sections along the back of the head.
  4. Continue braiding until the end of the hair.
  5. Wrap the braid into a loose chignon or low side bun.
  6. Pull out the chignon slightly to increase volume of bun. Secure at four corners with pins, either large u-shaped or bobby pins
  7. Secure elsewhere as needed.
  8. Spray with Kevin.Murphy's Shimmer Shine Spray










By Audrey-Hunter 08/29/2015 11:49:00

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