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20 Cool Hairstyles For Little Girls On Any Occasion

Little girls are just very young women, and beauty matters can’t be foreign to them, in spite of their tenderest age. From the earliest years little princesses show great interest in the dressers and make up organizers of their mommies, trying to copy everything they see. Hairstyles for younger ladies offer a large space for creativity. Cute buns, frisky pigtails, playful braids and natural-looking loose styles can be very ornate or rather multipurpose. At school or in any kids’ groups girls try to look special, alternating their cool ‘dos and hair accessories.

In my opinion, a beautiful hairstyle for a young girl should be fun but not too elaborate. Anyway, most working moms can’t afford spending 30 minutes every morning on their daughter’s hair. Luckily, there are lots of ‘dos which look pretty showy and require minimal time for their creation. I’ve collected 20 luxurious hairstyles for the youngest fashionistas I love the most. Look, get inspired and pick the best ones!

#1: Twisty Bob

Bob haircuts are perfect for little girls with straight fine hair. To spice a usual style with an unusual touch, make 4 rows of double twists off the line of the side parting and fix each pair together with an elastic.

bob hairstyle with twists for little girls

#2: Little Fairy

I love adult hairstyles on little girls if they are simple and not overly pretentious. These cute long locks swept fancily to one side mimic the looks of Hollywood divas and appear divine on this little fairy.

cute curly hairstyle for little girls

#3: Bridged Pigtails

Two chunky criss-cross braids running across your girl’s crown can serve a fancy bridge connecting two cute tiny pigtails. And, of course, do not forget fun hair accessories, like these awesome pieces, resembling butterflies.

braided hairstyle for little girls

#4: Adorable Top Knots

Here’s an easy hairstyle to be completed in a matter of minutes on busy mornings: a couple of delightful top double knots, spread playfully to shape bagels.

top knots hairstyle for little girls

#5: True Princess

There are very special occasions when your daughter will love to feel like a true princess. With this fancy braided hairstyle, featuring fantastic curls, she will for 100%.

curly girly hairstyle

#6: Pretty Headband

A very easy French braid that actually looks like a braided twist is perfect when your cutie wants to enjoy a loose hairstyle. It keeps the front tresses from falling on her face and makes her feel special.

french braid headband for little girls

#7: A Big Bun For A Little Girl

Long thick hair is an enviable beauty for a lady of any age. This updo is excellent for school or summer days when someone’s long luxurious tresses need to be taken under control. A centre-running French braid and a high bun is exactly what’s needed.

top bun hairstyle for little girls

#8: Pretzel

This yummy hairstyle is nothing but the regular double braids shaped into a pretzel and fixed at the sides with bright blue bows. Let the tails stick out mischievously.

cute braided hairstyle for little girls

#9: In The Clouds

If your baby girl has curls, let her sport them scattered all over her shoulders. I’d say multiple twists are the easiest and showiest way to model the forehead-framing locks.

wavy hairstyle for little girls

#10: Sweetie With Fishtails

I know, I know you often braid her tightly to maintain a neat look. But why not to make a trendy ‘do once in a while for your junior girl of fashion? Loose fishtails and a “wow” girlie solution for the ends make this delightful style scream with chic.

fishtails for little girls

#11: Pony Veil & A Twist

Straight pastel blond locks are amazing when worn loose, but you can always give them a cool twist, literally speaking: an interesting idea for petite princesses.

twisty hairstyle for little girls

#12: Kids’ Glamour

A woman is a woman, no matter how old she is. I bet your little girl will be excited to sport the glamorous Hollywood curls with a silky finish for very special occasions.

glamorous hairstyle for little girls

#13: Violet Dreams

Here is a dreamy trendy hairstyle with a very wide age span. We see similar messy braids rocked by celebrities on the red carpet, but this cutie has her own charisma, unquestionably.

double braids for little girls

#14: A Vintage ‘Do

Breathtaking finger waves look fantastic on little girls. If you pair them with a tight braid on one side and a twist on the other, topped with a graceful dotted bow, you’ll come with a distinguished style for a Sunday day out or special occasion.

long wavy hairstyle for little girls

#15: Hair Flowers In The Curls

Soft kiddie medium-length curls are already heavenly and do not need any particular styling. Making a side parting and attaching some delicate fabric or live flowers can only enhance the natural beauty of this sweet girly ‘do.

curly hairstyle with fabric flowers for little girls

#16: Forest Nymph

Little redheads are the most harmonious embodiment of the autumn forest. This messy hairstyle with a braid pushed on the forehead and a triple vine leaf is irresistibly charming.

long hairstyle for little girls

#17: Young Lady

An elegant braided updo for a very young lady is something that is going to make your daughter stand out of the crowd of other kids.

braided updo for little girls

#18: Sleek Braided & Twisted Ponies

Twisting a braid with another twist, you are going to make an ingenious and fun ponytail that is a good idea for a school day or kids’ party.

ponytail hairstyle for little girls

#19: Frisky Crest

Half up half down styles are always very distinct and ornate. Sleeking your daughter’s hair off her face, leave a cute curly crest for a bright and frisky accent.

half up half down hairstyle for little girls

#20: Braided Tieback

Multiple thin braids help to hold front tresses from falling on the face and serve the main attraction of this beautiful and practically effortless downdo for little girls.

braided tieback hairstyle for little girls

Styling of your daughter’s hair is an absorbing process that you are going to enjoy to the fullest, once you are into it. And don’t forget to take pictures of her new hairstyles, since kids grow really fast, and every moment is unique.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/09/2015 09:42:00

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