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They're the key to getting exactly what you want

1) You Want: A Shag

The beauty of the shag is that it gives you the feel of two cuts in one—hair is short and face-framin in front and drops far longer in back. Since the model's hair is fairly fine, layering produces a piece-y quality.

2) You Want: Lazy Waves

Asymmetry and exoertly angled layers give this inverted bob its allure. It all comes together when styled with mousse and a large round brush. Then, twist random sections around your fingers to add low-key texture.

3) You want: A Soft Wedge

A short, heavily graduated back and long crown layers form the basis of this updated classic. The longest hair is concentrated through the fringe, which is coaxed to the side, while randomly pieced-out ends give the look a flirty, high-energy feel.

4) You want: Spot Fullness

If you crave a cut with edgy appeal and your hair is thick, have the front snipped into long layers to create heavy, over-the-face fringe. Point-cut ends are deliberately uneven to promote flare that contrasts interior smoothness

5) You want: Less Bulk

Long layers are a must if your thick hair tends to go bulky. Here, they're blended to one side so strands can be lifted up from a low angled part to max things out. Sides are cut blunt at mid-ear and bangs are point-cut.

6) You want: Movement

Long, blended layers energize this bob, which has a full crown that sweeps over the face in dramatic fashion. Uneven, wider-than-usual pieces hit the cheeks and the nape boasts a ducktail shape

7) You want: A Choppy Bob

Shattered layers have a haphazard look that works because of the model's striking square face shape and the fact that uneven layers are cut with precision. Baby bangs peek out on top, which is styled for a crisscross effect.

8) You want: Curl Control

As any natural curl girl knows al too well, when her thick locks aren't cut just right, excess weight will make ringlets all but disappear. But a cut with vertical layers paired with the proper styling routine will change all that!

By Audrey-Hunter 06/15/2015 11:04:00

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