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Look-At-Me Layers

Make all eyes turn your way with of-the-moment layers

Spot On

Here, most of the layers are positioned from mid-crown through the bangs while in back, hair is longer and closely tapered at the bottom. Play up fullness in front by blow-drying hair over a round brush, directing bangs up and over, then take the sides back.

End Game

Adding layers to the ends only results in a look with flirty flicks and bends that contrast smoothness everywhere else. Other elements of interest include a crooked part and a graduated, v-shaped nape. A deep mahogany color with hints of auburn promotes shine and complements her skin tone

Get Wild

When volume, texture and movement collide, you've got an edgy look that's second to none! Best when performed on thick strands, shorter angled layers in back and on top get longer off to one side only, creating an asymmetrical feel. Blow-dry with your fingers, defining individual spikes with pomade

Custom Blend

Blended layers promote all-over lift, especially through the crown where they're most obvious. For forward movement, have your stylist angle the sides. Blow-dry hair with volumizer and a round brush, directing the front over the face for softness—this bodacious bob is sure to be a big hit!

Free Spirit

Spirited spikes take off through the top of this ultra-short, layered pixie. Cut to different lengths, the look further energized by styling it with a strong-hold gel and the fingers—just lift sections up from the root as you blow-dry. To finish, define pieces with a paliable molding clay.

Upwardly Mobile

Stack the back with layers that start short at the nape, then are sharply angled to more length on top. To soften the effect, hair is longer still at the sides and through the front fringe, and is topped with a vibrant mix of dimensional red tones

Choppy Sweet

Get a girly layered bob by combining deliberately uneven bangs with short side and top sections, then have the ends beveled for movement. To play up the cut, go heavy on the highlights. Blow-dry with a round brush, adding lift on top and turning ends up and under at random

Shaggy Effect

The entire front of this collar-length bob is snipped into shaggy layers that totally veil the eyes and hit the cheeks. Light surface layers further back continue the undone feel while the rest of  hair is mostly one-length and styled smooth. After blow-drying, work texturizer through the front with your fingers.

Long to Short

Layers start short at the top of the crown, then gradually become longer as they move forward, ending in fringe that dips over one brow. Short, tapered sides are styled smooth to hug the head. Kick things up with a blower and round brush, directing sections horizontally in back.

Lush & Lively

Bi-level layers make hair go wildly wavy - they're blended in front and are longer and graduated at the nape. The full, feminine effect is brought to life by prepping hair with mousse, then styling it with a blower and medium-sized round brush. Take layers every-which-way to increase the sex appeal and enviable movement.

Top Heavy

Multi-length, asymmetrical layers against a closely tapered perimeter promote lift and a sophisticated-meets-edgy feel. To style, apply a volumizer, grab a medium round brush and direct sections up from the root starting at a pivot point placed to one side. Bangs are light and wispy on one side and get longer and heavier on the opposite.

Rough it up

If your hair is thick and naturally wavy and you want a deliberately messy look, mix up long and short layers. The longest sections are positioned in front of to form side-swiped fringe, while shorter razored sections are placed at the ears and boast directional movement. Use fingers and texturizer to rough-style strands as you blow-dry.

By Lisa-Rivera 03/27/2016 16:22:00

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