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10 Lovely Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts

Heavy hair that is weighed down and shapeless is brought back to life with layers. Whether your hair is short or long, adding layers into your ... Full story

12 Short Layers that says Look-At-Me

Make all eyes turn your way with of-the-moment layers Spot On Here, most of the layers are positioned from mid-crown through the bangs while in back, hair ... Full story

50 Medium Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts

From long to choppy; up-front to all-over, there are lots of types of layers. Layers work on everybody, but to find the best ones for ... Full story

Light up in Layers: 100 Best Layered Haircuts, Hairstyles & Trends for 2015

Ah, the magic of layers! Not only do they add volume and give extra dimension, they also help conceal facial flaws. For example, the illusion ... Full story

8 Reasons To Love Layers

1) You Want: A Shag The beauty of the shag is that it gives you the feel of two cuts in one—hair is short and face-framin ... Full story

Say Yes To Layers: If your hair needs lift, texture or more movement, layers deliver!

What Layers Can Do For Your Hair Almost every shot cut has layers because they're a must if you want shape, interior movement and fullness. They ... Full story

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