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Highlights get heavy from chin-length down. When set in waves, they look like ribbons of color

Extra length adds loads of versatility so the sky's the limit for you. Go straight, wavy, boho, half up, slicked up, even fake a short cut. Just be sure to keep hair healthy-looking by trimming ends. Also, as the weather gets colder, avoid washing hair daily, as it can dry it out. "If just ends are dry, wash them with a moisturizing shampoo and then condition," says Lisa Marie Garcia of Farouk Systems. "And don't forget the leave-in treatment

2 Tricks To Spot-on Length

#1: Trim ends every few months

This method helps because when your hair splits at the ends and breaks off, it makes it seem like it isn't growing

#2: Use a reparing hair treatment

Especially helpful in nourishing extra-damaged hair that's prone to breakage.

23 Fun and Cute Long Hairstyles for Fall

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