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Some Deeply Sensuous Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair

Long thick hair is a dream of dreams, the most beautiful sign of femininity and good health. With a decent length and good thickness, there are almost no styling taboos for you. Although the majority of jaw-dropping hairstyles are pretty simple. They feature different types of freely flowing waves and curls. But I have also included one braided style for diversity.  

#1: Center-Parted Beach Waves

Oh, they are so madly cute! Slightly tangled and messy but silky and with a distinct structure, these waves are one of the most beautiful ways ever to sport your long thick tresses. I bet many girls who are viewing this photo now, can’t wait to grow out their manes. Note that centre parting is not flattering for broad faces, the round and square ones.

beach waves for long thick hair

#2: Triple Fishtail

Fishtails are so popular these days that stepping out of your door, you risk meeting at least a few girls more who are sporting the same braided style. Here is a way of how to make yours unique. Luckily, your thick tresses allow braiding 3 decent fishtails which can be easily done into an enviously chunky braid with a polished finish.

triple fishtail hairstyle

#3: Heavenly Curves

Sweeping your lavish mane to one side, shape your tresses into very loose curls, featuring gorgeous curvy lines, framing your face gracefully and cascading down one shoulder. It’s a fantastic option of a breathtaking wedding/prom hairstyle, ideal for a strapless or one shoulder gown.

one side hairstyle for long thick hair

#4: Messy Curly Head-Turning Style

Everything is “wow” about this gorgeous long hairstyle: the color, the texture and the perfect nonchalant feel. A few front tresses are clasped behind for a better control of luxurious curls. Blunt, forehead-covering bangs and loose messed up curls are a win-win combination for a party or Sunday walk in the city.

messy wavy hairstyle for long thick hair

#5: Fabulous Waterfall Waves

These are miraculously soft and smoothly flowing with a distinct texture accentuated with subtle highlights. With a hairstyle like this, you are a princess wherever you go. I can imagine the fantastic feel of movement they give when you are walking… Hmmm…. It’s something, girls!

waterfall waves for long thick hair

Oh, well, I know it’s not so easy to care for your heavy lengthy locks. So, for now when you still have them, try as many different long hairstyles as you can. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll decide to go for a big chop, and, yes, you’ll need something to remember from your long-haired past:)

By Vanessa-North 09/04/2016 04:50:00

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