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4 Manly Hair Products Your Man Would Actually Try

Our men are hard to please — they want to look like they put in no effort whatsoever, but we know they primp just the same. But will they use our girlie products? No need…they have a fair selection of their very own!

Alterna Bamboo Men Thickening Gel Lotion ($18) The last thing your man wants is the appearance that his hair is thinning. This gel is a quick drying, weightless and water-resistant formula provides thinning hair with thickening benefits for all-over volume and styling manageability. Plus, check out that masculine packaging! He’ll primp with pride.

Bamboo manly hair product

COLURE FirmHold Styling Gel ($23) Don’t let the pink packaging fool you… this is a gel that will make your man feel manly with firm hold.  It never flakes, which as you might know, can be a problem with many men’s gels.  It also contains full spectrum sun screen protecting from UVA & UVB oxidative damage, and it’s made from a humidity resistant formula.

Manly hair products styling gel

GetAwayGray  ($30) The problem with hair dyes is that men view them as having a female connotation attached to them. They will love trying this though – it is an all-natural pill that contains a concentrated dose of Catalase, a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) in the body. High amounts of H202 are what cause the natural bleaching, or graying of hair; Catalase regulates the levels of H202 while returning hair to its natural color. We haven’t tried it yet, but can’t wait to see if it really works — comment below if you’ve used it!

get away gray hair product for men

Eufora HERO for Men contain Eufora’s patented Proamino Peptide Complex, which may as well be a glass of green juice. It is made of botanical extracts, including licorice, avocado, neem, coenzyme Q10 along with advanced skin care technology, all of which are supposed to work together to encourage healthy hair growth. It also strengthens, protects and repairs the hair follicle that helps slow down the follicle aging process. Our pick, their Exceptional Shave is a 3-in-1 shave and skin care product, providing a balance between botanical ingredients and advanced science; therefore, eliminating the need for additional pre-and post-shave products.

Euforfa manly hair product

By SEllison 04/05/2015 15:01:00

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