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How to create a ponytail braid

Tiffany Childs shares how you can get this braided style

1) Comb hair until smooth using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush

2) Take a small section from the front top of your head and back comb it a bit and spray with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play

3) Form into a small pompadour and secure with a bobby pin toward the top middle part of your head

4) Using Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play, pull the rest of your hair into a medium/high ponytail and secure with a rubber band.

5) Take out a small section of the bottom part of your ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band a few times then secure with a bobby pin

6) Take your ponytail and create a regular braid. Once you reach the end, secure with a clear elastic band.

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By Lisa-Rivera 06/14/2015 13:12:00

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