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You'll have a hard time finding more wow-worthy celeb hair...anywhere.

We can't get enough of these star styles! A few are recent, but most go back awhile, proving that a great cut will always stand the test of time.


With layers directed forward from the back of the crown, Carey Mulligan's crop spotlights her eyes, while pushed-back sides show of her gorgeous complexion and cheekbones. After all, if your style doesn't flatter your face, it isn't doing its job!

#2: Ginnifer

The prettiest pixie on the planet has got to be Ginnifer Goodwin's—it's been her trademark cut for years and she wears it so many ways, often styling it into punk-inspired spikes or taking it smooth, as shown here, with just a hint of pretty lift.

#3: ScarJo

Scarlet Johansson's shaggy-edged snip is a cut above the rest—we give it high marks for origininality and drama. Styled from a short center part, waves fall forward to frame the face and ends are flat ironed all around

#4: Victoria

One of our fave cuts ever is Victoria Beckham's mega-popular 'pob'. The fashion designer's invered bob features interior layers, soft waves, a crooked part and a longer disconnected side. The result is undone perfection.

#5: Michelle

Michelle Williams' statement style is short, though it varies from pixie-close to bob-like. This look has long, lifted crown layers that dip over the forhead at an angle for a flirty effect and sides are tucked behind the ears.

#6: Katie

During TomKat's heyday, Katie Holmes cuts as much as her hubby! Here, an inverted bob is styled into jaw-hugging points and wispy-to-heavy bangs are slightly slanted. Megawatt shine seals the deal.

#7: Katy

Katy Perry's strands are most notorious for having rocked everything from emerald green and purple to fuchsia (and—surprise!—she's a natural blonde). But she favors black and when worn in this polished bob plus bangs, we can totally understand why!

#8: Miley

Big props to Miley Cyrus, who continues to rock an undercut that would be most girls' worst nightmare. The look totally suits her flawless features and fearless attitude, and needs to be clipper-cut all around, leaving some length in back. Her way-dark natural roots—see how they match her eyebrows—against lifted platinum layers add to the drama

#9: Emma

Emma Roberts' bob has just the right amount of casual appeal without looking too undone thanks to flared ends and subtle separation. It only takes a few minutes to blow-dry her fine hair using a vented brush

#10: Julianne

She dances! She acts! She's got great hair! Julianne Hough has become a modern tress icon, thanks in large part to her stylist Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood. Earlier this year, she went pixie-short, but it's since grown into a bob with softly flared ends, a crooked part (which somehow renders her dark roots easy on the eyes) and one casually tucked-back side

#11: Camilla

Shattered ends add low-key cool to Camilla Belle's lob, which starts smooth before taking on a hint of separation at the cheekbone. Her dark roots don't look off-putting because the deeper shade shows up in the front and on select under panels

#12: Robin

Robin Wright has made pixie-to-crop-length locks her statement style. Graduation in back and long layers give this wedge a striking shape and lots of lift—it's perfect for showcasing her beautiful features, plus the strawberry blonde color is alive with warmth.


By Lily-Oliver 04/05/2016 05:48:00

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