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Settle on a style well in advance of that big night out, and remember: Practice makes perfect!

#1: Red-Carpet Ready

A cut with short sides and a longer top is perfect for adding non-stop volume and curl. You can get the look with hot rollers or a curling iron, setting narrow sections to go up and back. Finger-style the sides and nape, then gently work through the finished look with dabs of pomade for separation and shine.

#2: Knotty But Nice

At night, opt for elegance by directing bangs totally off your face. The front is coaxed into full, rounded shape—your stylist can use an artificial insert to add bulk—while sides are slicked up separately and a smaller chignon is placed at the far back. Tug wisps free on the sides and let the back hang straight

#3: Full Sweep

Volume that starts at the crown, then gets even bigger off to the sides is a wow way to tress up a layered, tapered bob. Use a blower and round brush to generate lift and smoothness in front as you bring side bangs forward. To finish, detail pieces at the bottom with pomade-tipped fingers.

#4: Soft & Sweet

The same cut takes on a flirtier feel when you tone down the volume. Instead, concentrate on adding bend to a few select pieces with a narrow curling iron, creating curves through the interior, then flick up ends ever-so-slightly

#5: On a High

Show off a flawless complexion, fab features and an oval face shape by taking hair up high for a hip pompadour effect. The cut features close cropped sides and crrown layers plus narrow point-cut sideburns that echo tugged -free tendrils at the forehead. Let a strong styling gel do the heavy lifting as you blow-dry sections with a round brush.

#6: Wave Rider

Add beautiful bend to the same cut and you'll do an even better job of showing off close-cropped sides and narrow point-cut sideburns! The style also adds elegance to the funky cut, perfect for any special occasion that calls for a touch more sophistication. Roll sections around a smallcurling iron and rake through crown with fingers

#7: Crimp or Style

For instant  excitement, this pixie is revved up with criped pieces placed through the slanted, blonde bangs. The secret to crimping success: don't go overboard. Add just 2-3 random sections—here, the one at the far front is wider than the others. Also, make sure to use a thermal protectant prior to styling hair.

#8: Fanciful Idea

Angled, point-cut ends are flat ironed to flick up behind the ear, creating this asymmetrical cut's fab focal point. On the opposite side, smooth, brow-hugging bangs segue into rounded sides. A mane must-have is non-stop shine.

#9: Flick Trick

Don't want all-over smoothness? Have the ends of your bob razor tapered and you'll be able to form flirty flicks just by bending them up with your fingers or a brush while you blow-dry. Another fun element is the blunt fringe, which is angled at the temples

#10: Graduation Day

This heavily graduated bob packs a real punch! Layers kick up, then forward for volume and movement, while the perimeter is slightly slanted at ear-level and is cut into a sharp point at the nape. For up-front softness, long bangs are shaped to hug the brows

#11: Unique Chic

Strike a sexy, dramatic pose with this unique styling idea. Start with a jaw-length bob and comb in a low side part, then blow-dry hair up and over, adding major lift on top and bringing the bang section over one eye. The rest of the hair is styled sleek and sides are tucked tighly behind the ears

#12: Straight to curly

Try a carefully-crafted night lock that contrasts a smooth crown and sides with tightly coiled end curl. It's easy to do if you have a layered bob: just blow hair out with a round brush, then spiral-wrap narrow sections at the ends around a mini curling iron. Pin back the parted side and let the opposite drape forward.

#13: Fast Forward

This asymmetrical crop becomes night-right with ease. To do, style hair from crooked side part, adding lift in back with a blower and round brush, then bring front sections forward, letting the longer piece curve over the face. Mist with holding spray to finish

#14: Lift Trick

If you have thick layered locks, go all out with off-the-face volume. Work foaming mousse into roots of damp strands before blow-drying with a round brush—a low side part will help generate more fullness on top. Back-comb as needed and add holding spring


By Lisa-Rivera 05/05/2016 02:27:00

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