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Short Hairstyle Trends for Fall 2016

Thinking about chopping your hair off for the fall? The change of seasons is always a fun time to think about switching up your look. Short haircuts are actually quite flattering on most face shapes and are super easy to style. No matter your age or hair texture, consider trying a short hairstyle to really try something new this season!

Textured Pixie

This adorable pixie is made fresh and modern with lots of textured pieces and sprouts. A soft tapered neckline and razored edges around the ears keeps the style feminine.

How to Style:

1. Right out of the shower use your fingers to push most of your hair towards your face.

2. Let your hair dry or use a blow dryer to dry hair into place. No need for a brush, you can just use your hands.

3. Use your favorite styling product to really accentuate your fun texture.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

This hairstyle would look great on all face shapes and would look great with naturally straight to wavy hair texture.


When considering a short hairstyle remember that daily maintenance and styling are a snap but monthly haircuts need to be more frequent and are essential to keep your style fresh and in shape.

Ruby Buzz

This glowing red hairstyle shows off the short and long of it. Long sweeping bangs and soft layers are contrasted by a buzzed side section that screams rock and roll.

Ruby Red Sculpted Pixie

Ruby Red Sculpted Pixie - Side View

How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair with a paddle brush to really help hair lay smooth and flat. Point the dryer in the direction you want the hair to lay.

2. When your hair is completely dry, grab your flat iron and smooth out hair in small sections.

3. Keep the look smooth by following up with a shine spray or serum.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

Oval or circular shaped faces would look nice with this haircut. More angular shaped faces may look a little bit harsher. Straight hair or hair that has slight wave can wear this look with ease.


If you do color your hair and choose this buzzed hairstyle, keep up with coloring because roots will grow out and show extremely fast.

Soft Edge

This extremely long sweeping fringe is balanced out with other face framing layers that add lots of drama and shape. A tapered neck line repeats the zig zaggish pattern. Warm highlights are the perfect accent for fall.

Soft Edge Forward Swept Style

Soft Edge Auburn Highlighted Style

How to Style:

1. Blow dry your hair forward with a paddle brush to smooth. Point the dryer and brush in the direction  you want the hair to go, which will be mostly towards the face in this case.

2. When hair is completely and 100% dry, use a flat iron if you need to smooth out any more pieces.

3. Use a light hairspray to add some texture and show off your layers.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

All face shapes will look great framed with these soft textured layers.


Keeping your highlights just a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color helps add beautiful dimension that grows out wonderfully.

Autumn Beauty

This A-line Bob is slightly asymmetrical and lightly layered for shape and volume. Lighter pieces of copper are hidden beneath a deep red-copper base. The varying length of the layers create a fun “peek-a-boo” effect.

Sleek Highlighted A-line Auburn Style

How to Style:

1. Part your hair slightly to one side and use a paddle brush to smooth your hair as you blow it dry.

2. Use a flat iron if needed to really smooth hair and finish it off.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

All face shapes excluding long oval faces would look great with this hairstyle. Straight hair that has minimal curl or wave is ideal for this look.


Adding some red or going slightly darker with your color is always an awesome idea when fall comes around. Ask your stylist what shades would complement you and your skin tone best.

Short Tapered Sleekness

This sunny hairstyle is made up of super tapered sides, long face-framing bangs, and silky softness… three elements that make this style simply amazing! The jaw grazing length is flattering on most face shapes, too.

Short Sleek Tapered Blonde Style

Sleek Tapered Blonde Style Side View

How to Style:

This no-volume hairstyle simply needs a good blow-dry and some flat ironing.

1. Comb hair right out of the shower by parting it deeply to one side.

2. Apply smoothing products to wet hair to help with a sleek blowout.

3. Use a paddle brush and direct air down the hair shaft to help it lay flat as you dry.

4. Follow up your blow dry with a flat iron if you need to smooth out or redirect any pieces of hair.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

All face shapes can rock this hairstyle. Fine to medium textured hair that is on the straighter side naturally is best for this look.


If your hair is really fine, use lighter hydrating products. Too much product can weigh it down and make it oily. Ask your stylist for suggestions.

Rocked Out

This super edgy haircut is razored all around the perimeter and throughout the interior of the haircut. Fall haircuts are all about texture and shape so really go for it with this fun and rocked out hairstyle.

Rocked Out Forward Swept Fun Pixie

Rocked Out Forward Swept Fun Pixie Blonde Highlights

How to Style:

1. Blow dry your hair forward all over with your fingers. Really pinch and piece out the hair as it dries to get that fun textured style.

2. Use a fun pomade and some hairspray to push hair up and into the direction you desire. Really apply product at the roots for ultimate life.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

All face shapes can wear this fun textured hairstyle. Try it out if you have thin to thick hair with straight to wavy texture.


When using pomade, rub the product in your palms first and then apply it to your hair. Don’t put chunks of the product in your hair right out of the container or you’ll get chunks in your hair and it will look oily and weighed down.

Soft Pieces

The super soft short hairstyle is beautiful to try this Fall. The angular layers cut into the face and frame it beautifully. Fun flicks of hair around the neck help keep it soft along with the short random pieces on the forehead. Super short layers cut at the crown add height and shape to this face-slimming haircut.

Soft Pieces Face Framing Pixie Style

Soft Pieces Face Framing Pixie Style - Back View

How to Style:

1. Out of the shower use your fingers to comb through hair and piece it into place. Don’t use a comb because you want the hair to look like it simply fell into place organically.

2. Use your blow dryer and your hands to dry the hair. Use a small round brush on the top crown layers only. Blow dry them back to create some nice volume.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

This super slimming haircut is perfect for wider or circular faces. If you have a long thin face already this will only enhance that so stay away from this look. This hairstyle would work for ladies who have thin to medium thickness of hair on the straighter side.


Soft hair starts with good softening and hydrating products. Choose good shampoos and conditioners that will help enhance what you want and need in your hair. Every product decision is important to creating your overall look whether you’re in or out of the shower.

Pixie Shag

This longer version of a pixie crosses over into shag territory. Long wispy pieces fall around the jaw line and the texture is repeated within the bangs. Super short layers at the crown add to the retro shag vibe and also help add volume.

Shag Style Pixie with Red Highlights - Side View

How to Style:

1. Finger hair into place out of the shower and blow dry down toward the face with a paddle brush or your hands.

2. Use your favorite pomade or texture spray to really flick and separate the bangs and layers.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

Circle and heart shaped faces are best for this straight hairstyle. Medium textured hair is best with strands that are naturally straight.


Red ruby hues are fun to add in the fall. Spicy shades match the season are a great idea to consider to up the drama in your hair do even more.

Fringe Benefits

The show-stopping fringe is the star of this haircut. Tapered neck and tapered hair around the ears keep this look short and easy to style. Long sweeping bangs help keep the look feminine and stylish.

Blonde Pixie - Sideswept Blonde Professional Style

Blonde Pixie - Sideswept Blonde Professional Style - Back View

How to Style:

1. Apply some texturizing blow dry creams to wet hair and comb through.

2. Grab your blow dryer and use your fingers to smooth hair in the direction you want it to lay. It’s ok to be quick and a bit messy with your blow dry because you don’t need it to lay perfectly flat.

3. When hair is dry, really get in there at the roots to apply volumizing pomades and texturizing finishing products to funk up the style.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

All face shapes except square would be able to sport this cute short hairstyle this Fall. Thin to thick hair that has straight to slightly curly hair will totally work.


Don’t forget to run some pomade through the sides and the back of your hair, not just the top. You want all the hair to look cohesive and polished off.

Edgy Bob

The classic bob is changed up with this asymmetrical and zig-zaggy haircut. A side part cascades down into textured layers that give the whole look a very whimsical feel.

Edgy Blonde Sleek Tapered Cut

Edgy Blonde Sleek Tapered Cut - Back Flip

How to Style:

This is yet another minimal-volume haircut that simply requires a smoothing blowout and a good flat iron.

1. Apply some smoothing hair products to wet hair and comb through.

2. Grab your paddle brush and your blow dryer to remove moisture from hair.

3. When hair is almost dry, grab a round brush to bevel ends under as you dry.

4. Use your flat iron to follow up and smooth out any pieces that require attention. Bevel the flat iron under and towards the face on the ends to really create that textured feel and show off the layers.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

Circle, heart, and square shaped faces would really be flattered with this soft and edgy hairstyle. Thin to thick textured hair will work well and the straighter your hair is naturally, the easier it will be to style.


I always recommend bringing in a photo of the hairstyle you want, especially when it’s a new haircut. A picture can help get you and your stylist on the same page quicker and easier.

These adorable short hairstyles are surprisingly fresh, modern and super feminine. The five minute styling time isn’t too bad either! Be brave and go a little shorter this fall to ensure that you look great and are on trend.


By Audrey-Hunter 09/04/2016 15:56:00

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