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Revamp your current cut or try something totally brand new

#1: If you have a high forehead and beautiful bone structure, you can't go wrong with a cut that's fringe-focused, ending in razored, temple-grazing sides. After applying texturizer, blow-dry with a vented brush to achieve separation—all the better to spotlight warm dimensional color

#2: A basic jaw-length bob gets an update via a long, pointy fringe piece that drops right over one eye. Blow-dry the bangs forward before before angling them to disguise the side part. The warm caramel-brunette color goes extra shiny with flat-ironing, followed by a mist of glossifying spray

#3: Want a 'do with major drama? Consider this super-pale, silvery platinum snip! Blown-out from a high side part, it boast a veil of angled fringe that conceals one eye and a touch of texture in back

#4: Take your turn in the spotlight by opting for asymmetrical cut with pointy sideburns, a longer blunt nape and bangs that go extra-long on one side. To increase the excitement, panels of gold and cinnamon contrast the ebony base color.

#5: You need fairly thick hair to wear this gorgeous bowl cut. For a unique touch, blunt bangs are replaced by angled fringe that's blended into the side, while long layers generate amazing fullness. Blow-dry hair with a plump round brush, concentrating volume at the rounds of the head

#6: 1960s-inspired styles are all the rage right now. To make the trend your own, try a cut with heavy, notched pieces at the temples, long, slightly angled bangs and a closely tapered, v-shaped nape

#7: Tress up a headful of layers by styling the top for volume, then ruffle hair with the fingers for undone allure. Heavy bangs dip over the forehead to contrast far shorter locks around the perimeter, while the cool beige blonde base has hints of bronze for warmth

#9: Details like pointy fringe, soft, lifted layers and a slightly elongated back add a feminine touch to this dark brunette pixie. Apply gel and blow-dry with a small round brush, lifting crown sections, then define bangs with your fingers

#10: If you're going this short—sides are buzzed extra-close and slightly longer layers kick up in back—you may as well have fun with color! A few slices of cobalt blue are placed through the flirty, forehead tickling fringe. Be sure to keep your brows in shape because they'll definitely take the spotlight

#11: Even though this shag falls to the shoulders, it has a shorter feel because of layers that frame the face, which is the cut's trademark. To contrast flicked-out ends, the top is styled smooth and full

#12: Fine, straight strands stand out in a cut with full, asymmetrical bangs and jaw hugging sides and nape with a jagged edge. After blow-drying hair forward, use a flat iron to encourage separation.

#13: When hair is short, details make all the difference! Platinum color with blue-tipped ends plays off her heavily lined eyes, and her bangs' pointy ends echo lush lashes. The effect pairs perfectly with petal-like layers that are coaxed forward.

#14: For a sexy-meets-sporty approach, have hair razored into slightly irregular layers, then style it to bring out its natural bend. The cut has an elongated shape and brings to mind the classic shag with its heavily fringed, face framing front

#15: If your hair has lots of natural curl, have it cut into layers with itty-bitty fringe, closely tapered sides and long, v-shaped sideburns. Now, all you have to do is add a creme based gel and arrange sections with your fingers, letting hair dry as is

#16: Taking its inspiration from Twiggy's iconic look from the 1960s, this cut combines itty-bitty bangs, a zigzag part, smooth sides and sharp sideburns. The icing on the cake is the glossy apricot color with pops of gold

#17: Just because your hair is straight doesn't mean it has to lack texture! By chipping the end at an angle and razoring the fringe so it hits the lashes, you get lots more movement. Enhancing the effect are a few streaks of burnished copper and subtly flipped front pieces.

#18: Red-hot crimson color and fabulous curls make such a striking combination! Layers need to be cut by a pro so they enhance the hair's texture and reduce bulk. For all-over ringlets, apply a curl enhancer and a hair oil, comb into place and let hair dry by itself to prevent frizz formation

#19: Panels of pale pink and cornflower blue take a platinum bob from ho-hum to hipster. If you're not a natural light blonde, your colorist will need to bleach select sections, then tone them over with the alternate hue(s) of your choice.

#20: Show of your pretty face with swept-back sides and tousled curls that are coaxed up through the crown. For a softening effect, hair at the nape is cut blunt at collar-level. Chestnut color with hints of gold at the tips adds warmth and complements her skin tone

#21: Having trouble managing your coarse, curly locks? Have them cut extra short! Crown layers add lift and control with minimal styling: Simply apply a little gel, push hair into place and let it dry by itself. For contrast, blow-dry bangs straight with a small round brush

#22: Get your edge on with a cut that boasts chunky, razored layers on the heavier side and longer pieces in front. Adding volume is easy with volumizer or use a dry shampoo when you're in a hurry. Palest platinum seals the deal.

#23: Do you have pretty, petite features, a flawless complexion and a lot of confidence? Then consider this super-short pixie. The look is sexy, edgy and chic, all at once, and it can be styled in seconds—just add a drop of gel, run your fingers through and you're good to go.

#24: This longer bob/bowl hybrid is unique thanks to its stong circular shape in front. Adding fullness and curve around the perimeter is super-easy when you blow hair out with a round brush, working from the back of the crown

#25: Here, hair is graduated in back to create lift that's extra-striking when viewed from the side. Underneath, hair is snipped separetely to hug the neckline while in front, full fringe curves dramatically forward, then back. Style it using shine enhancing products to get a gorgeous glow.

#26: Styling a bowl-shaped cut to look deliberately undone is a fun switch from its usual smooth surface. To do, add a texture creme to damp strands, then lift and tousle sections as you blow-dry. To finish, style bangs smooth for contrast

#27: A veil of fringe, maxed-out crown volume and impeccable blonde color suit the fashionista who loves it short. Hair is styled from an off-center point at the back of the crown using volumizer, blower and round brush.

#28: Energize a layered pixie by taking hair forward from the back of the crown. Just apply a touch of volumizing gel at the roots and lift sections up and over as you blow-dry with a vented brush. Front fringe is uneven to create an extra touch of flirt-appeal as it frames the face

#29: Slanted sides, graduated layers and lots of lift are perfect for glam occasions. Blow hair out from a deep center part, then lightly back-comb the back and mist with holding spray. Longer sections hug the face in front, putting the focus on a pretty pink pout

#30: From the office to evening, the pixie is a winner! This one has a textured feel, courtesy of layers that are lightly gelled and pushed forward with the fingers. Tapered sideburns are longer than expected so they enhace the cheekbones

By Jennifer-Short 08/20/2014 09:08:00

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