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100 Summer-ready hairstyle ideas for 2015

Whatever your hair color, length, cut or texture, we've found the perfect style for you. Browse through our round-up of the hottest new catwalk styles, pick your favorite and follow our top tips to get the look at home.

(Or, you know, print it out and take it to your hairdresser. We won't tell.)

#1: Tucked-in ponytail

You might reserve the tucked-in ponytail for the gym, but slick back the roots using a wet-look gel and hide any bumps by looping a long strand round the pony and pinning into place. Voila; you've taken the look from spinning class to boardroom-ready in five minutes.

#2: Classic country French braid

Revisit your school days with a classic country French braid, worn with a few windswept loose strands. Giles' girls wore theirs finished with pretty ribbon. A pretty simple plait was also the chosen look at Lanvin.

#3: Sweeping side braid

If you've got super-long locks, a sweeping side braid will always look chic. Create a deep side-parting and pull all your hair over to one side, starting the braid loosely at the top and gradually making it tighter as you work down.

#4: Straight plaits or classic halo braids

Go mad with braids. Don’t just stick to straight plaits or classic halo braids, plait across the head at random until all your locks are plaited in

#5: Traditional Pony

For a twist on the traditional pony, wear it fastened all the way down, tying elastics at equal intervals. Puff each section out by teasing with your fingers as you go to add texture.

#6: Classic Twist

Make like Fendi's girls and leave the ends loose and splayed out from a classic twist. This is the ultimate undone bun.

#7: Random Swirly up-do

Get twisted with a random swirly up-do like this one. Grab sections at random and twist into place before securing with bobby pins.

#8: Low Ponytail

Still have one of these hair accessories from the 90s? Dig yours out if you want to recreate this look from the Derek Lam catwalk show. In the meantime, the low ponytail trend isn't going anywhere.

#9: Swept-back parting-free up-do

The perfect hair trend for dramatic make-up fans; this swept-back parting-free up-do creates a blank canvas for statement eyes or lips

#10: Plaits in a knot

If, like us, you often sleep with your hair in pigtails, cut your morning hair routine in half by simply tying the plaits in a knot and pinning into place. This look is perfect for hazy summer days.

#11: The Extreme Topknot

The extreme topknot, as demonstrated at Marc Jacobs, is a play on the messy topknots we've seen off the runway for several seasons now. AW's versions are neater and more styled, although we'd recommend taking Marc's look a little further back from the face for everyday wear.

#12: Loose Up-do

Take a loose up-do from drab to fab with a pretty hair accessory.

#13: Side-swept and wavy bob

If you're rocking a cropped bob, wear it side-swept and wavy for an on-trend finish that's been spotted everywhere from the catwalks (this style is backstage at MaxMara) to Sienna Miller.

#14: Center Parted Ponytail

Leave a couple of strands loose from your center parted ponytail to frame your face a la Jourdan Dunn.

#15: Side Ponytail

Take a side ponytail from day to night with a slick smooth finish and a loop of hair to hide the elastic.

#16: Side-Swept Pixie Crop

This side-swept pixie crop is a timeless style that spans the trends. Short hair is great for experimenting with bold colors as your short hair recovers quickly (and will grow out quickly ready for a new color).

#17: Piecey fringe

Add a piecey fringe to long locks to give your look a 70s vibe

#18: Long, Straight locks

If you have long, straight locks, add a few face framing curls by letting hair dry naturally with the front strands tucked behind your ears. Trust us: it works!

#19: Wide piece of ribbon around your hairline

Add interest to a simple side-swept up-do by adding a wide piece of ribbon around your hairline, securing at the nape of your neck. Choose a similar colour to your hair tone for a chic finish.

#20: Soft Wavy Hair

Gently back-comb your hair at the roots and sweep back the front section, adding soft waves to soften the look.

#21: Choppy Layered Crop

How much do we adore this choppy layered crop? A: a lot. Copy this Burberry model's look, pronto.

#22: Rock 'n' roll with a side-swept quiffed down-do

Cool quiff! Go rock 'n' roll with a side-swept quiffed down-do with plenty of oomph. We love this Rodarte catwalk style. Add plenty of volume at the roots by using a root lift powder, back-combing and blow-drying hair upside-down.

#23: Ombre color is with a sleek centre-parted ponytail

One of the best ways to show off a gorgeous ombre colour is with a sleek centre-parted ponytail brought forward over one shoulder.

#24: Faux-Bob

Create a faux-bob from the front by securing long locks in a low and loose ponytail at the back and teasing a few front strands loose.

#25: Slicked-down, centre-parted down-do

Weather-proof your locks this season with a slicked-down, centre-parted down-do. Apply a gel-spray to wet roots and let your hair dry naturally.

#26: Low ponytail from drab to fab

Take a low ponytail from drab to fab with a pretty golden accessory. Apply finishing serum throughout for a super-smooth look.

#27: Cool blonde hair hue

Play copycat with this model's cool blonde hair hue for a low-maintenance look. We love the super-straight finish and off-centre parting, too.

#28: 90s-inspired low ponytail

For a playful 90s-inspired look leave a few strands of your hair loose from a low ponytail or bun, like this Erdem model. This look is a favourite of Glamour favourite Olivia Palermo's.

#29: Angled side-parted style

This angled side-parted style we spotted on the Chloe catwalk is all kinds of pretty. Add soft waves to the swept-over side using a curling wand and brush through to give a soft finish.

#30: Eye-skimming bangs

Play hide and seek with eye-skimming bangs, worn in graduated feathering round the face for an on-trend 70s-inspired look.

#31: Loose Waves

Loose waves are best worn with a slightly off-centre relaxed parting for a real model-off-duty look. Curl hair in different directions around a wand to avoid uniform waves.

#32: Super-cropped fringe

Frame your face with a super-cropped fringe. Not for the faint-hearted; this fashion-forward style is sure to get you noticed.

#33: Severe side-parting locks

Don't be afraid of a severe side-parting. Team with nude eyes and a strong red lips for a super-chic look. This is a great style for growing out mid-length locks.

#34: Slick super-short hair

Slick super-short hair straight back from the face for an ultra sleek finish. We love this look; it's only for the brave.

#35: Push loose, uneven waves

Push loose, uneven waves back behind your ears for a laid-back look. Apply a little styling product to your finger tips and gently rub throughout sections of your hair to add texture.

#36: Choppy crop with a piecey fringe

#37: Above-shoulder bob

This above-shoulder bob is best worn with a bit of movement throughout and a simple centre-parting.

#38: Soft, asymmetric waves

Create soft, asymmetric waves in your hair by plaiting random sections of towel-dried hair and leaving to dry overnight.

#39: Weather-proof your hair with a wavy ponytail

#40: Side parted low up-do

Perfect for work or play, a side parted low up-do, once mastered, will become your go-to style.

#41: Simple halo braid

Add waves to long glossy locks, and keep them off your face with a simple halo braid. This Pucci model is perfection.

#42: Plaited up-dos

Although this plaited masterpiece was spotted on the Elie Saab Couture runway, we think this high-fashion hairstyle will work in all walks of life. You’ll find us working plaited up-dos to the shops, to work, to the gym...

#43: Super-long, centre-parted locks

Ultra-voluminous waves will breathe life into super-long, centre-parted locks.

#44: Simple Ponytail

A severe side-parting will take a simple ponytail from boring to fabulous. A slick finish gives a high fashion edge.

#45: The Beehive

The beehive will never go out of style. We adore this retro Derek Lam hairstyle.

#46: Rainy-day hair

Let this model be your rainy-day hair hero: pull loose pieces forward to frame your face.

#47: Ultra-long glossy waves

Give Rapunzel a run for her money with ultra-long glossy waves. This Gucci model has the most gorgeous hair ever: if you're likewise blessed with voluminous locks, pin two front sections back for a chic finish.

#48: Low-slung Ponytail

Add some extra volume to your low-slung ponytail by teasing the centre section loose and pinning in place.

#49: Side-parted Locks

Want a slick look that's not too severe? Try pulling your side-parted locks over your ears before securing at the nape of your neck.

#50: Valentino Twist

Create this Valentino look by adding sections of your hair into a twist, starting at the top of one side and working down. Practice makes perfect.

#51: Loose and undone up-do

Prove you're too cool to care by wearing hair loose and undone, with strands falling forward from a casual up-do.

#52: Eye-Skimming Fringe

Long live the full fringe! We particularly love this Marni eye-skimming version.

#53: Side-parted waves

Add some retro glamour to your look with side-parted waves. Achieve this look by adding spiral curls all over your hair using a wand on small sections (making sure to curl in the same direction), and brushing out to create a uniform wave. Add a blast of strong-hold hairspray and brush through for extra hold.

#54: Cute Halo Braid

Keep unruly locks at bay with a cute halo braid. Infinitely more stylish than an Alice band.

#55: Pretty Up-do

This pretty up-do is perfect for wedding season: whether you're the bride or a guest of honor.

#56: Cropped Fringe

Want to really stand out from the crowd? A statement cropped fringe is the way to do it.

#57: Natural waves with loose curls

If you’ve got a natural wave in your hair let it shine through, adding extra bounce with a few loose curls.

#58: dark-blonde-meets-tangerine hair hue, and soft wavy style

Who said mousey brown hair was boring? We’ve fallen in love with this Versace model’s dark-blonde-meets-tangerine hair hue, and soft wavy style.

#59: Shoulder length bob

Work your shoulder length lob with soft Hollywood waves and a side swept parting.

#60: Sweeping Hollywood Waves

The seasons come and go, but sweeping, Hollywood waves will nevergo out of style. Finish the look with a slick of velvet red lippie and some warm glowing blusher.

#61: Tidy Ballerina Bun

The tidy ballerina bun will never, evergo out of style. Use this YSL look as your guide and practice, practice, practice until perfect.

#62: Messy Up-do

Give a messy up-do a princess-perfect finish by adding a sparkling hairband, like the girls at Louis Vuitton.

#63: Slick Center-parted ponytail

Finish your slick center-parted ponytail with a spritz of high-shine hairspray for a tidy look. Leave the ends naturally wavy like this Lanvin model.

#64: The Ballerina Bun With High Ponytail


The ballerina bun remains a huge hit this season. Start with a high ponytail and wind your hair around the base, starting with a color-matched doughnut if your hair is lacking in volume. You should be able to just spy the bun from the front if the height is spot-on.

#65: The half-up, half-down

The half-up, half-down is a great way of adding instant sophistication to any style. This Giorgio Armani model leaves a couple of strands pulled forward to soften the look.

#66: Hair Pins with Messy Bun

Buy some statement hair pins and pop into a messy bun to make the look instantly glamorous. We love this Chanel style.

#67: Loose low-slung up-do

Pull your hair into a loose low-slung up-do, leaving the front section loose. Sweep this section to the side, loosely twisting into the up-do and pin into place.

#68: Low slung-ponytail

Add interest to your low-slung ponytail by leaving the ends looped inside and pinning a loose strand around the fastening.

#69: Bun with a veil

Sometimes, an extra hit of glamour is required when it comes to your hair. Take things up a notch by playing copycat with this Chanel catwalk style: give your bun its very own veil. Finish with a pretty stone hair grasp for extra sparkle.

#70: Sexy Bedhead Tresses

If you have a slight kink or curl in your hair, don’t banish it! For sexy bedhead tresses like those seen at Dolce & Gabbana, just wash your hair, create a loose centre-parting and leave it to dry naturally - adding a few finger curls if your hair's too well-behaved.

#71: Hey Boy, Hey Girl

Hey boy, hey girl: the androgynous trend is huge right now, so if you’re feeling brave, take this snap to your hairstylist and go for the chop. A super-styled quiff is sure to make an impact.

#72: Feathered Ponytail

Add a feather to your low ponytail to take the look from daytime to party-time.

#73: Ultra-glamorous style

Roll hair upwards in sections and pin into place for an ultra-glamorous style.

#74: Mid-height ponytail

Ditch the parting and take your hair straight back from your forehead into a mid-height ponytail. This look is perfect for showing off strong make-up looks such as deep berry lips.

#75: Soft Wave - Country Flyaway

Create a soft wave at the front of your hair using heated rollers and pin the front section loosely back to finish the look. Backcomb all over for added volume and a country flyaway finish.

#76: Top teased Hair For Sexy Volume

Pull the hair into place and tease the top section upwards from the roots using your fingers to create some sexy volume.

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