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Hair with waves with or without curling iron: 25 photos to choose the best!

Hair with waves are much loved by women because they project that extra touch of seduction and femininity.

For all women that want to project an image of absolute beauty, the wavy hair is an excellent solution. Hair that are naturally wavy are not just for few lucky women, but everyone can get an alluring look thanks to the plates.

Many of us wish to get particularly wavy hair especially in the summer. However wavy hair are ideal even in all those occasions when we would like to look more glamour, more fashionable.

How to have wavy hair?

Here are all tips for a perfect and fashionable styling…keep on reading here and you won't regret it

No Curling Iron

This type of hairstyle allows to let stand out every woman's beauty, giving out a stylish look. Here are some small tips to get wavy hair without the help of a curling iron. 

First of all you must pay lots of attention to the way you are cleaning your hair. As a matter of fact when the hair are clean it will be much easier to style them the way you like. In order to clean them use your fingertips massaging gently your scalp. Pay attention to the shampoo you are using. If you aim to have wavy hair you will need to purchase a shampoo for curly or wavy hair and not the one for smooth hair. Having said that, having finished cleaning your hair you should gently towel dry hair with a cotton towel.

Do not use oils or gels as you risk weighing down the hair. Disentangle them with a comb and later place a good amount of foam on their ends, use a proper product to perfectly model the locks and later on, while drying them it is recommended to roll up any lock on your fingers. To avoid ruining your hair it will be useful to keep your hairdryer at a distance at a medium temperature. In a short time your hair will get wavy and your beauty will stand out even more.

With Curling Iron

For those that have enough time to dedicate to their hair it is possible to have wavy hair with curling iron. Here is how:

In order to model the waves it is necessary to use a good product  which will create a wet look. In fact the hairstyle shall seem to be seemingly stable but at the same time soft and sinuous. In order to get that look, follow these small tips I am now showing you:

First of all you have to have the right curling iron, in order to get a wavy look it is recommended to purchase a good product. A small slim curling iron is what you will need. After having carefully washed your hair, dry them with your hairdryer and brush. Remember: the hair drying stage before using the curling iron is very important, because the hair, in order to be able to support the fold, must be ready, therefore already stretched and completely dry.

Proceed this way:

Once your hair are dry, divide them in locks and secure them with tweezers. At this point, get a single lock and with a comb try to get rid of possible knots, later on grab your lock positioning part of it into the ironing board. Having done that, pull it for few inches and at the same time twist the ironing board on itself. Remain in that position for some second, after this time remove the lock out of the ironing board and fix it with a hairspray.

If your hair are completely smooth instead, you could set then curl you

Wavy hair are a real must.

There are lots of ways to get wavy hair, the most important thing being to be constant and have good will beside the right equipment.

Summer is getting at its heart. Consequently, our skin starts to be

suntanned and our hair start – unfortunately! – to live with the effects of a prolunged exposure to sun, heat, humidity, wind. However, all this won't stop your wish to have fun and relax: on the other side, it is sufficient to pay a bit of care in order for your hair to  be sufficiently protected from external events. Why not take advantage of this dynamic life in order to make your hair moved as well, thanks to the application of soft and natural waves on your hair?

If the idea of boasting some waves on our mane attracts you, but you don't know how to implement it, you can always refer to the trend that is characterizing more and more this summer: The embrace of a natural effect, with the mane that should look like you have just come out of the water. So, no beach waves excessively ordered and rigid, short or long mane, slightly disarrayed and modelled with the fingers. It is no much important to be perfect, because a messy, juvenile and alluring style should prevail!

Moved style better than smooth, at least this time!

At this point, it will be better to get a “summer” position. Except for some rare exception, women that are looking for a quick restyling in the course of the warmest season of 2016 could get the best results going to choppy style, a hairstyle that will for sure be preferred instead of a smooth style. The trend is anyway already on since some months and we feel i may last for a long time, considering the stabilization we have already observed in various cases in recent times. Try so to “imagine” yourself with moved hair: it will be worth!

Many photos for you!

Having said that, learning to use all these small expedients it won't really be difficult to realize the look that better fits your face. The end result? A perfectly natural beauty… And so, if you too want to get a natural look, you will have just to follow these small tips..

The final effect is guaranteed! As usual, let's close our in depth look today by proposing you lots of photos that will allow you to imagine what could be the end result of a restyling on moved hair. Therefore try to imagine yourselves with a kore moved mane and try to comprehgend what may be the best solution: do you look better with a moved hairdo with almost curly hair or with lighter moved hair, maybe just with rolls? There is nothing else to do but spend some time with this study and analysis action: the end result wull be worth with an interchange of opinions with the hairstylist you trust more, right?

#1: Mila Kunis styled her dark locks into a wavy center-parted 'do for her appearance on 'Jimmy Fallon.'

#2: Maria Bello looked ultra feminine with her wavy hairstyle at the premiere of 'Lights Out.'





By Jamie R 07/22/2016 08:34:00

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