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Because who doesen't need a few extra minutes of beauty sleep?

To put your styling routine on a super fast track, heed this advice from Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston

  1. Don't towel-dry your hair post-shower, use a cotton t-shirt. Its fibers are less abrasive so there's less chance for damage
  2. Always apply a heat protectant before styling to shield strands from potential breakage and frizz. There are also countless blow-dry sprays that actually enable hair to dry faster
  3. Focus heat on your roots, then move to the ends. This will help the air from the dryer move the same way your hair falls naturally so it dries faster with less frizz
  4. Take advantage of your blow-dryer's multiple heat settings: use medium to pre-dry hair, the highest heat setting to build the shape of your style and the cool air button to set strands in place and create all over shine
  5. To create shape quickly as you style, make sure to grab sections from the roots with your brush and pull hair taut. Then, smooth hair as you run the dryer down the section to lock in the style. Building tension with your brush will also help you get rid of those stubborn cowlicks along your hairline
  6. Your blower makes a big difference. Russo recommends a dryer that's at least 1800 watts with ion technology and ceramic heat. "These features will eliminate frizz, static and lower the potential for heat damage"
  7. Use the right brush for your hair type. For best results, as your stylist to recommend one; i.e, a boar bristle brush works well on thicker locks, while a ceramic brush or comb is softer, so it's better for finer hair
By Jamie 09/22/2015 07:50:00

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