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The Best Rihanna Curls Tutorial You’ll See All Year

Hi beauties! It’s Carina and I am back to share my favorite way to get a full curly hair look (a la Rihanna) that can ... Full story

From Lush Lob to Sexy Side Sweep: 12 Glamorous Looks You Can DIY

How did they do that? Grab your tress tools—We've got the deets so you can create 12 hot looks Glamour Girls Looking for a super-quick, red-hot night ... Full story

4 DIY Tips For Trimming Your Own Bangs

Always cut bangs dry. Wet hair shrinks up once it dries and you could be left with a too-short fringe. For full bangs, begin above ... Full story

How-To-Guide: 3 gorgeous bohemian-inspired styles for that next outdoor music festival...and beyond

"I want hair like hers" Inspired by the beautiful waves worn by actress Bella Thorne at this year's Coachella festival? Here's the lowdown on how ... Full story

7 Ways to Speed-Up Your Blow-Out

To put your styling routine on a super fast track, heed this advice from Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in ... Full story

How-To-Guide: Tousled Texture 1-2-3

Because not all texture comes in fancy ringlets and coil-y cues, try this easy scrunch-a-bunch method for laidback beachy waves: Wash hair and let it air-dry ... Full story

How To Create Hair Padding Using Wefts and Hair Nets

Hair padding, also known as a 'RAT', was historically made by women using their own hair. They would collect this from their hair brushes and ... Full story

7 Easy Steps To Sexy Waves

Step 1 Prep hair with a misting of evo Day of Grace Leave-in Conditioner; brush through softly Step 2 Part hair as desired, then section it out from ... Full story

Cutting Tricks For Poof-Free Curls

"Curly hair poofs because of its texture and, ultimately, its bulk," says Michelle Breyer, Co-founder and President of naturallycurly.com, the largest social media platform for ... Full story

How Your Hairstyle Can Make You Look Thinner

#1: Get The Right Haircut For Your Facial Shape And Features The way that your hair frames your face can change the appearance of its contours. ... Full story

The 1-Minute Rolled Chignon

1. Divide your hair into two even sections. (If you’re feeling frizzy, work a few drops of Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil through your strands.)2. ... Full story

4 Ways to Create Fabulously Voluminous Hair

Omg, Becky. Look. At. Her. Hair! Get in on the larger-than-life trend with these styles, crafted by Bumble and Bumble editorial stylist (and XXL hair ... Full story

How to rock the braided ballerina bun

Let’s face it. At one point all of us had aspirations to be a ballerina. Who wouldn’t want to twirl around in a tutu and ... Full story

The best tricks to make your fine hair look thicker

Hair can be pretty deceiving when it comes to density and fullness.  For many of you, you may have a lot of hair, but it ... Full story

Step-by-step guide on how you can create a good wave

In need of some gorgeous waves? Here’s a step-by-step on how you can create them at home, thanks to stylist Anna Cantu and CHI! 1.     Section hair ... Full story

How to achieve straight, sleek and sassy style

How to achieve an always hot look — a straight, sleek and sassy style. Here’s the step-by-step… 1. On damp hair, apply NEVO Full Volume focusing ... Full story

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