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How To Create Retro Victory Rolls Hairstyle
The amazing Victory Rolls! I am just so happy with how this style turned out.  Its totally retro, totally vintage, totally classic pin-up girl. Its the go-to style for every rockabilly and pin-up model, and I thought it was only fair to share it with you in detail! I never say this on my blog, but eek! I love this hairstyle:)

I love the feeling of stepping into a bygone era, and this is one of the best! I've said it before but I love everything that the world war II woman seemed to be, and if ever there was a hairstyle that made you feel strong and independent like them then this is it!  
If you've been reading my hair tutorials for a while then you know I always format them this way with the directions broken down into steps with accompanying pictures. and you'll also know that I always try to go into lots of detail even if the hair style is very simple, so even the lady with little or no experience doing much hair will have success:) So don't be intimidated by the lengthy tutorial! This is one of the more complicated styles, but if you have any trouble following along just let me know:)
Supplies needed:
- fine toothed comb
- 1 or 2 inch curling iron
- bobby pins
- pin curl clips
- hairspray
- smoothing serum
- regular clip
Step #1: Start with day old hair. Put one finger above your ear and one at the back of your part and put them together, sectioning off a triangle of hair and pinning it up out of the way for later. Repeat with the other side of your head. Begin curling the rest of your hair by sectioning off a 1-2 inch chunk at the bottom. chipping the rest up and out of the way. The most important part of the curling is to get the curls to be as uniform as possible, and its really not even that important. haha 
Step #2:  Start at the bottom of each 2 inch section: Comb smooth. Rub with a teeny bit of smoothing serum (for shine). Roll your iron sideways all the way to your scalp, holding till the outside is too hot to touch. Gently pull your iron out creating a nice spiral curl. 
Stick your pinky finger inside the bottom of the spiral, run it up to your head creating a nice loop and pin it to your scalp. Done! The clipping may seem a bi tedious, but it will help your curls last a ton longer! 
Step #3: Once your whole head is curled and clipped, take down a front section and curl it in not so precise sections in the direction that your roll will be going so, towards your head. Hold it up and away, and tease the back a little for volume in your roll, especially if you have thin hair. Spray the back with hairspray to set, rub on a teeny bit of serum on the front and comb it smooth.  
Step #4: Use the natural direction from the curls help you roll your...roll into a ...roll? Yes.haha Just wrap the ends around 2 or 3 fingers and roll inward till you get to your scalp. Lay your roll facing frontwards and bobby pin from the inside as much as you need. Spray close and thoroughly, and smooth out again gently with your comb if needed.
Step #5: Repeat with the other side, leaving out a small section in the front if desired for the sexy swoop:) Once you have both your rolls secured and sprayed, comb out your front bit and swag it to the side in a dramatically swept bang, right up and into the rest of the roll. secure with pins. 
Step #6: starting at the bottom, release your curls from their clips, spraying now and then for hold and shine. Use your comb to gently brush through the back of your crown, combining the curls a little better for that true retro smoothness, and you are all finished!
I'll be looking for opportunities to wear this style as much as possbible in the future, and I hope that you give it a try and let me know how it turns out! 
I'm so glad you stopped by, and I'd love to hear what you think! 
Have an awesome Tuesday ladies and gents, and again let me know if you have any questions!
xo, Em

P.S. for those of you that have asked, Yes I Love when you pin my tutorials! and thank you in advance:)
By Emily 02/05/2013 05:59:00

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