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How to create Bumper Bangs Hairstyle

Hey guys:) Today's tutorial was fun for me because it has several components going on at once what with the Side Victory Rolls, the Back-over Roll, and of course, the Bumper Bangs! This style was made so iconic by women like Betty Page, that they are often called 'Betty Bangs', take a look:   

Like I said, there are several components in this style which means you can take any one of them and mix it with some other retro style or use it just by itsself, and you'd still be spot on! The mix & match aspect of the 40s and 50s is my absolute favorite, and you really can't go wrong with this style, especially where spring and summer are concerned. I could see myself sporting these bangs to car shows and picnics, etc.
I've loved looking through old photos in preparation for this series, and bevcause this style was worn by so many stars of the silver screen like Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable, that I felt that in order to do it any sort of justice I had to do something that I've never done on the blog: A black & white Hair Tutorial!
Supplies needed:
- fine toothed comb
- 2+ inch curling iron
- bobby pins
- hairspray
Step #1: Start with day old+ hair. Pull forward a bang section starting from the back of your part, rounding towards the front. Pin for later. Next separate two sections, one on either side, by putting a finger above your ear and again at the back of your part and bring them together. Pin them up for later. Add a teeny bit of smoothing serum to the back of your hair, and brush smooth with a fine toothed comb.
Step #2: Separate the back of your hair into three even sections. Starting with the middle, you're going to use your curling iron to curl your section over (so the hair is going away from your head and up), and once the hair is too hot to touch you're going to clamp and release your iron, gently letting the curl fall into your hand still formed. Pin the curl to the nape of your neck from the inside out the other side (so pins won't show), and spray a little for setting.
Step #3: Repeat with the right and left side, gently releasing the curl from the iron into your hand and pinning it directly to your head, being sure to match up the openings with the center roll so they become one. Spray the whole thing over with hairspray and gently come away and stray hairs.
Step #4: I find that the side victory rolls are best formed by curling the hair in the direction that you plan them to shape (at an angle towards the back), then rolling it up over 2-3 fingers and pinning it in the desired shape. It can get a little funny trying to get your rolls to match, but practice makes perfect, and if they are a tiny bit different no one will ever know! :)
Step #5: The final step is of course, your bangs! You're going to release them from the clip, brush them out and slightly up (using some serum if needed for smoothness and shine), and give them a good curling under, starting at the ends and rolling up. Again you're going to gently clamp and release your curling iron, allowing the curl to gently slide off into your palm. Hold in place with one hand while your other hand does the pinning. Gently pull them to either side, stretching them out as it were, and rounding then ends upwards. Smooth over with your hairspray and comb once more, and you're all done darlin!
I would love to hear if you are a Pinup or Rockabilly enthusiast and/or when you would use a style like this. I need more ideas as to where I can pull these tutorials in the Sweetheart Series off in my small town, because they have been so much fun to do! I can't wait to hear what you think:)
Thanks for dropping by, and a huge thankj you to those of you that gave me reassurance on the post length yesterday! I've been wondering your thoughts for some time, and so I can carry on this week with confidence so, thank you dears! 
Take care
xo, Em
P.S. if you don't follow me on instagram, I'd love to have you! I'm a little obsessed, and I have something exciting coming up pretty soon:)
By Emily 02/07/2013 11:47:00

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