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The Poodle

The Poodle is a popular hairstyle of the 40's and 50's, made famous by Lucille Ball and also by Betty Grable in her Iconic 1943 pin-up picture.

In the 50's, curls and soft hairstyles were in! It wss considered sophisticated to have curly hair. Fortunately, perms had become safer and the results more reliable. So if you were unlucky enough to be a straight-haired girl at this time, you would be off to the hairdresser every sex weeks to have a perm. You could even buy a permanent wave kit and try your hand at home. This was an essential part of the haircare regime for any woman wishing to emulate the poodle and many other styles of the 40's and 50's.

This is an interpretation of the 50's Poodle.

You will need:

  • Curling tongs
  • Hairdryer
  • Heated Rollers, rollers or pin-curl clips
  • Round brush
  • Pin-curl clips
  • Kirby grips and fringe pins
  • Hairspray

Step 1

Prep your hair to create maximum volume using heated rollers or curling tongs. Alternatively, blow dry and secure the hair into curls with pin-curl clips

Step 2

Spray well with hairspray and leave to cool down for 5—10 mins.

Step 3

Remove all of your rollers/clips and section your hair into two separate parts.

Section 1: take a horseshoe shape section through the top of your head. (This is a curved section from your temple through your crown to your other temple.)

Section 2: the rest of your hair (the bottom half). This will be split into three later. Clip the bottom section out of the way.

Step 4

If you hair is still quite straight at this point, use curling tongs to create more curls in the top horseshoe section

Step 5

Using kirby grips, start to loosely pin the top into place, making voluminous curls within the section. Fix these into place with hairspray

Step 6

Split and clip the bottom section into three sections.

1: Left side; 2: Right side; 3: Back of your head

Step 7

With your pin-curl clips, pin either side of the crest, lifting your fingers up slightly so the grips can slide into place

Step 8

Backcomb the sides gently and twist them up to meet the curls in the top section. Secure with grips and leave the ends out to style later

Step 9

Take the back section up to meet the top curly section and, as for the sides, secure with grips. Again, leave the ends out to curl and secure later

Step 10

With your curling tongs, curl all of the remaining loose ends one by one

Step 11

Arange all the curls into shape, secure with grips and give a final spray with hairspray to hold


This style looks adorable wrapped up in a 1940's-style scarf

By Audrey-Hunter 06/18/2015 15:13:00

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