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Fringe Roll

This style is ideal for anyone who doesn't have a fringe.

The fringe roll is an adaptation of the Bettie Page fringe. Bettie Page was the notorious pin-up girl made famous in the fifties by posing for Hugh Hefner. Never quite as mainstream as Marilyn, she nevertheless developed a cult following and later in life was even the subject of a motion picture. The rolled fringe was fashioned by girls so they could emulate Bettie's trademark fring without having to commit to a full fringe cut.

The rolled fringe can also be used in conjunction with victory rolls.

You will need

  • Kirby grips
  • Hair padding (roly poly)
  • Hair ties
  • Curling tongs
  • Combs
  • Hairspray

Step 1

Take a small triangle section at the front of your head from the recessions of your front hairline (this is usually to curve around towards your temples.) Secure it out of the way

Step 2

Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail. It looks cute, if you have straight hair, to curl your ponytail using curling tongs.

Step 3

Removing the clip from your front section, take small sections and backcomb to give height and body. This will also make your hair more stable

Step 4

Smooth out your backcombing and take a small roly poly hair pad. It needs to be the shape of a sausage or banana. Roll the ends of your fringe over and around the hair pad, keeping tension from the roots of your hair as you go

Step 5

Secure the roll with grips on either side of your head and spread your hair around the padding to hide it

Step 6

Spray with hairspray to hold


It is also possible to create this style without using a support piece. You just need to backcomb the whole fringe section, smooth out and roll under with your hands. Secure it by making sure your kirby grips are fastened firmly underneath, to the hair at the front hairline

By Lena-Hamm 06/23/2015 14:14:00

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